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									            Shepway District Partnership Group
          Notes of Meeting held on 23rd July 2007

People who attended the meeting

Tina Walker              Joint Chair/Link Group
Ian Digges               Joint Chair/Channel Homes

Tina Cooke               Channel Homes

Raymond Green

Louise Kidd              Skillnet
Birgitte Perdios         Skillnet
Simon O’Bree             Skillnet

Ken Horn                 Parent/Carer
Stuart Horn

Andrew Baldock           Kent Partnership Board/Skillnet

Gill Hockney             Advocacy Works

Gerry                    Shaw Trust
Rose Headley             Shaw Trust
Steven Coleman           Shaw Trust
Lucy Deen                Shaw Trust
Ali                      Shaw Trust
Katie Pile               Shaw Trust
Mike Doyle               Shaw Trust
Louis                    Shaw Trust

Anita Ward               KCC
Jenny Flaherty           KCC
Penny Southern           KCC
Helen Lawson        Integrated Team
Matt Clark e        Integrated Team
Colette Thresher    Integrated Team

Mr Chatwal          Park House

Ann Davidson        D&J

Mark Connorton      Volunteer Centre

Daniel Ludlum       ILS

Tony Leppard        Home Farm Trust
Sam Bulkland        Home Farm Trust
Jeremy Collier      Home Farm Trust
Lesley Richardson   Home Farm Trust
John Shackleton     Home Farm Trust

Louis Ossenton      Canterbury Oast Trust
Sue                 Canterbury Oast Trust
Andrew Ferris       Canterbury Oast Trust
Steve Fendle        Canterbury Oast Trust

Dot Russell         Folkestone Mencap

Christine           Shepway Resource Centre
Pascale             Shepway Resource Centre
Ian Abrey           Shepway Resource Centre

Paul Pinder         Voice 4 Kent
Partnership Fund Bid

It was agreed to fund the following project

Music and Arts Project           £2,000

 Will be organising a festival to bring people and
  organisations together to share information.
 There will be opportunities for people with
  learning disabilities to work at the festival.
 The festival will celebrate all the good things
  happening in the local area.
 It will be open to everyone.
 It is hoped people will learn about what is
  available in the area and give people ideas about
  setting up new projects.

The Partnership Group asked that transport issues
be addressed to help people get to the Festival from
areas such as Romney Marsh.

The Music and Arts Project thought this could be

    What Makes a Good Day?

     Daniel Waller, Project Manager for East Kent at KCC
      explained What Makes a Good Day.

     This is how KCC will look at services to be developed for
      people to do during the day.

     There will be a consultation process to find out what
      people think.
What Makes a Good Day

 Daniel told us about the principles (the main ideas) of
  What Makes a Good Day.

 These were

     o Person centre planning and person centred
     o Services being local, close to where people live.
     o People being part of the community.
     o Purposeful results for everyone.
     o Working in partnership with others.
     o Using money well.

 There are some things KCC already know help to make
  a Good Day. These are

     o   More choice for people
     o   Local services which are flexible
     o   More supported employment
     o   Social enterprises
     o   Education and training
     o   Leisure opportunities
     o   Being part of the community
     o   Drop In centres
     o   Good transport

           Who Will KCC talk to about this?

           KCC will talk to lots of people and organisations eg

                 People with learning disabilities, parents and carers
                 Day services and employment services
                 Housing services
                 Local Primary Care Trusts
                 People who arrange services (commissioners)
Discussion Groups

We got into groups to think about what makes a good
day for people, what makes a bad day for people and
what people already do with their day.

What makes a good day?

Things people said

   Going to work, doing a meaningful job and being paid
   Meeting different people
   Being able to choose what to do and when to do it
   Being at home with Mum and Dad
   Going to college outside of disability services
   Being valued and having something to do
   Having activities to do eg football, yoga, manicure
   Travelling
   Being with people you want to be with
   Having fun, laughing, being happy. No shouting.
   Keeping friendships and making new friends in the
   Getting housework done
   Pottery, art and kitchen work at the Day Centre
   Drama
   Shaw Trust
   Pent Valley Sports Centre
   Going to a cricket match
   Computers
   Sailing
   Places to meet and evening social activities
   Shopping
   Going to discos
   Researching family tree
What makes a bad day?

