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I3 School promotions new and updated TEMPLATE Information by 5Y5U7F0


									 Title:                  School promotions – new and updated
 Summary:                Sing, compose and create, bang and shake at the Royal College of Music
                         SPARKS summer music workshops | Register now for the Junior Memory
                         Championship | The Global Children’s Challenge is a health initiative
                         designed to get children active and is a completely free-of-charge and
                         ready-made project for schools running from 19.09 - 07.11.12. See
                         coversheet for more details or the Promotions page (opens new page on
 Target school(s):       All
 Specific schools
 For attention of:       SAOs, Heads
 Author:                 Tracy Williams
 Contact:                Tracy Williams
 Telephone:              020 8753 3731
 Date:                   18 July 2012
 Action required/        For information – please pass on to students and families where possible
 due date:

Dear colleagues,
The LA receives many requests to promote events, initiatives, competitions, charity campaigns etc.
Some of these come from partner organisations and many others may be of genuine interest and
form the basis of curricular projects. We post items here for reference, though this does not
necessarily constitute an endorsement on the part of the LA. Please see below for more details;

          Name                                               Details
                      On July 21, 25, 31 and August 14, 22 children aged 6-9 and 10-12 are invited to play
                      and sing, compose and create, bang and shake at RMC summer music workshops.
                      Fun, hands-on classes offer beginners and more experienced players the opportunity
 Royal College of
                      to take part in an afternoon of live music-making while learning more about music
                      featured in BBC Proms concerts. You can also get inside the music at the free BBC
 Summer music
                      Proms plus family intro, or hear the music come alive at a BBC Prom with our special
                      £5 ticket offer. FREE TICKETS available for children eligible for free school meals.

                      To book, box office: 020 7591 4314| More info, Lucy: 020 7591 4394 | E:
             | W: RMC summer music
                     The competition, which promotes memory techniques, is open to children in year 6.
The Junior Memory
                     This year more than 8,000 children from all over the UK joined in. What are the
                     benefits? - clear gains in attainment at school, heightened confidence as a result of
enters its 5th year!
                     being able to memorise, better communication. If you register now, your children will
                     be eligible to compete in the online stages of the Championship in March 2013. All you
                     have to do to register is to send a cheque for £60 (£50 plus VAT) made out to The
                     Learning Skills Foundation to the following address:

                     Address: Learning Skills Foundation, 8 Swift Street, SW6 5AG |W: Junior Memory
                     Championship| T: 020 7736 1772
                   On 30/06, the Prime Minister announced the Government’s cadet expansion plan. By
                   2015, up to 100 more state-funded schools will be able to develop cadet units. The
                   objective is to see more state schools have access to a cadet unit, as this would
                   significantly increase the number of young people able to access the cadet experience
   Cadet force
                   in a way that is likely to have significant benefits to schools and young people. While
expansion plans in
                   we are in the first instance asking schools to secure their own financing, we are keen
                   for any individual or body willing to sponsor a cadet unit to get in touch. The DfE have
                   produced number of frequently asked questions available for schools and sponsors,
                   which can be accessed via the following link.

                     FAQs website: Cadet force schools and sponsors
                     A completely free-of-charge and ready-made project for schools running from 19.09 -
                     07.11.12 The GCC™ is a health initiative designed to get children active, and instil in
                     them the habit and importance of daily exercise for the rest of their lives. 2012
Global Children’s
                     registrations are open NOW and 165,000 child places are available globally to any
Challenge™ 2012
                     class in the last 3 years of junior school (typically aged 8-12). Every child is provided a
                     free pedometer & each class participates as one team, led by their class teacher.

                     W: Register online | W: See your steps recorded | T: +44 (0) 845 873 9304
                     Mind Body & Soul's exciting fun & sport day on Saturday 4 August, 10am-6pm is
                     packed with activities for family & friends of all ages. There will be long jump, 100m
  1st Annual         races, football shot outs, egg & spoon & more. If you don't fancy taking part in the
  Soulfamily         competitive activities, you can simply come along try them for fun! There will also be
community fun &      balloon modelling, face painting, giant games and bouncy castle fun for the little ones.
  sports day         Adults: £3, child: £1.50, teams of us to 5X: £5, children 5 and under free.

                     Venue: Willesden Sports Centre NW10 3QX | T:0208 955 1120 | W:
            | E: | Flyer:Back and front
                     Artsmark or Artsmark Gold is a national programme that enables schools, colleges and
                     youth justice settings to evaluate, celebrate and strengthen a quality arts offer. Twilight
                     sessions will provide an opportunity for schools to find out more about Artsmark and
 FREE Artsmark       the application process, and to ask specific questions about their own application for
  information        Round 13 (opens September 2012). If you are unable to attend on the date in your
    sessions         borough, you are welcome to attend a session in another borough, sessions are held
                     through June.

                     W: A New Direction see: Book a place: W:
                     Artsmark booking form
                     This year our summer activities will be running from 24/07 - 16/08 on the Thames at
                     Richmond. We will be running our boat trip and nature safari for organised groups and
 Thames summer
                     families, with the Animal Olympics to be held on 01/08. We are pleased to announce
  playscheme -
                     that this year we are able to offer Free boat trips to H&F children, but you must bring
  running for 21
                     proof of address in order to get their free boat trips. The cost of boat trips otherwise is
                     £3.50 each.

                     E: Lorraine Conterio | T: 0208 742 0057 | W: Thames Archaeology Programme
                  LBHF music Service partners “Inspire-works “have produced a competitvely priced
World Music Teach teaching resource for world music that made an instant impact amongst teachers and
and Play teaching educators at its recent launch in Birmingham
 resource packs
                  W: Inspire Works world music | E: | Flyer:Birmingham NEC
                     Measures to make the teaching of a second language compulsory at upper KS2 from
  Free primary
                     2014 are soon to be confirmed by the Government and discussions to expand this
                     proposal to include lower KS2 at the same time are at an advanced stage. Language
                     Angel is an online language teaching resources site based around our award-winning
                     Step Up To language teaching resources.

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W: Step Up To Languages Limited

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