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National Scouting Report - DOC - DOC by zU8n82jP


									                                                    Paramount Softball

                                                       Thursday, July 10, 2008
                                               Genesee Community College, Batavia, NY
                                                             2:00 PM
                                      Top performers invited to advance to the Paramount National Showcase
                                      Showcase is promoted/participant results made available to every college coach
                                      Showcase at one or several positions
                                      Perform for college coaches and professional scouts
                                      Players evaluated by professional scouts for running speed, arm strength, fielding
                                      Opportunity for softball-specific strength and agility testing by Softball Fit.

       Register online at, or by mailing the registration form below.
                 Registration Fee: Until June 19, 2008 - $75.00 US per person (nonrefundable).
                          After June 19, 2008 - $100.00 US per person (nonrefundable).
                      Softball Fit softball-specific strength and agility testing – Add $25.00
Add $5.00 if using PayPal. Registration fee based on postmark date. No registrations accepted after July 3, 2008. No walk-ups. Participant is
not registered until NSR receives payment. Go to for instructions and directions to the field.

                              Paramount Softball Rochester Showcase Registration – 2008
Name ____________________________________                                                 Showcase session:              2:00 PM

Address _________________________________ City ____________________ State _______ ZIP Code ____________

High School Graduation Date: 08 09 10 11 12

Phone Number ________________ Email Address ________________________ High School ____________________

Baseball Fit (add $25.00): Yes                   No                Bats: R L B                 Throws: R L                  HT __________ WT __________

Primary Position: OF IF 1B C P                            Other Position(s): OF IF 1B C P                           GPA: ________               SAT/ACT ________

                   Please send check/registration form to Vrana Sports Promotions, PO Box 52, Cecil, PA, USA 15321
                Phone: 724-746-6859               Fax: 724-746-1371              Email:
PLEASE READ and SIGN BELOW: I understand that there are risks with participation in the Paramount Softball Showcase. I release and discharge Vrana Marketing
Group, LLC, the workers, and sponsors from any and all actions, suits, and demands whatsoever in law and equity, including but not limited to the risk of injury from
participating in this program. In the event of a medical emergency, I authorize any staff member to seek medical treatment for my child. I certify that my child is in good
health and able to participate in all activities. I understand that I must also provide my own medical insurance. By signing my signature below I agree that I have read,
understand, accept, and abide by the terms and conditions of the Paramount Softball Showcases.

                         _________________________________________________________________                              _______/________/2008
                                             SIGNATURE (All players under the age of 18 must have a parent/guardian sign above.)

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