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									       Saint Anselm Church
              12670 Dunks Ferry Road
               Philadelphia, PA 19154

                    Parish Center              School
Phone            215-637-3525               215-632-1133
Fax              215-637-4915               215-632-3264
Parish Website:
School Website:

             PASTORAL STAFF
Rev. Thomas J. Dunleavy           Pastor
Rev. David M. Friel               Parochial Vicar
Rev. John E. Fitzgerald           Resident
Deacon Gerald J. Whartenby        Pastoral Associate
Deacon Dennis P. Warner           Pastoral Associate
Mrs. Geraldine Murphy             Principal - School
Mrs. Diane Leonetti               Director of Music

                                                                          1st Sunday of Advent
             MASS SCHEDULE                                                   27 November 2011
                        Weekend                                     PARISH CENTER HOURS
        Saturday Vigil 5:00 PM
        Sunday 8:00; 10:00 AM; 12:00 Noon                             Monday thru Thursday     8:00 AM to 8:00 PM
                       7:00 PM                                        Friday                   8:00 AM to 4:30 PM
                                                                      Saturday                 9:00 AM to 12:00 Noon
                        Weekday                                       Sunday                   9:00 AM to 2:00 PM
             6:30 AM (Chapel) & 8:30 AM
                  (Monday thru Friday)
                   8:00 AM (Saturday)                                          DEVOTIONS
                    Christmas Eve                            Rosary                         8:00 AM Daily
                    4:00 PM Church                                                          6:30 PM Monday
                    4:00 PM GYM (Youth & Family)             Divine Mercy                   3:00 PM Monday (Chapel)
                    6:30 PM                                  Eucharistic Exposition         9:00 AM – 6:30 PM
                                                                                                  Monday - Chapel
                                                             Benediction                    6:50 PM Monday (Chapel)
                          (11:30 PM – Carols & Cantata)
                                                             Miraculous Medal Novena        8:00 AM Mass Saturday
                    Christmas Day                            Legion of Mary                 7:00 PM Monday
              8:00 AM and 11:00 AM only                      Charismatic Prayer Mtg.        7:30 PM Tuesday
                    No Evening Mass

      CONFESSION SCHEDULE                                                       BAPTISMS
                                                            Baptisms are every Sunday at 1:00 PM. Parents are asked
             Saturdays         3:30-4:30 PM
                                                            to call the Parish Center and speak with the Priest or
             Parish Penance Service                         Deacon who is on call and who will assist them in
                                                            registering their child for Baptism. The Church assists the
           Monday, December 19th, 7:30 PM                   parents by offering instruction on the meaning,
    Visiting Priests will be present to hear confessions.
                                                            importance, and responsibilities of the sacrament of
                                                            Baptism. A Pre-Jordan Baptismal Program for helping
                   WEDDINGS                                 parents prepare for the spiritual birth of their child is held
                                                            on the fourth Sunday of the month in the Spirituality
Couples planning to marry are asked to contact a Parish     Center following the Noon Mass. The next Pre Jordan is
priest to make arrangements for a wedding.                  January 22, 2012.
Dear Parishioners,
                            A Spiritually for Advent: Darkness and Light
         At Christmas, we celebrate Jesus Christ as the true Light of the World. Many years ago, the Church
decided to celebrate Christmas during the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere when the earth grows dark
and cold.
         Since Christmas celebrates Jesus as the Light of the World, the focus of Advent can be on darkness. At this
time of year, the evening stars come upon us quickly and we are wrapped in winter’s coldness all too suddenly. We
find ourselves seeking light and warmth not just for our bodies but also for our minds and hearts, which are so
often dulled and burdened with the wearing events of everyday life.
         The physical darkness of winter can be used as a symbol of the darkness that touches our lives.
         disappointment                                                                                      death
                disillusionment                                                                    deterioration
                         disease                                                              doom
                                 debt                                                 depression
                                       despair                                defeat
                                                dreariness, disgust, decay

are forms of darkness that touch our lives. These realities can overshadow and prevent a light of love, peace and
joy from radiating within us.
        Throughout Advent in your prayers, ask God to help you to identify where the forces of darkness touch
your life. Lift this up to God in prayer. Acknowledge your need for Divine Intervention. Pray with Advent hope
knowing that in Jesus, God comes to rescue and save us from the powers of darkness.

