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Sample engineering CV Morgan McKinley


									                                             Alan Bloggs BE
                                      1Main Street, Irish Town, Co. Kilkenny
                                                 087 123 4555

                                               PERSONAL PROFILE

A highly competent professional with experience in several industries including electronics, automotive, luxury
goods and electrical transformers. Possess vast strategic and operational knowledge. A result orientated
individual who maintains a strong focus on outputs, KPI’s and business drivers. An excellent leader with proven
people and technical skills utilised to mentor successfully individuals and teams to deliver departments and
company objectives relentlessly.

                                          QUALIFICATIONS & TRAINING

       Degree in Mechanical Engineering (BE Mechanical) UCD
       Diploma in Production Management (IMI)
       ECDL 2007 version (2011)

                                              WORK EXPERIENCE

DEE Transformer Ltd, Dublin:             Oct 2007 – Present

ABC Transformers is a global leader in the manufacture and distribution of electrical components. The Dublin
plant had an annual turnover of c $45m and employed 220 staff in a multi-unionised environment.

Position: Plant Manager

Key Duties & Responsibilities
  Overall responsibility for engineering, production and quality, continuous improvement, facilities, supply chain
   and health and safety. management of a team of 6 direct and 180 indirect reports.
  Responsible for the day-to-day activities measured by extensive KPI’s particularly production and
  Coordinated the management team including sales and finance.
  Introduced lean manufacturing philosophies to move from a batch manufacturing to a one-piece flow system
   utilising cell structures and pull techniques supported by Drum Buffer Roll software to schedule capacity
   bottlenecks. This lead to a significant reduction in WIP and throughput times and a more efficient production
   floor layout.
  Ensured all operational costs were consistently within budget.
  Implemented a systematic preventative maintenance (pemac) scheme for the entire plant in a unionised
  Successfully managed the implementation of capacity and layout changes in order to meet changing market
  Effectively coached and managed key management and operations personnel to succeed.

The information outlined in this CV is fictional. This CV is designed to act as a guide only
Morgan McKinley is a registered name of Premier Group.
Key Achievements

   Successfully increased production output by more than 10% through the introduction of new work practices
    and cost reduction initiatives.
   Developed and established gain-sharing initiative which resulted in increased productivity and improved
    quality rates.
   Drove a number of cost reduction / continuous Improvement initiatives within the factory including the
    reduction of inventory by 12%, the reduction of test failures by 40% and the improvement of first pass yield to
    reduce through-put time and increase Labour effectively to more than 86%.
   Successfully improved the health & safety culture in the plant resulting in a reduction in the number of
    accidents and lost time incidents by 50%.
   Increased low cost country purchases by 100% to US$4.1m.

ABC General LTD                                         Sept 1993 – Oct 2007

The Dublin plant was the world leader in the manufacture of giftware products and had an annual turnover of
c€100m, employing almost 1200 staff in a multi-unionised environment.

Position:         Manufacturing Manager

Key Duties & Responsibilities
  Total responsibility for all operational activity including engineering and production in a €13m state of the art
   multi-process tank furnace facility.
  Managed a seven day operation with a 5 team/shift system employing c 230 skilled / non-skilled staff
   supported by 5 x shift managers, 9 x engineers, 5 x technicians and 3 x quality inspectors
  Directly responsible for ensuring production met an aggressive MRP driven target of 95K units valued at
   €500,000 weekly.
  Ensured all costs were maintained within budget whilst sustaining modern practices on a high capital process
  Developed processes, machinery and skills to meet ever changing customer designs and market trends.
  Ensured all new products were cost competitive and completed on time to meet critical marketing ‘trade show’

Key Achievements
  Successfully led the transfer of Donegal giftware and hollowware processes to Dublin valued at 50m euro
  Led the integration of 150 people and their skills as part of the transfer.
  Facilitated the development of critical tank furnace management skills to enable 25 % increase in capacity
   without capital investment.
  Successfully established cross functional shift teams to maximise performance thru agreed shift procedures
   including communications, handovers, roles and responsibilities, targets and objectives. All visually managed
   in real time.
  Systematically hit the aggressively budgeted targets on value (10 million euro annually), quality defects < 1%
   and customer service measured at 98 % across 150 + products and 7 process streams.

References - Excellent references available on request.

The information outlined in this CV is fictional. This CV is designed to act as a guide only
Morgan McKinley is a registered name of Premier Group.

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