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           Brand Oversight Strategy
AffiliateTraction has without question the most thorough and advanced brand
oversight available! AffiliateTraction monitors your brand in the affiliate channel
based on your policies and preferences. Brand oversight is an essential part of our
service which includes: search, content, email, domain and promotion code oversight.
AffiliateTraction’s proprietary, best-in-the-business software specializes in specific
aspects of brand oversight with each function having been tested for over 6 months
and directly compared to competitors’ offerings. The software’s findings are only as
good as the final analysis, however, and frequency in which it is done. Our brand
oversight team reviews data daily and is trained to understand findings, investigate
and respond. The team publishes findings in your dashboard, so you can see each
violation and make decisions based on all of the available information.

       d                              SEARCH OVERSIGHT: The Search Monitor service ensures that affiliates promoting your products
powBY                                 adhere to the rules and policies outlined in your program by searching for, identifying, and reporting
                                      any violations. Specific areas targeted for violation searches include: URL Hijacks, PPC Bidding,
                                      Search Engine Rank, Ad Copy, Landing Pages, etc. Violation instances are brought to your attention
                                      via detailed reports that include all violation information such as dates, times, keywords, copy, landing
After multiple side-by-side tests
we chose The Search Monitor to        page and any accompanying screen shots for accurate record keeping. Reports are run daily and
power our search oversight. The       delivered via automated email to ensure consistent compliance.
Search Monitor offered a more
in depth and larger spectrum
analysis than other services          The Service: As with most software, search oversight software is useless without a competent driver.
                                      AffiliateTraction has invested in extensive training in order to provide the best possible oversight.
FREQUENCY                             Our testimonials, case studies and clients are evidence of our expertise. We diligently check Search
Other firms claim Search
oversight, but how often?
                                      Monitor every day to guarantee that all PPC violators are identified in all the major engines to ensure
AffiliateTraction does search         that all existing affiliates remain in compliance with the terms set forth in each client’s program
oversight everyday.                   terms and conditions.

CONTENT OVERSIGHT: The AdComply service specifically seeks out your advertisements by                                       d
monitoring your domain and then finding ads, links, or redirects sending traffic to that domain.                     powBY

AdComply follows the path from the original advertisement to the final landing page, and takes
screenshots along the way. AdComply can then identify violations by reviewing ad placement, ad copy,
                                                                                                                     WHY ADCOMPLY?
and surrounding webpage content. This review process is consistently run on top tier search engines,
                                                                                                                     After multiple side-by-side
social sites, and a wide array of adult, illegal and frequently visited sites. In addition, you are capable          tests, we chose AdComply to
of customizing the system to address unwanted keywords, negative terms, expired coupon codes,                        power our content oversight.
                                                                                                                     AdComply worked with us
and spyware/malware searches. Reports are built around providing screenshot evidence available for                   to develop software built for
viewing in a customizable dashboard.                                                                                 affiliate marketing. After over a
                                                                                                                     year of development, AdComply
The Service: AffiliateTraction is the first agency to offer content oversight, and still the only of its kind        has created the best content
                                                                                                                     oversight software available.
to offer this important part of brand oversight. We have a tool that crawls each publisher’s website for
inappropriate (violence, adult, etc) content. We not only know where our client campaigns are visible,               FREQUENCY
but also control what kind of sites our clients are seen on to guard brand reputation against negative               We have not seen any other
                                                                                                                     firms offering content oversight.
associations.                                                                                                        However, AffiliateTraction does
                                                                                                                     it everyday.

                                         Provider        Standard Rate         Agency Rate        Savings

  Search Oversight                  The Search Monitor       $500+                 Waived         $500+

  Content Oversight                     AdComply            $1,000+                Waived        $1,000+

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        d                          DOMAIN OVERSIGHT: CitizenHawk plays a critical role in defending your brand and reputation online
 powBY                             by identifying the exploitation of your online presence including: typosquatters, domainsquatters,
                                   PPC violators, and phishing/pharming attacks that are diverting your traffic and advertisement
  After our due diligence we
  selected CitizenHawk to          The services also include Compliance Monitoring which will play a valuable role in loss prevention
  power our domain oversight.      by ensuring compliance with any distribution policies. By continuously monitoring online classified
  CitizenHawk, offers an           sites (CraigsList, Kijiji, etc) and major auction sites (eBay, etc), any illegal distribution can be
  advanced solution to not
                                   identified including sales of pirated goods, gray-market distribution, and any illegal production and
  just locate Cyber Squatters
  but recover the domains          sale of counterfeit merchandise.
  on a performance basis.
  AffiliateTraction’s strategic    Lastly, CitizenHawk also focuses on your brand reputation by targeting negative customer posts,
  alliance with CitizenHawk
  offers merchants oversight
                                   unfavorable product reviews or news stories, comments from disgruntled employees or any other
  that includes domain value       negative terms associated with your brand by bringing them to your attention to determine how to
  and recovery terms.              respond.
                                   The Service: AffiliateTraction is the first agency to offer domain oversight, and still the only one of
  AffiliateTraction does
  domain oversight monthly.        its kind to offer this important part of brand oversight.