Speaker – Collection for Retired Religious
         Sister Catherine Kelly, SSJ will be a guest speaker at our Masses next weekend appealing to you for
your financial support for our Retired Religious. The collection will be taken the weekend of December
         There is a financial crisis afflicting our retired Religious Sisters. We are being called to “Share in
their care.” The escalating costs of health care, driven by the cost of skilled care and assisted living for
frail, elderly religious in the U.S., are beyond what our retired religious can afford. To learn more, visit

World Aids Day – December 1st
        Thursday, December 1st, has been designated as World Aids Day. World Aids Day serves as an
opportunity to draw attention to issues which are relevant to each person who suffers the effects of this
terrible plight. World Aids Day invites us to pray in faith and hope for increased solidarity in the human
family to address all of the limitations and circumstances which can increase people’s vulnerability to
HIV/AIDS. Education continues to be the only effective “vaccine” to combat denial, ignorance, and
prejudice which place all people at risk. We celebrate our hope for a world where fewer people become
infected with HIV and where those living with this disease can be treated with respect and compassion.
        “In the face of AIDS, we see the face of Christ. We believe that we are called to bring God’s love
to all who are sick, no matter what the cause. This calls for acceptance, prayer, and spiritual support.
AIDS demands that we reaffirm our faith in Christ; that through him, love conquers death. If that is
where we stand, seeing ourselves as the body of Christ on earth, then we must reach out in compassion to
those who suffer. We need not be afraid because God is with us at all times. In loving our neighbors as
ourselves, we must truly see the face of Christ in them.”

November’s Memorial Photos & Brochures
        Families who placed a photo or brochure in memory of a deceased love one for our Memorial Altar may
pick them up in the back of the Church where the Altar is located.
A Thanksgiving Season Thank you
        St. Vincent de Paul Society Outreach - Your generous monetary donations as well as your non-perishable
food donations on Loaves and Fishes Sundays made it possible for more than 30 needy families in our community
to be given a Thanksgiving Dinner Basket. Thank you to all who donated.
        School & CCD Food Collection – Our students and their family’s generous response to this Food Drive has
stocked the food cupboard at Bethesda Project and elsewhere where the poor and needy are fed. Thank you to all
who contributed.

Christmas Mass Intentions
       All Masses on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day will be celebrated for those people (living and
deceased) whose names we receive. On the tables with the bulletins are envelopes for you to use to submit
the name(s).
       Please use the small envelope to list your intention for a deceased person. Please use the large
envelope for the living. Note that the large envelope contains a Christmas card which you can use to
inform the person that they are being remembered in our Christmas Masses here.

Christmas Mass Schedule
               The Mass schedule for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day is printed on the front cover of
this bulletin.

       During this time of Thanksgiving, as we reflect on God’s blessings, on behalf of the people,
parishes and programs that are benefiting from the sacrificial pledge of those [participating in the
Heritage of Faith – Vision of Hope Campaign, I extend my deep gratitude. Your participation is always a
blessing to Saint Anselm Parish providing needed monies which are used here.

St. Anselm                    Parish Share                   Total Received to
Amount Pledged                                               date
$816,570.00                   $285,799                       $126,308.98

Heritage of Faith ~ Vision of Hope is being supported by many.

