Stone Fox John Gardiner by zU8n82jP


									Stone Fox     John Gardiner
1. Why does Grandfather need $500? To pay the back taxes on the farm so he won’t
   lose it.
2. What is Little Willy going to do to get $500? Enter a 10 mile dog race and win the
3. Does Willy win the race? Yes, the Stone Fox lets him
4. How does Searchlight (Willy’s racing dog) die? Her heart burst
5. Where does little Willy live? In Wyoming
6. What kind of farm is it? A potato farm
7. Does Grandpa die? No
8. What place was Willy in when he saw his Grandpa? First place
9. What are three bad things that are bad for Willy? Sick Grandfather, needs money,
   and dog died
10. What season does the story take place in? Winter
11. What was the Indian’s name? Stone Fox
12. Who was Stone Fox? He was a Shoshone Indian who entered the dog sled race to
   get money to buy back land that white men had taken from the Indians. He had
   never talked to a white man. He had also never been beaten in a race.
13. How did he get to school? His dog, Searchlight, pulled the wooden sleigh that his
   Grandfather had bought from the Indians
14. What did Little Willy think when he first saw Grandpa in his bed? That he was
   playing a trick
15. What was the Doctor’s name? Dr. Smith
16. How many Samoyeds does Stone Fox own? 5
17. What did Stone Fox do so that Willy would win the race? Searchlight dies so Stone
   Fox makes a line and tells Little Willy to cross it but tells the other contestants if they
   crossed it, he would shoot them
18. How did Willy win the race? Willie carried his dog the last 10 feet across the finish
19. How did Willy pay for his entrance fee ($50) for the race? He used his college
   savings from the bank
20. What is the message that Clifford Snyder leaves with his grandfather and Little
   Willy? If Grandfather doesn’t pay the $500 in back taxes, he loses the farm.

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