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                                                                                     March 12, 2009

                  Budget Cuts Protect Core Offerings and Student Services

       OREGON CITY – Clackamas Community College leaders announced on Thursday

budget reductions for the fiscal year beginning on July 1. The cuts, which will eliminate 20

positions at the college, protect core curriculum offerings and key student services.

       With declining revenues, community colleges, along with every service that depends on

state funding, are facing steep budget shortfalls. Less than a year ago, the state’s community

colleges anticipated state funding of about $550 million. Today, after months of continued

economic decline, the community colleges funding level appears to be in the vicinity of $430

million. At that level, CCC faces a $13.2 million shortfall over the biennium.

       College administration, along with the representatives from the college’s three employee

associations, has been working for months to craft a budget that will provide staffing for the

college to meet its mission of providing lower-division collegiate classes, career and technical

education, basic skills programs, workforce services and appropriate student support.

       Employee associations, including the full-time faculty, classified support staff and

managers, agreed to forego cost of living increases in the next year. That effort from employees

will save the college $1.2 million. The Board of Education set tuition at $72 a credit for the

coming school year, a level still among the lowest in the Portland metro area. Despite these

efforts, the difficult decision to eliminate staff positions was made.
        “Nothing is more difficult for me as college president than sharing with the college

community that 20 employee positions have been eliminated,” said President Joanne Truesdell.

“No one position in this college is more important or less important than another. The work that

all employees do is valuable.”

        The college also realized savings from freezing vacant positions and not filling those of

retiring staff.

        The positions eliminated came from divisions across the campus and included faculty,

support staff and management. The college has also restricted its use of part-time employees as a

cost-saving measure.

        “Clackamas staff from across the campus participated in this budget process,” said

Carlotta Collette, chairwoman of the CCC Board of Education. “Employees are willing to

sacrifice for the good of the college. That is a true testament to the strength of Clackamas

Community College.”

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