The generosity of many will enable the heritage of faith and vision of hope that we have been given to
continue through the Church. Thank you to all who are participating in this campaign. People who are
still praying about or thinking about their pledge are asked to send their pledge/gift to the Parish Center
or to contact Fr. Dunleavy when they are ready. People who have already made pledges should be
receiving a notice and envelope when a pledge payment is due. If you are not receiving this, please call
Joanne at the Parish Center. Thank you.
Monies already received from this program have paid for the replacement of the roof on the Annex
School Building ($66,450); New Pizza Oven Church Hall ($7,157.60). Presently $52,701.38 has been
deposited in a separate account which has been earmarked to replace the Kitchen in the Church Hall.
Additional monies have been earmarked to resurface the school yard/parking lot.
Greetings from Sister Louise
           who conducted the Parish Mission.                      Saint Anselm All Star
        “Like the Gospel story we reflected on at
                                                                      Mary Young
the Parish Mission, I returned to my ‘Jerusalem’
                                                                  According to the song “Home for the
a different person. Like you, I encountered               Holidays”, there is no place like home for the
Jesus in the Word and at the table. I returned to         holidays. This is certainly true of many of our college
Buffalo renewed and on fire. The Word of God              students and family members that have moved away
continues to burn within me as I reflect on the           from the area. Home is St. Anselm Parish and they
goodness of al those who attended the Parish              return to their roots. Today’s All Star, Mary Young,
Mission, the impact of the rituals and the                is among those celebrating with her family.
abundance of God’s grace. I will continue to                      Mary grew up in Parkwood and attended St.
pray for all of you as we journey as companions           Anselm School from 1994 to 2002. Then she
with the Lord.                                            graduated from Archbishop Ryan in 2006 and
        PS:      I put my ruby slipper in a               attended Fordham University where she intended to
                                                          lay a foundation for a career in law. However, she
prominent place as a reminder that God dwells
                                                          became extremely interested in her Theology classes
in the home of our hearts.”                               and, in senior year, applied for a graduate degree in
                          Sister Louise Alff, OSF         Theology which she is now pursuing at Notre Dame
                                                          University. Mary will graduate in May, 2012 with
For those who asked for Sister’s address it is:           aspirations of attaining her PhD in Theology, so that
Sister Louis Alff, OSF                                    eventually she will be able to teach at the university
201 Reist Street                                          level.
Williamsville, NY 14221                                           While Mary was a student here, she was very
                                                          involved in musical activities.       She played the
Advent Wreath Prayer – Week I                             trombone in the school band, was a choir member,
     The use of the Advent wreath is a custom in          and in eighth grade represented St. Anselm School in
many Christian homes. Through daily prayer at             the All Catholic Jazz and Concert Bands. In sixth
                                                          grade, Mary began playing for the Christmas
the supper table around the Advent wreaths,               Midnight Mass and the Easter Vigil along with her
families can focus their attention and hearts on          brother and sisters which they have all continued to
the Lord’s coming.                                        do. In addition, Mary has been an altar server, a
                                                          junior sacristan and lector.
              Week I Prayer                                       Mary’s fond memories include Sister
Leader: The Lord be with you                              Seraphine taking a few students to Immaculata
All:    And with your spirit.                             where she heard for the first time praise and worship
                                                          music and participating in the Theology Bowl at St.
Leader: As we bring fire to this wick, making it          Jerome School.
glow with light, may we also bring the fire of love               The person who was and still is the biggest
to this time of prayer.                                   influence on Mary is Diane Leonetti. Diane taught
                                                          her the lessons of dedication and hard work. Mary
                                                          feels that Diane’s service to Church and education
Loving God,                                               are admirable.
our hearts desire the warmth of your love                         To Mary, being a member of St. Anselm
and our minds are searching                               Parish means belonging to the place where her faith
for the light of your word                                life was started and nourished, where her family lives
to dispel the darkness that touches our lives.            and where most of the people who have known her
Increase our longing for Christ our Savior                since childhood reside, and belonging to a parish that
that the dawn of his coming                               has dutifully carried out its most important mission
will find us rejoicing in his presence                    for as long as she can remember. Coming home and
and welcoming the light of his truth.                     attending mass at St. Anselm keeps her in touch with
                                                          the real work of the Church and in touch with the
                                                          very roots of her faith.
We ask this in the name of Jesus the Lord.                        To Mary, all our college students, and family
Amen.                                                     members, we say, “Welcome home.
             50th Anniversary – Saint Anselm Church
                                    1962 – 2012

                                   Upcoming Event

                                 Live Nativity

                          Sunday, December 18th
                               5:00 – 7:00 PM
                 Front Lawn – Saint Anselm School

     Many people remember the Live Nativity Tableaus that were a tradition here
at Saint Anselm Parish. In the “old days”, there was a novena (9 days) of Live
Nativity Tableaus which were staged in front of the Church with live animals and
with our school children assuming the role of Mary, Joseph, the Shepherds, the
Kings, and Angels.

