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					              … a hair – raising experience!!

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Zass!! Ramadhan project
                        Ramadhan project
Project                     Benefit                                                   Cost

1.Whole day activity with   1.Sponsored hair-cut/ shampoo workshop ( by Zass!! )      $2000/ home
charity homes               2.Buka puasa meals for all attendees ( including press)
                            3.Raya goodies
                            *this project must include the sponsor’s staff to help
                            spruce the charity homes
                            **catering service provided by a group of
                            disadvantaged .
2. Sell corp gift to corp   1. Raya cookies, handicraft, basket/ gift box made by     $80-$150/ gift
organizations, donors       disadvantaged, delivery service by the unemployed.        set
3. Sell dates ( kurma )     1.Packing, delivery, basket/ gift box done by             $ 10- $40 for
by the packet or gift set   disadvantaged.                                            simple packet
                                                                                      $ 50- $ 100 for
                                                                                      gift set
4.Distribution of doa       1. Free haircut/ styling                                  $5/ pax/ per day
booklet/ hari raya wish     2.Each customer gets a booklet of doa harian with your    (minimum 200
to the public               company name in the booklet (long lasting pahala for      pax/day)
                            as long as the booklet is being used)
                            The doa booklet assembly will be done by home-bound
          Ramadhan project- cont’d
Project                  Benefit                                                   Cost

5. Balik kampung drive   1.Free haircuts voucher ( haircuts can be redeemed at     $5/ pax/ per day
safely campaign          your designated time and area before balik kampung        (minimum 200 pax/
                         season ).                                                 day)
                         2.Safety booklet/ pamphlets/ handicraft handed out with
                         mini-packets of dates (kurma) ; we’ll employ OKU to
                         assemble and hand out these goodies
6.Hari Raya party for    1. Cleaning up a charity home before Raya ( we’ll         $2000/ home
charity homes            employ disadvantaged for the labor ).
                         2. Raya catering for the home ( for 2nd Raya onwards )
                         3. Raya goodies. (excluding Raya money packets)
                         We’ll send out the press release on your behalf. Press
                         release must be sent to us latest a week before Raya.
10 min video recording of the sponsored event into vcd @ $ 300/ event
Press release write-up service @ $200/ language
Paint, Raya money packets to be supplied by the sponsor

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