For Guarantee Validation – sign, date, return to:
Danny Littlejohn, 19764 FM 449, Longview, TX 75605
Phone (903) 758-1588, Cell (903) 241-0110

This agreement is made between Moccasin Creek Kennel, Danny J. Littlejohn, owner and breeder, hereafter referred
to as “Seller”, and ________________________________________ hereafter referred to as “Original Purchaser”. The
guarantee is made to the Original Purchaser. No guarantee transfer is allowed.

In consideration of ($_______________) purchase price, Seller transfers all rights, privileges and responsibilities
associated with the ownership of the below described Labrador Retriever hereafter referred to as “the dog” to the
Original Purchaser as of the purchase date:
□ Male □ Female □ Black □ Yellow □ Chocolate
AKC Registration No. ________________________        UKC Registration No. ____________________

NOTE: To exercise this guarantee, the Original Purchaser must permanently register ownership of the above described
dog with the American Kennel Club and/or United Kennel Club in the Original Purchaser name and permanently identify
the dog by tattoo or microchip for veterinary identity verification. The dog must be registered to Original Purchaser at
the time of diagnosis.

Seller guarantees the dog to be free of all genetic diseases of the hips and eyes until the dog reaches 26 months of
age. In the event of emergence of any above conditions, diagnosed by a licensed veterinarian chosen by the Original
Purchaser, on or before the date the dog reaches 26 months of age, Original Purchaser shall immediately notify Seller
of such condition and diagnosis. Seller shall refund the purchase price to the Original Purchaser subject to the

1. Original Sales Agreement and Health Guarantee with both Seller signature and the Original Purchaser signature
   must be presented to Seller to validate this guarantee.

2. Seller, at his option, may require the Original Purchaser to forward all medical records, x-rays, and other
   information relied upon for the diagnosis to Seller for a secondary opinion from a licensed veterinarian. Seller also
   has the option, at his expense, to require the dog be examined by a licensed veterinarian. Expenses for the initial
   diagnosis and shipping of all records, x-rays, and other information relied upon for the diagnosis to and from Seller
   is the responsibility of the Original Purchaser. Expenses for transportation of the dog to and from a second
   examination are the responsibility of the Seller.

3. In the event both veterinarians arrive at the same diagnosis the purchase price will be refunded by Seller to Original

4. In the event there are differing diagnoses Original Purchaser may request a third examination by a licensed
   veterinarian agreeable to the Seller. All expenses associated with this third examination and diagnosis shall be the
   responsibility of the Original Purchaser. The diagnosis resulting from this third examination will be binding.

5. Original Purchaser agrees to provide proof that dog has been spayed / neutered prior to Seller refunding purchase

6. Original Purchaser agrees that no American Kennel Club and/or United Kennel Club registration will be given to
   any offspring of dog whelped after date of initial diagnosis.

Purchase Date: ____________________________

SELLER: _________________________________                 Original PURCHASER ______________________________

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