      In Memory of the Live Nativity Tableaus of the past + in celebration of our
50th Anniversary year, the Live Nativity will return (for 1 Night only) as part of
our Jubilee Year celebration.

      7th Grade students in Saint Anselm School will fill the role of the Characters
in the Nativity. Live animals will be part of the Tableau.

      Caroling, Hot Chocolate, Cookies will add their magic touch. The only thing
else that is needed is you.

     Reserve the date: Sunday, December 18th 5:00 – 7:00 PM. There will be
three 40 minute tableau scenes: 5:00 – 5:40 PM; 5:40 – 6:20 PM; 6:20 – 7:00 PM.
                                      Archdiocese of Philadelphia
                                  “In Depth Evaluation of Parish Life”
       Presently, within the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, a Blue Ribbon Commission is conducting a study of the
Catholic Schools, both elementary and secondary in the Archdiocese. Their report and recommendations is
expected in January.

        Presently, every Parish in the Archdiocese has been called to do an in-depth evaluation. Cardinal Rigali
called for this evaluation in his Pastoral Letter Called to Conversion and Holiness. Archbishop Chaput has directed
that every Parish go forward with its “In-Depth Evaluation.”

       In the Pastoral Letter, we read:

                 We are blessed in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia by the vibrancy of so many
                 parish communities, by the fidelity of our priests, the service of our deacons, the
                 contribution of our religious, and the active participation of our laity. This vibrancy
                 demands that we continue to be proactive in guaranteeing that our parishes
                 continue to have what is needed to accomplish their role in the mission of Christ. To
                 do so requires that we examine the demographics of our parishes in the light of the
                 number of priests available to serve our communities, in light of the migration of
                 our people, and in light of our financial resources to maintain and support our

                 Such an examination is itself a “moment of great hope” for each parish community.
                 It serves as an opportunity to renew the commitment of the people to the priorities
                 of our Catholic faith and our archdiocesan family. It also calls forth the gifts of all
                 in the parish and presents an opportunity for collaboration appropriate to the state
                 of life of each person.

Work of The Pastoral Council
        Our Pastoral Council will be engaged in this evaluation during its meetings for the next seven months.
The process being used by the Archdiocese is a process that Saint Anselm Parish has been using since 2003. Our
Parish Assemblies and our Pastoral Plans (2005; 2009) used this process.

         The first area of Parish Life that we looked at during our October meeting was titled: “A Worshiping
Parish: Prayer and Sacramental Life.” In light of this first survey, the Council discerned that in the area of our
worship, prayer, and sacramental life, Saint Anselm Parish has many strengths. Presently, we need to make the
implementation of the new edition of The Roman Missal a priority and take the necessary steps to catechize and
familiarize all.

          The second area that we looked at was the survey on “A Welcoming and Caring Parish.” Saint Anselm
Parish is attentive to the care of the homebound, the bereaved, the separated and divorced, the troubled, the
elderly, etc. Efforts are made to visit people in their Homes through the annual Parish Visitation, Legion of Mary
visits, and other times by requests. Parishioners experience a spirit of community here so much so that
“Companions n the Journey” is the theme and logo for our 50th Anniversary. The development of a “Welcome
Kit” as called for in our 2009 Pastoral Plan remains a priority. Steps will be taken to make it happen.

         During the Pastoral Council Meeting on Thursday evening, the Council will discuss our evangelization
and catechetical efforts. We will discuss the offering and response to Faith Formation Programs for children (in
our school and CCD) and for Adults. How well do we evangelize, catechize, nurture faith? Where do we need to

         If you would like to join our discussion and discernment about this topic, please contact Father Dunleavy.

