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Part-time students on HNC, HND, Foundation, DTLLS/PCET and BA degree courses can claim grants
which may cover Tuition Fees and Course Costs.

Log on to for more information at: www.direct.gov.uk/studentfinance

Apply for funding by completing form PTG1 which can be downloaded from the above website. Please
return the completed PTG1 form to: Student Finance England, PO Box 210, Darlington DL1 9HJ, (Tel: 0845
300 5090).

Your attendance on the course will be endorsed by College when you have been on the course for two
weeks or more.

Eligibility: There are now general rules regarding previous study and residence in the UK
(or for a Tuition Fees-only award, in the EU).

      Students must be studying on a course that does not take more than twice as long to complete as
       the full-time equivalent.
      You could qualify for full support if your household income is less than £16,845 or you are on certain
       state benefits (Income-based Jobseekers Allowance or New Deal Allowance, Income Support,
       Housing Benefit or Council Tax Benefit). Otherwise, how much you may be eligible for depends on
       your personal circumstances and household income.
       NB: The Tuition Fee Grant and the Course Grant doesn’t have to be paid back.
      Partial support of at least £50 could be available to part-time students who earn between £16,845
       and £25,420.

Tuition Fee Grant: If earning less than £16,845 funding of between £820 and £1,230 is available for
help with Tuition Fees, depending on your circumstances and how long the course takes compared to the
full-time equivalent.

Course Grant: A grant of up to £265 to help with the cost of books, travel and other course expenditure is
available. You therefore could be eligible for £1,495 in financial support for tuition fees and course costs.

Students with partners will have £2000 ignored from their combined income. Students who have dependent
children will have £2000 ignored from their income for the eldest dependent child and £1000 for other


Access to Learning Fund
The Government has previously provided funds to assist students in their studies. If these funds continue
they will be administered by the College based on the prevailing guidance for the access to learning fund.

The College has a dedicated team administering this policy. For further assistance/guidance please contact
the Access Fund Administrator on 0191 375 4205 or email access.fund@newdur.ac.uk or go to

Help for disabled students: Part-time HE students with a disability may be eligible for help from the
Disabled Students Allowance. Log on to: www.direct.gov.uk/studentfinance for more information and
application form DSA1.
Educational Trusts and Charities will often consider helping students (see Factsheet 6). Log on to
www.scholarship-search.org.uk or visit ASC for more information.

NHS students are covered by separate rules and Social Work students can also claim extra help (see
Factsheet 2). Log on to: www.nhsbsa.nhs.uk/Students for more information on funding for both courses or
to download the relevant forms.

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