UNIVERSITY OF DURHAM
                       LICENCE FOR STUDENT ACCOMMODATION 2012-2013

Schedule 1                     St Aidan’s College Occupancy Periods and Schedule of Rates

The charges for resident members are:

 1.      UNDERGRADUATE RESIDENCE CHARGES: term-time plus room-only in vacations (annual charge)
      (Standard occupancy until 23rd June 2013):
       Freshers (term-time-only plus storage over Christmas vacation, plus Freshers’ induction programme plus
       Easter Vacation) commencing 30th Sept 2012: £5673, payable in 3 equal instalments

      The Residence Charge provides for accommodation, heat, light, and active IT network point (subject to
      registration with the IT Service and installation of network card, not included) plus cleaning and catering during
      University terms.

 2. COLLEGE EQUIPMENT RENEWAL FUND: £16.50 p.a. payable by all residents in 3 equal instalments.
     Provides for the replacement of self-catering equipment etc in kitchen areas.

3. REPARATIONS/DAMAGES FUND: £20 p.a. (variable) payable by all resident students. Provides for a
   collective share of the cost of damages, in accordance with Clauses 2.1 and 8 of the Residence Agreement and
   the Damages Policy set out in Schedule 6. Any residue after disbursement of reasonable charges for repairs is
   retained by the JCR and applied for the collective benefit of members.

4. JCR SUBSCRIPTION: £126 (3 year charge) Payable in the first year only (subject to opt-out provision**)

5. I.T./LIBRARY FUND: £16 payable in the first year only.

6. ST AIDAN’S ASSOCIATION: £25 (payable in the first year only). Provides for graduates to enjoy the first ten
   years’ membership of the College Association (subject to opt-out provision**)

7. CHARITIES DONATION: £6 p.a. (subject to opt-out provision**)

**Requests to opt out of these charges should be made by the end of the second week of the first term – further
information will be available from the JCR President..

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