                 Mass Schedule                            Pray For Our Sick…
                                                          Dave Baldwin, son-in-law of Chris DiMezzo
                 Sunday, November 27
                                                          Martie Barr, wife of Jerry Barr
 8:00 AM         Peg Hoppel r/b Her Husband, Merlyn
                                                          Anne Black, wife of Bill Black
10:00 AM         The People of Saint Anselm Parish
                                                          Tom Cantrell, father of Todd & Jennifer Cantrell
12:00 PM         Martin Jacober r/b The Jacober Family
                                                          Margaret & Mark Citrino
 7:00 PM         The Intentions of the Priest
                                                          Baby Elyse Clements, daughter of Tom & Melissa Clements
                 Monday, November 28                      Lisa Costello, granddaughter of Peg Cohan
 6:30 AM         Elizabeth Curry r/b Don McGee            Bernice Crook
 8:30 AM         Francis X. Stewart r/b His Children      Raymond Cutuli, husband of Madeline Cutuli
                                                          Tony Decello, friend of The Gabryelski Family
                 Tuesday, November 29                     Dee Diamond, friend of Ann Grippo
 6:30 AM         Bill Mahoney r/b The Hughes Family       Thomas Dockery brother of Jack Dockery
 8:30 AM         Timothy Stokes                           Tim Ebert, son of Pat & Dan Ebert
                  r/b Heather & Danny Wright              Mary Everett, sister of Fr. Fitzgerald
                                                          George Fallon, husband of Dot Fallon
                Wednesday, November 30                    Rose Fricker, wife of Matthew Fricker
 6:30 AM         Mary McKeever r/b Don McGee              Charlie Gaffney, nephew of Peg Cohan
 8:30 AM         Timothy Stokes r/b Tim & Jenn McCusker   Jim Galen, husband of Pat Galen
                                                          Ed Goshow, husband of Marianna Goshow
                 Thursday, December 1                     Angelo Grippo, husband of Barbara Grippo
 6:30 AM         Bill Mahoney r/b Ed & Marie Hughes       Tim Hill, son of Kathy Hill
 8:30 AM         Marie Quinn-Hunt                         Jamie Henson, daughter of Larry & Trish O’Brien
                  r/b St. Anselm School Community         John Horton, husband of Chickie Horton
                                                          Mary & Jim Kelly, friends of Coleen Caputo
                                                          Don Kevny, friend of Frank McKeown
                   Friday, December 2
                                                          Molly Kumor, granddaughter of Theresa Kumor
 6:30 AM         Catherine Mueller r/b Kathleen Meehan
                                                          Robert Kumor, husband of Theresa Kumor
 8:30 AM         Albert Fitzgerald r/b Fr. Fitzgerald
                                                          Ed Lafferty, husband of Peg Lafferty
                                                          Theresa LeCloux, daughter of Marie & Martin LeCloux
                 Saturday, December 3                     Patti Lucas, friend of Terry Wilson
 8:00 AM         Nicky Rod r/b Tasha Falterbauer          Viola Marrara, mother of Phil, Gloria & Anita
 5:00 PM         Donald P. Austin r/b His Family          Brendan McCulligan, son of Maryann & Tom McCulligan
                                                          Jeanne McDonough, aunt of Ann Grippo
                  Sunday, December 4                      John McFadden, husband of Staci McFadden
 8:00 AM         Timothy Stokes r/b DiGregorio Family     McFadden Relatives & Friends
10:00 AM         The People of Saint Anselm Parish        Marie McKay, mother of Marie Kelly
12:00 PM         Deceased Member of                       Joan Menard, sister-in-law of Marlene McDermott
                  St. Anselm Memorial Society             Betty Metzger, mother of Joanne Callahan
 7:00 PM         The Intentions of the Priest             Anita Murphy, wife of Tom Murphy