EMAIL OVERSIGHT: LashBack’s Unsubscribe Blacklist (UBL) service is the world’s largest                                   d
unsubscribe intelligence database and allows your organization to identify and block the worst                    powBY

unsubscribe abusers before they begin representing your products or brands. LashBacks’s UBL
database covers four types of unsubscribe abusers: senders that fail to provide an unsubscribe
mechanism, senders that do not honor the unsubscribe requests, senders that allow their                            WHY LASHBACK?
unsubscribe list to be used by other parties (to send more spam), and senders that take suppression                LashBack is used by the FTC
                                                                                                                   for SPAM oversight.
lists (lists of email addresses that have been requested to unsubscribe) from other organizations
and use for email blasts. All IP addresses logged in this list are continuously monitored and the                  FREQUENCY
database is updated hourly.                                                                                        We have not seen any
                                                                                                                   other firm offering email
                                                                                                                   oversight. However,
The Service: AffiliateTraction is the first agency to offer Email oversight, and still the only of its kind
                                                                                                                   AffiliateTraction does email
to offer this important part of brand oversight. We use LashBack to monitor email activity by all                  oversight daily.
affiliates to ensure they remain in compliance with the tenets set forth in the U.S. Can-Spam Act.

        d                          PROMO CODE SUPPRESSION: AffiliateTraction has developed its own software as a safety-net. If
 powBY                             content oversight does not stop transactions with black listed codes, the Promo-Code Suppression
                                   tool does. When these codes are used, the consumer is allowed to continue without interruption;
                                   the transaction is tracked as a “suppressed” transaction. However, neither the network nor the
                                   affiliate are compensated. The system provides detailed reports on what percentage of transactions
  Blacklisted promotion codes
                                   used promo codes, what percent of transactions used restricted promo codes, the dollar value, and
  are suppressed in real time.
                                   includes graphing tools to evaluate for hidden opportunities.

                                   The Service: This software ensures that client specified promotion codes are hidden and protected.
                                   Our software blocks specific promotion codes for our clients to ensure they do not pay commissions
                                   on transactions using discounts unintended for affiliate referred sales.

                                                                      Provider         Standard Rate          Agency Rate          Savings

                                    Domain Oversight                 AdComply              $1,200               Waived              $1,200

                                    Email Oversight                   Lashback             $3,000               Waived              $3,000

                                    Promo Code Suppression        AffiliateTraction          Exclusively provided by AffiliateTraction

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        d                             EMAIL SUPPRESSION: OPTIZMO provides an automated system to manage email suppression lists
 powBY                                (lists of email addresses that have been requested to unsubscribe) ensuring CAN-SPAM compliance
                                      by tracking all opt-out requests and ensuring they are honored in all mailings regardless if the
                                      mailings are via third party mailing list, current company opt-in list, or any list in which a customer
                                      can possibly receive unwanted email. The easy-to-use interface allows clients full visibility of
  As a partner of Lashback,
  Optizmo was the best                combined suppression lists and provides complete control on how suppression lists are being used.
  choice for offering an email        The OPTIZMO system also provides full control on how mailers access suppression lists by offering
  suppression solution. The           a plain text or MD5 version.
  software offers the ability
  for opt-out scrubbing
  without disclosing the lists        Functionality includes the ability to manage which 3rd party advertisers, publishers, or affiliates
  and comes with the highest          can upload/download suppression lists. Also, advanced analytics allow complete visibility into the
  level of security available.        evolution of a suppression list including how many uploads/downloads, who uploaded/downloaded,
                                      and when the uploads/downloads took place.
  Email suppression is
  available for networks              The Service: AffiliateTraction is the first agency to offer email suppression at no added cost and still
  and publishers 24/hours             the only agency of its kind to offer this important part of brand oversight.
  a day through an interface
  supplied by AffiliateTraction.

SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT OVERSIGHT: Your affiliate program, reputation, brand, and policies are                          ere
all open to discussion in social media – this is where your customers are. Making certain that
restricted promotion codes are found and your brand is protected and monitored is of the utmost
importance to AffiliateTraction.
                                                                                                                   We have not seen any other
The Service: AffiliateTraction is the first agency to offer social media content oversight, and still the          firm offering social media
only of its kind to offer this important part of brand oversight. Our brand oversight team manages                 content oversight. However,
                                                                                                                   AffiliateTraction does it every
the results that arise.                                                                                            day.

        d                             Link Verification: The Link Verification Tool not only monitors your affiliate channel links to make
                                      certain all destination URLs are correct and not pointing to missing pages, our proprietary Link
                                      Verification Tool dynamically updates the link to redirect to your homepage and notifies you that
                                      a broken link has been identified, the error type (301, 404 etc) and shows the broken links to be
                                      corrected in your universal dashboard.
  Links are verified in real

                                                                          Provider        Standard Rate       Agency Rate              Savings

                                       Email Suppression                  Optizmo              $500             Waived                   $500

                                       Social Media Content
                                                                          AdCompy               Exclusively provided by AffiliateTraction

                                       Link Verification              AffiliateTraction         Exclusively provided by AffiliateTraction

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