Things people said

   Doing things we don’t like doing
   Having no plans
   Having no money
   Being told to do things we don’t like
   Having no friends
   Being bored, having nothing to do
   Doing jobs that have no purpose (need to know
    why you are doing it)
   Bad transport
   Being with people I don’t like
   Not being in control – staff change over
   People not listening
   Lack of support to do things
   Being bullied
   Having no-one to help me communicate
   Not being able to go out
   Not having a holiday
   Not being able to choose who I spend time with
   Staff not talking to me nicely
   Not having help to sort out problems.
   When people don’t do what they say they will do
    eg phone me.
We also thought about what we liked and disliked.

What we Like

   Paid work, but days off too!
   Going to college
   Doing gardening
   Going to the pub
   Going to Music and Arts Project
   Horseriding
   Going to the gym, exercising, keeping fit
   Going nightclubbing
   Going to different festivals
   Having support with activities
   Pottery at SRC
   Doing things for yourself
   DJ at local hospital

What else we would like

   More volunteer placements
   Work placements with support
   More day activities and funding
   More sports and leisure activities
   More control over direct payments

What we Dislike

 Activities being stopped
 Not enough activities in the evenings and
 Bad transport
 Days I don’t have support
 Courses being stopped at college and Bridge
What do people do with their day now?

Things that people said were

   Work in a nursing home
   Work in a shop
   Play football
   Attend Voice 4 Kent
   Go to Music and Arts Project in Dover
   Go to an over 60’s club
   Stay indoors and do housework
   Go to Bridge Centre
   Go to Age Concern
   Go carriage driving
   Play snooker
   Gardening
   Go to fairs and fetes or music festivals
   Go to college
   Go to Shaw Trust
   Go to day centre
   Work in a Church
   Go to the gym
   Visit family / relatives
   Go shopping, do my banking
   Do voluntary work
   Work at Poultons Wood
   Learn living skills
   Go to Skillnet
   Go to social clubs eg Thursday club, cuppas
   Do photography
   Get support with shopping, cooking etc
Kent Partnership Board

Ian told us what happened at the last Kent Partnership
Board meeting.


 Each District needs to re-employ the people
  providing advocacy support.
 Ian had been to speak to the Link Group about this.
 The Link Group decided they wanted Advoacy Works
  to carry on supporting them to bring issues to the
  District Partnership Group.
 The Link Group are also going to think about what
  other advocacy is needed in Shepway.


 This is when people move from childrens services to
  adult services.
 There is often a difference between services
  offered to children and services offered to adults.
 Transition needs to be done better.

What Makes a Good Day

 This had been presented to the Kent Partnership
  Board too.

Supported Living

 Ian had talked about the REACH standards and
  supported living.
             Kent Partnership Board continued

             NHS Residential Change Programme

              This project is about people moving out of
               NHS accommodation to live independently in
               the community.
              180 people in Kent are involved in the project.
              These people need to find new homes or new
               support providers.
              The project will make sure people get the right
               services which are person centred.

             Valuing People

              The Government want to remind people of what
               Valuing People said.
              This will be happening later this year.

Link Group

The Link Group told us what they had been talking
about since the last Partnership Group meeting.

 The Group had talked about the need for college
  courses with support.
 Getting onto college courses is a problem for
  some people.
 Support is not always offered in all areas.

 The Group had also talked about advocacy
  support for both the Link Group and also the
  wider Shepway area.
          Updates from KCC

           KCC have appointed 2 new specialist workers.

           One will be a Transitional worker.
           They will link with the Children and Families
            service working with young adults

           The other is a Mobility worker.
           They will help people travel independently in the
           They will be linking with Matt Clarke and Colette

Date of Next District Partnership Group meeting

The next Shepway District Partnership Group
meeting will be on Monday 8th October at the
Salvation Army. The meeting will start at 9.45 am
and finish at 1pm.

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