                                                          David O’Brien, brother of Debbie, Jimmy & Shaun O’Brien
                                                          Charlie O’Connor, father of Patty McCarthy
                                                          Bonnie Oldham, sister of Mary Ellen Lowery
         Second Collection – December 4, 2011             Frieda Pirolli, husband of Tarquin Pirolli
                                                          Relatives of The Tarquin Pirolli Family
            Building and Grounds Collection               Betty Polisi, friend of Marlene McDermott
                                                          Winnie Prete, sister-in-law of Madeline Carney
                                                          Karena Selinsky, granddaughter of John & Virginia Selinsky
                                                          Virginia Selinsky, wife of John Selinsky
                                                          John Siemietkowski, brother of Theresa Kumor
                                                          Elizabeth Smith, sister of Bob Smith
                                                          Christine Sterling, niece of Stacy McFadden
                 Eucharistic Ministers                    Jane Tarde, mother of Matthew Tarde
                                                          Betty Beck Tirney, sister of Rita Vaxner
If you are able to assist at the Masses for the feast     Tina Wardell, friend of Angelo & Barbara Grippo
of the Immaculate Conception, please indicate
your availability on the sign-up sheet in the             Pray For Our Deceased…
Sacristy. Thank you.                                      Lisa Bird, daughter of Toni Bird
                                                          Chris Buck, son of Vivian & Fred Buck
             Weekly Schedule                             Vincentian Message…
             Sunday, November 27                         As we begin Advent, we are called to “Be watchful!
 9:00 AM     SCRIP Sales – Room B
                                                         Be alert!” as we stand in joyful anticipation for the
10:00 AM     Liturgy of the Word for Children (K-4)
12:00 PM     Liturgy of the Word for Children (K-4)      grace of Christmas to once again bless our lives.
 1:00 PM     Pre-Jordan – Spirituality Center
 5:00 PM     AA Meeting – Room B                         Your gift in the St. Vincent DePaul Poor Box will
                                                         help the pour to celebrate the grace of God’s love this
             Monday, November 28                         Christmas.
 9:00 AM     Exposition of the Most Blessed Sacrament
 3:00 PM     Divine Mercy Chaplet
 6:30 PM     Rosary & Benediction – Chapel
 6:30 PM     AA Meeting – Room B
 7:00 PM     Legion of Mary Mtg. – Spirituality Ctr.                  Christmas Giving Tree
 7:00 PM     Cub Scouts’ Mtg. – Parish Hall
  7:00 PM    History Cmte Mtg Parish Center              We invite all the families of the parish to think of the
                                                         poor at Christmas. Our Parish Family Christmas
             Tuesday, November 29                        Tree is a special way to brighten someone’s
 9:15 AM     SCRIP Sales – Room B                        Christmas. Choose one of the Tree Ornaments, which
 6:45 PM     CCD Classes                                 will indicate gender, age and size for a gift to be
 8:15 PM     CCD Faculty Mtg. – CCD Office               purchased. When you wrap your gift, please secure
 7:00 PM     AA Meeting – Room B                         the ornament to the outside of the package. Place the
                                                         gift under the tree by 2:00 PM December 18th. All
            Wednesday, November 30                       gifts will be distributed by the St. Vincent DePaul
 6:00 PM     AA Meeting – Room B
                                                         Society in the name of St. Anselm Parish. Thank you
 7:00 PM     Parkwood Civic Assoc. Mtg. – Parish Hall
 7:15 PM     AA Meeting – Room B                         for your generosity and thoughtfulness.

