Course Inactivation Form 08 27 12 by 5Y5U7F0


									                                                                          CURRICULUM COMMITTEE
               College of the Redwoods
                                                                            Course Inactivation
Save file as course prefix number followed by Inactive. (e.g., ENGL153Inactive).
I. Routing Information: Where should this form be sent following review.
  Contact’s Name:                                                      Department:
  Contact’s email:
II. Effective Date
  Semester inactivation becomes effective: Click to Select                      Catalog year inactivation becomes
                                Or type date:                                   effective:
III. Course Information
  Prefix-Number (e.g.,        Course Title:
  How many times has          Is this course a prerequisite to another          Is this course a corequisite to another
  this course been            course: Yes       No                              course. Yes      No
  offered?                    If yes, list:                                     If yes, list:
  Is course a degree/certificate requirement?                Yes      No
                                                             If yes, submit program change form with this document.
  Does course meet a CR General Education core               Yes      No
  requirement?                                               Area: Click to Select
IV. Endorsements/Approvals: Complete form and obtain electronic signatures before submitting to the Senate
Curriculum Committee.
                                                     Department Review
                             Yes No Name/Date                                  Comments
Centers (if necessary—
if not, please explain)
Dean/Director                               Click to Select,
                                             MIS and Course Basic Data Review
                             Yes No Name/Date                                  Comments
Technical Review
VP Instruction
                                                 OFFICE OF INSTRUCTION USE ONLY
Curriculum Committee Approval:                  Academic Senate Approval:                  Board of Trustees Approval:
      Catalog: Initials     Date:                   Comments:
      Datatel: Initials     Date:                   Comments:
Degree Audit: Initials      Date:                   Comments:
        Save file as course prefix/number followed by Inactive (e.g., ENGL153Inactive). Email to

Curriculum Proposal: 08.27.12

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