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									                               AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR
                           CLINICAL LABORATORY SCIENCE

Report to: ASCLS House of Delegates
Report of: First Year Professional Director
Submitted for: 2012 ASCLS Annual Meeting
Prepared by: Jordan Rapp, First Year Professional Director
Date: 6/8/12

   -   Responded to electronic votes from ASCLS
   -   Attended Annual Meeting Steering Committee Meeting, September 9-10, 2011 and
       fulfilled responsibilities as committee member
   -   Attended New Professionals Conference Call, September 21, 2011
   -   Submitted article for November/December 2011 issue of ASCLS Today
   -   Corresponded with Regional New Professional Representatives
            o Provided instructions for accessing MLS/MLT Program Director information from
                 naacls.org. Set goal with Regional New Professional Representatives to have
                 each state representative to contact the program directors in their states about
                 forwarding ASCLS/constituent society information along to recent graduates by
                 November 30, 2011. Reports to be submitted by Regional New Professional
                 Representatives concerning participation and response from program directors
                 by December 31, 2011.
   -   Solicited article for February 2012 issue of ASCLS Today
   -   Corresponded with Regional New Professional Representatives
            o Reports received from Region I and Region VIII. In both regions the response
                 has been very positive from Program Directors. They seem to be very willing to
                 share ASCLS information with both young alumni and current students.
   -   Attended Region III Spring Council Meeting in Birmingham, AL February 26, 2012
   -   Attended ASCLS Planning Day, Interim Board of Directors Meeting, and Legislative
       Symposium in Washington, D.C. March 17-20, 2012
   -   Worked with the Social Networking Task Force to solicit and post blog posts from
       members to ASCLS Connection
   -   Served on the Beckman Coulter Student Travel Grant Selection Committee

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