             Thursday, December 1                        HOLIDAY         DONATIONS:             In the past,
 8:30 AM     Mass w/school children Grades 1-4           parishioners have generously made special donations
12:00 PM     Senior Citizens’ Gen. Mtg. – OLV
                                                         at this holiday time to the St. Vincent DePaul Society.
 7:00 PM     Choir Practice – Music Room
 7:00 PM     Boy Scouts’ Mtg. – Parish Hall              The Society gratefully accepts all monetary donations
 7:00 PM     Pastoral Council Mtg. – Spirituality Ctr.   for the support of the less fortunate during this
                                                         holiday season. Donations may be placed in the poor
              Friday, December 2                         boxes or in an envelope marked “Holiday Outreach”
 6:30 PM     AA Meeting – Room B                         and placed in the Sunday collection baskets. They
             Saturday, December 3                        may also be brought to the Parish Center.
 8:30 AM     Breaking Open the Word
             …Spirituality Center
12:00 PM     AA Meeting – Room B
 4:30 PM     SCRIP Sales – Room B
 7:00 PM     CYO Winter Dance – Parish Hall                              AID FOR FRIENDS
                                                         Following the example of Mother Teresa, it will
                    Baptisms                             enable us, as a Parish, to continue its work of
                                                         “Reaching Out” to those forgotten “next door
                November 20, 2011                        neighbors”. And, like Mother Teresa, it enables us as
    Kane Vincent, son of Kevin & Michele Dwyer           a Parish to show our love toward the seemingly
Aubrey Marie, daughter of Bryan & Michelle Gwilliam      unlovable, the poorest of the poor.
 Chase Jonathan, son of Bryan & Michele Gwilliam
   Tyler Joseph, son of Bryan & Michele Gwilliam         Can you help replenish our meals by occasionally
                                                         preparing a little extra? We are low on meals and
                                                         need your support. Containers for meals may be
                                                         picked up in the SCRIP Office next to the freezer.
              Pre-Jordan Class
                                                         When you fill the container, please return it to the
   Today, Sunday, November 20th @ 1:00 PM                freezer. God bless you for your kindness.
        The next class is scheduled for
              January 22, 2012                           #7-016
Traveling with Father David…                                          Marriage Help
              HERSHEY PARK                           Retrouvaille is a Catholic based program to help
              December 3, 2011                       marriages that are stressed or in trouble.
Departure – St. Anselm Schoolyard @ 8:30 AM          Retrouvaille has helped countless married
         (Please park near the gym)                  couples in all stages of disillusionment or misery
                                                     in their marriage. Retrouvaille can help your
                                                     marriage too. The next program will be held at
                LANCASTER                            St. Joseph in the Hills Malvern Retreat Center
                March 24, 2012                       on February 10-12, 2012.            All calls are
Depart St. Anselm @ 11:00 AM, visit Mount            confidential. For more information, call 1-800-
Hope Winery and Bird-in-Hand Farmer’s                470-2230     or    visit    the    web    site  at
Market for shopping and lunch. If desired, you
may also brown bag your lunch. Then, on to
Sight and Sound Theatre for the 4:15 PM Jonah
Show, followed by dinner at Good and Plenty at
7:15 PM. Return home approximately 11:00
PM. The cost is $115.00. For reservations, call
Joanne, 215-637-3525.                                        Annulments – Information Night
                                                            There will be an information night about
                                                     annulments on Tuesday evening, November 29th
                                                     at 7:00 PM at Saint Charles Borromeo School
                                                     Auditorium, Bensalem. An annulment is the
Archbishop Ryan Alumni Association hosts…            Church’s way of saying that “two never became
                                                     one” that something blocked/prevented a marital
              Ladies Night/Craft Fair                union from being formed. Misunderstanding
           Archbishop Ryan High School               and myths about the annulment process abound.
         December 2, 2011 – 7:00 – 10:00 PM          All are welcome.
                  North Cafeteria
              Join us for a fun night!
There are plenty of vendors for shopping, a bake
sale, raffles and food may be purchased. Admission
is free! This event is sponsored by the Ragdoll
Cheerleading Association.                                     Worldwide Marriage Encounter
                                                                  January 27 – 29, 2012
                                                                   Call 1-800-456-8330

        “A Christmas Carol, The Musical”
         December 9th & 10th @ 7:30 PM
            December 11th @ 1:00 PM
  Ticket Prices: Adults-$10.00; Seniors-$8.00;                 Nick Milillo – MEI Catering
             Children under 13-$8.00                        …for your donation of 12 dozen rolls
 This is a wonderful holiday treat. Tickets may      which were distributed to everyone who attended
            be purchased at the door!                our 9:00 AM Mass on Thanksgiving, along with
                                                     a special Thanksgiving Prayer. We are grateful
                                                     for your continued consideration and support!

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