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					THANK YOU TO ALEXANDRA PLETEN serving as organist at the                 ALTAR CARE and preparation for today’s services are provided by Altar Guild
Thursday evening and Sunday Services. We appreciate you sharing          member Colleen Forsey and Norma Chapin. Thank you for your fine service.
your fine talents with us. Director of Music, Brenda Miska is enjoying
some vacation time.                                                      NEXT BLOOD DRIVE—We have scheduled Our Saviour’s next American Red
                                                                         Cross Blood Drive. This drive will be held from 9 AM – 1 PM on Sunday,
THE SACRAMENT OF HOLY BAPTISM is celebrated during the 10:15             October 1st.
AM Service. We rejoice as Brennon Michael Nero becomes a member of
God’s Church through the Sacrament of Baptism. Brennan’s parents are     JUBILEES— will attend the Marine tattoo at the Blue Cross Arena on
Shannon and Joseph Nero; sponsors are Robert Porcelli, Jr. and Cynthia   Sunday, September 17th at 2:00 PM. The tickets are $17.50 (upper tier)
Borzilleri. Let us pray for Brennan and his family.                      and $21.50 (middle tier). See Carolyn Hane for tickets or please sign up on
                                                                         the narthex table. Payment is due immediately.
August 27th.                                                             CRAFT GROUP—Our newly formed crafts group will meet every other week
                                                                         on Tuesdays, from 7-9 PM. Our next meeting is Tuesday, August 22nd. We
       Beginning September 10, 2006 our worship schedule                 meet to share ideas and to socialize. Please feel free to bring your favorite
                          is as follows:                                 craft project and join us. Our Saviour is taking a table at the Chili Fire
                       8:00 AM Traditional                               Department’s Ladies Auxiliary Crafts Fair in September, and many are working
              9:00 AM Sunday School with opening                         towards items to donate for us to sell at this fair. However, you can work on
         10:15 AM Contemporary Service with Child Care                   anything you choose. Join us for an evening of good company and great crafts!
           11:15 AM Traditional Service with Child Care
                                                                         INCLUDE IN YOUR PRAYERS: Charles Alianell (friend of the Riemer’s); Scott
RALLY DAY—SUNDAY SCHOOL RESUMES—SEPTMEBER 10—                            Anderson (friend of the Riemer’s); Jonathan Angelone (friend of the Gear’s);
9:00 AM. Please join us to start another great year of Sunday School     Eleanor and Jim Annis; Ellie Ayers (friend of the MacBride’s); Kathleen Bianchi
and Adult Bible Study. Cookie and punch reception to follow the          (Chauncey’s daughter); Edwin Blum (friend of Diane Hair); Gerald Brzykcy
Sunday School opening.                                                   (submitted by Jackie Doyle); Cici Buetel; Barbara Cabic; Carl and Ruby
                                                                         Cavouto; Judy Craw (cousin of the Reinecker’s, Carpino’s and Graupman’s);
                                                                         Nancy Dalton (friend of Jackie Potter); Steven DeRuyscher; Thomas
ALTAR FLOWERS today are placed by Charles and Cynthia Borzilleri
                                                                         Doughtery; Robert Eisenschmid; Freemont Ferchen;             June Forer (Pam
in celebration of their Wedding Anniversary and also in celebration of
                                                                         Spencer’s mother); Laurie Fuller; Chet Gardner (neighbor of the Evans
Brennan Nero’s baptism. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.               Family); Jordan and Robert Gendreau (family of Marilies Renke); Godard
                                                                         Family; Roger Gramlich, friend of Michelle Stone); Carol Grimes; Steve Hadley
            THIS WEEK AT LCOS August 21 to August 27
                                                                         (family member of the Diedreck’s); Inge Hair; Les Hanna (uncle of the Gear
Tuesday       7:00 PM Sunday School Staff Meeting
                                                                         Family); Steve and Debbie Hardy (submitted by Wendy Forrest); Allison Hauf;
Tuesday       7:00 PM Crafters Meeting
                                                                         Steve and Jayne Jonas; Robert Kallstrand; Ken LaDue; Lori Kelly; Rick Lee;
Wednesday     7:00 PM Evangelism Committee Meeting
                                                                         Kathy Lessord (Paul Hamblin’s sister); Joanna Licata; Betty Lord (Minnie
Thursday      7:00 PM Worship Service
                                                                         Urschel’s niece); Al Luciano (friend of Audrey Church); Donald Lutz; Dodie
                                                                         Maffett (friend of the O’Connors); Vince McAvouy; Kevin McCorrey; Matt
                                                                         McGrath (cousin of the Gear family); Mary Alice Miller (sister of Rudy Vogel);
worship committee meeting has been re-scheduled for Wednesday,           Frank Monica (friend of Sue Oldfield); Dr. Hugo Nykamp (brother of Wanda
August 30 at 7:00 PM.                                                    Russell-Lutz); Bill Ognibene (friend of the Wiesmore); Lisa Peskin (friend of
                                                                         the Riemer’s); William Pharmakis; Nicolas Pleten; George Rath; Karen Rohe;
                                                                         Mark Russell (Wanda Russell-Lutz son); Michael Schmidt (son-in-law of
GENERAL LANDSCAPING—Please check #1 on the tan response sheet
                                                                         Shirley Vogel); Al Schroff; Erica Schwartz (Shelby Gear’s friend); Leanne
or call Rick Chapin at 594-8963 or Ed Jarvis at 426-0332. Thank You.     Schwenk (cousin of Susan Hayhurst); David Sevier; Jack Shellman (friend of
                                                                         the Doyle’s); Charles and MaeMarie Smith (Alicia Diedreck’s mother and
 OUR SAVIOUR WOMEN OF THE E.L.C.A. are collecting items for the
                                                                         father); Ray Turner; Joleene Uticone (niece of Jay and Eileen Gatke); Verna
Battered Women’s Shelter. A wish list will be posted on the Women’s      Vandevoorde; Blanche Varga (Chauncey Urschel’s sister); Toby Wager (friend
message board in the Narthex along with the items of the month flyer.    of the Riemer’s); Scott Waid (Pam Carmichael’s brother); Pat Warney (Kim
August items are Disposable Diapers. Please drop off only suggested      Popen’s aunt); Larry Whitaker; Pastor and Debbie Wilck; David Zinkin (Ann
items. Thank you for all your support.                                   Riemer’s friend); Catherine Zorn; U. S. Military Service Men and Women.
LARGE PRINT BULLETINS are available from the ushers.

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