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									Ulysses Simpson
Angelo Arrigo, Andrew Siegfried,
        and Katlyn Carr
Ulysses Simpson Grant
              Grant was the
               commander of the
               Union (North) army in
               the Civil War.
              He was in the war
               with Mexico.
              He went to college at
               West Point like Robert
               E. Lee.
Ulysses S. Grant
           His real name is
            Hiram Ulysses Grant
           He didn’t like the
            initials H.U.G
           He was the 18th
            President of the
            United States.
             General Grant

This is General Ulysses S. Grant dressed in uniform.
Ulysses S. Grant
           He entered the U.S.
            Military Academy at
           He was born in 1822
           He was born at Pointe
            Pleasant, Ohio
           He was a Republican
           President Lincoln once
            said,” I can’t spare
            this man. He fights.”
Battle of Vicksburg
             Grant fought in the
              Battle of Vicksburg,
             The Union won the
              battle against the
     Grant’s Accomplishments

   He excelled only in horsemanship and making
   He received recognition for his bravery
             Grant’s Family
   His father’s name was Jesse Root Grant.
   His mother’s name was Hannah Simpson
   He married Julia Boggs Dent.
   They got married on August 22, 1848.
   He had 4 children.
The 18th President
            He was President
             from 1869 – 1877.
            He was 46 when he
             was inaugurated.
            His vice presidents
             were Schuyler Colfax
             and Henry Wilson.
                 Grant’s Life
   Grant was born April
    27, 1822.
   He died July 23,1885.
   He died at Mount
    McGregor, New York.
   He was 63 years old
    when he died.
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