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                             Criminal Justice Advisory Committee Meeting
                                       Minutes – May 30, 2002

The second of two required meetings of the Criminal Justice Program Advisory Committee for academic
year 2001-02 was held at 2:00 on May 30, 2002. Attending were:

       Professor Lee Libby – Criminal Justice Program Director
       Dr. Linda Forst – Criminal Justice Faculty
       Andrea Rye, Dean – Intra American Studies & Social Sciences Division
       Berta Lloyd – Director, Professional Technical Education
       Dennis Peterson – Chief, Lake Forest Park Police Department
       Scott Smith – Chief, Mountlake Terrace Police Department
       David Stern – Chief, Edmonds Police Department
       Bob Woolverton – Captain, Bothell Police Department

The meeting began with introductions since Chief Stern is new to the advisory committee. Lee Libby
distributed an agenda and minutes of the fall meeting. Lee also distributed copies of the SCC
administration’s response to the Criminal Justice Program’s 2001-02 Program Planning and Assessment
document. Andrea suggested that Lee send committee members an electronic copy of the actual Planning
and Assessment report upon which the response was based.

Lee then updated the committee on new part-time faculty members. Officer Mike Phill and Sgt. Michelle
Bennett of the Shoreline Police Department taught in the fall and winter quarters; Retired Seattle
Police Captain Randy Tibbs has taught in the evening program fall, winter and spring, and will be teaching
a summer quarter day course and in the daytime program in the fall as well. Burt Maroney, a federal
probation officer, will teach a corrections course next winter (2003)

Lee gave an update on enrollment figures accompanied by ethnic and gender distribution figures. This
was followed by an accounting of internship placements for winter and spring quarters and information
about two new things the program is doing in that regard: a threshold WSP background check and the
use of a Career Suitability Index to be give to CJ students. Chiefs Smith and Peterson were concerned
about some of the questions violating ADA rules until it was explained that this is an information only
form that is not returned to the school and for which no data is collected.

Lee announced he will be meeting with WCJTC staff on June 18, 2002 to discuss ways to collect
educational level data from student officers as they enter the academy.

Berta Lloyd presented a timeline/action plan for adding a Communications Center Dispatcher program to
the Criminal Justice Program. Committee members reiterated that there is still a significant need in
the workplace that is not being met. Chief Stern counseled on the need to make sure that prospective
students be made aware of the unique drawbacks of the job, however.
Lee then updated the committee on new online courses in criminal justice (one each in fall 2002 and
winter 2003) as suggested by the committee in the October meeting. Lee and Linda then discussed the
creative scheduling they will try beginning in fall 2002 where they use extended blocks of time rather
than the standard 50 minute class period.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 3:00.

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