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2011-2013, 2010-2012, 2009-2012 EDUCATION SESSION)

ROLL#------------------ (Filled by candidate)

Paper: 1(Essay Type)

Time Allowed: 2.10 hours

i) Maximum Marks: 60What is an order pair?

ii) If x=2+|3, then find the value of x-1\x?

iii) If A ={2,4,8}B={1,3}then find to binary relation of A*B.

iv) Define equivalent set?

v)     Simplify:         (-xyz) 4

vi) Explain the difference

vii)   Between 5a and a5

viii)     Write in logarithm from? 3-3=1/27

ix)    Find the number of digits in 432

x) Define Anti-logarithm.
12 3.Write Short answer to any six (6) questions:

i) If (y)= 1/2y3+2y2-1, then find the value of p(-2).
ii) Simplify (5x+6) (2x+3)
iii) Define variable quantity and constant quantity?
iv) Factorize 1+8x3
v) Find H.C.F. OF5x2y2 AND 20X3Y3
vi) Define L.C.M.
vii) Find the square root of a2-4a+4
viii) Factorize x2+17x -60
ix) Factorize x3 + y3 +z3 +3xyz

12 4.Write short answers to any SIX (6) question :

i)     Define equal matrices.
ii)    Write down the elements of geometrical theorem.
iii)   Define adjacent angles.
iv)    Bisect the segment of measure 5.6 cm.
v)     Define exterior angle of a triangle.
vi)    What is meant by S.A.S postulate in the congruency of triangle?
vii)   Define altitudes of a triangle.

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