14 JUNE 2007

In Attendance
Laura Whitby                         Jan Kennedy
Valarie Baptiste                     Caroline Parr
Chris Glover                         Alison Mayhern
Pauline Kingston                     Deb Haseltine
Paul Allingham                       Claire Topham Brown
Julie Stokes                         Helen Harris
Donna Mizell                         Sonia Vanner
Jayne Tierney                        Kellie Norris
Frank Clarke                         Jayne Tierney
Marcia Turnham                       Karen Cannell Smith
Tony Durcan

Sandra Paterson
Leslie Gelling
Dot Chatfield
Anne Teemal

Minutes of the Previous Meeting

There was a type error on the previous minutes of the incorrect year; they had been
typed up as 2006 instead of 2007. This was noted and would be corrected.

Matters Arising

There were no matters arising from the previous meeting.

Update from the Branch Executive
Marcia Turnham – Branch Executive Member

All Activists to be accredited must be approved by the Branch Executive before being
sent to the Regional Office. Once accredited Sandy Glinn is to notify the Lead

Activist in the relative Trust as follows:
Peterborough Mental Health – Jacquie Hanratty
Peterborough PCT – Paul Smart
Addenbrookes Hospital – Jan Kennedy
Peterborough & Stamford Hospitals - Paul Allingham
Hinchingbrooke – Anne Seeds

All newly accredited Activists must attend the next Branch meeting after their
accreditation. Marcia then welcomed Valarie Baptiste as a newly accredited Activist..

PDF have been discussing the issue of having ‘Mentors’ locally based for newly
accredited Activists, for which training will be held locally.

It was requested that the term ‘Mentor’ be clarified and it was reported that John
Wlikinson is currently working on this.
Jan Kennedy said she would speak to John Wilkinson for an update and report back

Regional Board Update
Marcia Turnham – Board Member

Paul Allingham raised concerns that the Regional Board Meeting minutes were not
available on the Eastern Region Website.

Marcia Turnham asked of there were any matters arising from the Regional Board
Minutes and none were raised.

Council Update
Marcia Turnham – Council Member

The minutes of the Council Meeting were tabled and a discussion arose around item
EB07/31, Council are to review holding National events, things will be held locally i.e
hosting tables at existing high profile dinners for the Healthcare Profession.

The sale of Cavendish Square is off the agenda at the moment.

Update from Professional Officer
Tony Durcan – Full Time Officer, Eastern Region

As this was Tony Durcan’s first Branch meeting at the Full Time Officer of
Cambridgeshire; he started by giving a short introduction of himself to the Branch
Members in attendance.

Tony hopes to hold proactive days at Addenbrookes Hospital, Peterborough &
Stamford Hospital and Hinchingbrooke Hospital.

There is a Social Enterprise event being held on 28 August at the City Health Clinic in
Peterborough. This event is open to members and non members and is being
facilitated by Kellie Norris, Primary Care Advisor for the Royal College of Nursing
Eastern Region.

There are plans to run a Diversity event in Cambridge in October. The topics covered
in this event will be; Migrant Workers and Gipsy Travellers.

Council Nominations were then discussed and Marcia Turnham said that she would
help candidates with their manifestos. Applications must be signed by two Branch
Executives. The Branch agreed it would be a good idea to hold a ‘Hustings Meeting’.
Venues suggested were Papworth, Woodgreen Animal Shelter, or Hinchingbrooke
Park. They would need to be held between 27 June and 19 September 2007. Paul
Allingham suggested combining it with the Board Meeting on 30 July at Woodgreen.
Branch agreed and Marcia said she would put a request to the Board that the
‘Hustings’ take place at the end of the Board meeting

Agenda For Change Update
Karen Cannell-Smith – AFC Officer

Karen Cannell-Smith reported to the Branch that there have been changes made to the
T & C handbook and that some HR Departments may not be taking this new
information into account. The sections that have been changed are: Maternity, Equal
Opportunity Provision, Redundancy, Children & Adults, Flexible Working and Work
and Personal Life Balance. Activists need to raise this with their Trusts.

Knowledge Skills Framework re-launch window is September – December 2007.

Jenny Williams at Hinchingbrooke has developed a video ‘How to do an appraisal’
due to be released shortly.

Primary Care Update
Kellie Norris – Primary Care Advisor

PCT’s are now starting to see divides between commissioning and provider services
going out to tender.

All organisations have to report by 16 September 2007 on which provider model they
will be using.

Workshops are being organised to educate on Social Enterprise.

The Eastern Region publishes a Public Health Care Forum Newsletter twice yearly
and hold 2 meetings a year also. Those wishing to join the Public Health Steering
Committee please email

Eastern Region have been working very closely with Care UK in their Learning
Disability Centres, Nursing Homes, Care Homes, Walk in Centres and GP Practices.

They have requested to use the RCN Publication – Assessment Tool for the Older

Communications Update
Jane Tierney – Communications Officer

Jane gave an informative presentation on her new role within the RCN Eastern
Region. A copy of the presentation is available on request.

Any Other Business

It was requested that minutes of the Regional Safety Rep and Regional Stewards
meetings were made available at the Branch Meetings from now on.

There was an interest shown in re-setting up ‘The Convener’ role where 1 named
person in each employment area would be the main contact for all local Activists
within that catchment– clarification required on role expectations. Local workplace
meetings will still be required to take place

Possibility of arranging a visit from Peter Carter to Peterborough. Tony Durcan to
look into.


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