Peewee 2011 Regular season schedule by PyK5a1d


									      Lloydminster Peewee Football 2011 Regular Season Schedule

                           Home                 Away                Time

Sept 5 (Labour Day)        Guard Dogs           Colts               3 pm
                           Eagles               Steelers            3 pm

Sept 11                    Colts                Eagles              1 pm
                           Steelers             Guard Dogs          3 pm

Sept 18                    Eagles               Guard Dogs          1 pm
                           Colts                Steelers            3 pm

Sept 24 (Saturday)         Guard Dogs           Steelers            1 pm
Sept 25 (Sunday)           Eagles               Colts               1 pm

Oct 1 (Saturday)           Guard Dogs           Eagles              1 pm
Oct 2 (Sunday)             Steelers             Colts               1 pm

Oct 10th Thanksgiving Weekend No Games Scheduled

Oct 15                     Colts                Guard Dogs          TBA
(Football Day)             Steelers             Eagles              TBA

Oct 23                     # 1 Seed             # 4 Seed            TBA
League Semi-Finals         # 2 Seed             # 3 Seed            TBA

Oct 30
Consolation Final          Times & Location TBA
Larry Sauer Cup            Times & Location TBA

* Home Team is Responsible for finding Referees an for all games in Lloydminster.
  Rob Collins will be able to assist you in finding Referees and can be reached at
  the following email
* Home team must also supply people to work chains
* All games in Lloydminster will be at St. Mary's field with the exception of Oct 15
  which is Football day in Lloydminster and will take place at Armstrong Field.

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