Starter Set for the American College of Surgeons by PyK5a1d


									American College of Surgeons in collaboration with the Surgical Quality Alliance –
                          Proposed Measurement Set

Intended Audience and Patient Population:

Any physician caring for patients undergoing a surgical procedure as specified in each

Patients aged 18 years and older

Measure #1:   Timing of Prophylactic Antibiotics – Ordering Physician

Measure #2:   Timing of Prophylactic Antibiotics – Administering Physician

Measure #3:   Selection of Prophylactic Antibiotic – First or Second Generation

Measure #4:   Discontinuation of Prophylactic Antibiotics (Non-Cardiac Procedures)

Measure #5:   Discontinuation of Prophylactic Antibiotics (Cardiac Procedures)

Measure #6:   Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) Prophylaxis

Members of the Surgical Quality Alliance (as of October 2006)

American Academy of Ophthalmology
American Academy of Otolaryngology
American Association for Hand Surgery
American Association of Neurological Surgeons
American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons
American College of Osteopathic Surgeons
American College of Surgeons
American Society of Anesthesiologists
American Society of Breast Surgeons
American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery
American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons
American Society of General Surgeons
American Society of Plastic Surgeons
American Urological Association
Congress of Neurological Surgeons
Society for Vascular Surgery
Society of American Gastrointestinal Endoscopic Surgeons
Society of Gynecologic Oncologists
Society of Surgical Oncology
Society of Thoracic Surgeons


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