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									                          Careers in Psychology
There are literally hundreds, maybe even thousands, of jobs within the field of Psychology
and new ones are being created every day
How do you figure out which careers you might like to try? It takes some thought, creativity,
and research. In the following exercise you will have the opportunity to learn about yourself
and careers found within the psychology field.
Begin by reading through the components of the WebQuest to see what will be required.

The Task:
 You are to look at the web sites below and research a career in psychology to present to your
class-mates. Some questions you will need to answer for the class are:
         What do you do in this job?
         Is this job primarily concerned with research in psychology, applied psychology, or
         What is a typical day like?
         What skills are necessary?
         What training and/or education are required?
         What kinds of job opportunities exist?
         What is the employment outlook? Is the field growing or contracting?
         What is the average salary? How much can you expect to earn to start? In the
         Describe the work conditions (indoor/outdoor, travel required, work with people
          or machines, etc.)

   Present your findings to the class. This is to be done as an oral presentation to the class.
   You may utilize power point, create posters or other media if you choose, but this is
   not required.

You (and a partner if you want-only ONE) will present your
career to the class on ___________________
The Resources:
              There are many sites out there; here are a few to get you started...
                                                    Careers in Psychology
   Career Zone

   U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor
       Statistics --Occupational Outlook        Psychology Careers for the 21st Century

   Career Job Titles Related to a Psychology
      Major                                         O*net

   Careers in Psychology and Mental Health          What Can I Do With A Major In...?

                                                    Career One Stop
   Career Interests                       

   Career Toolbox                                   College Board  
      uizzes.html                                      ajors_careers/profiles/

                           Good Luck on your Quest!

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