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									              Military on Campus
                    Developing a Culture of
                   Appreciation and Support

Joan Putnam, Veterans Coordinator

Nathaniel Donnelly, Assistant Veterans Coordinator

San Diego State University
     Military in San Diego
• Marine Corps Air Station Miramar
• Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton
• Marine Corps Recruit Depot
• Naval Air Station North Island
• Naval Amphibious Base Coronado
• Naval Medical Center San Diego
• Naval Station San Diego
• Naval Submarine Base Point Loma
        Economic Impact

• The military contributes more than $13 billion
  annually to the regional economy

• More than 260,000 veterans reside in the

• Approximately 27,400 active duty military will
  be mustered out in California this year;
  approximately 283,000 nationwide
San Diego State University

• 35,800 enrolled students

• More than 62,000 applications for 7,600
  undergraduate spaces for fall 2008
  – Ranked second in the nation for number of
 Military at San Diego State

• 839 veterans

• 134 active duty military

• 146 dependents of
  veterans receiving
        Military Students

• Bring real diversity to the campus
  – Have seen the world
  – Do not always think alike
  – Challenge and contribute to the intellectual
    vitality of the campus
• Are more mature and focused
        Military Students

• Have strong leadership skills

• Will become leaders and persons of influence
  in society

• Are responsible citizens

• Know how to manage their time

• Many are the first in their family to go to
       Academic Success

• Low dropout rate for first-time freshmen
  – 7.5 points less than that of overall student body

• High cumulative GPA for first-time freshmen
  – .21 points higher than that of overall student body
       Academic Programs

• Five most popular majors:
   – Business Administration
   – Criminal Justice
   – Electrical Engineering
   – Physical Education/Kinesiology
   – Psychology
• International Studies and Conflict Resolution

• Public Affairs Officers Program

• Language programs in Arabic, Persian, Russian,
  and Chinese
       Special Programs

• Beginning in March 2009: Professional
  Science master’s and graduate level
  certificate programs
  – Joint effort between SDSU, CSU San Marcos and
    Military Education Services Officers from
    Southern California

• Special Admission Program for Active Duty
  and Veterans
Troops to College Working Group

 • Alumni Association     • Division of Undergraduate
 • Associated Students
                          • Enrollment Services
 • Cashiers Office
                          • Financial Aid and
 • College of Extended      Scholarships
                          • Student Disability Services
 • Counseling and
   Psychological Services • Student Veteran
 • Department of Military
   Science                • Veterans Center
Reserve Officer Training Corps

• Air Force ROTC
  – 115 cadets
  – Program for Army, Reserve and National Guard

• Army ROTC
  – 1,145 cadets from eight local schools, mostly
    from SDSU

• Naval ROTC
  – 100 students
  – Includes 60 active duty and 40 Midshipmen
SDSU Veterans Center

              • Opened July 2008
Veterans Center Highlights

• One-unit transition course taught in fall 2008

• Discount to attend New Student Orientation

• Priority registration – SB 272

• $1,000 academic scholarships

• $250 book scholarships

• Funding from Wal-Mart Foundation and
  various SDSU alumni
   Veterans Center Goals

• Veteran Living Community in Residence Halls
  – Including apartment-style housing

• Veteran Needs Survey

• Veteran Student Reception

• Deferred Intent to Enroll Fee
SDSU Veterans Web site
Student Veteran Organization

          • Founded November 2006 with
            a group of 5 student veterans
          • Inaugural Event held March
            2007 with 70+ attendees
          • CDVA Secretary Tom Johnson
            and Congressman Bob Filner
            were in attendance 1st
            anniversary dinner
        SVO Benefits

• Creates a network of students and
  successful alumni to provide both
  professional and personal development
         SVO Benefits

• Provides a fellowship of persons with
  similar experiences
        SVO Benefits

• Members can meet, share information, plan
  activities, and foster the camaraderie they
  were accustomed to while in the service
SVO Highlights

         • Celebrated second
           anniversary in December

         • Fund raising golf
           tournament on April 3rd

         • Homecoming community
           service project with
           Naval Medical Center
           San Diego
SVO Web site
Student Veterans of America

 • Founded in January 2008
 • Modeled after SDSU Student Veteran
 • Instrumental in gathering support of 21st
   Century G.I. Bill by mobilizing students to
   write to the U.S. Senate
   and Congress
    SDSU War Memorial

• Memories of fallen
  SDSU students are
  honored at an annual
  wreath-laying ceremony
SDSU Veterans in the News

• Colleges Eagerly Welcome War Veterans
  MSNBC (August 27, 2007)

• Back to School, Vets on Campus
  Fox News (April 8, 2008)

• Ex-Marine Rebuilds Life After Brush
  with Death
  Los Angeles Times (November 2, 2008)
Student Resources

Student Veterans of America

 Troops to College Program

   CSU Veterans Initiative

“The willingness with which our young people
  are likely to serve in any war, no matter how
  justified, shall be directly proportional to how
  they perceive veterans of earlier wars were
  treated and appreciated by their nation.”

                            - George Washington
      SDSU Veterans Center
         Joan Putnam
             Veterans Coordinator

        Nathaniel Donnelly
         Assistant Veterans Coordinator

         (619) 594-5813

SDSU Student Veteran Organization
          Peter Salas
                SVO President

          (619) 594-5813

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