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Managing corporate

                                                                                   our values
.#3'2%554#"0")&',-)$)'%4$'%/)$.0"%#&'.$)'*%2.0)38'9-$%4:-'                         Putting people first
$)&/%#&"(*)'5"#"#:7',)'()*")+)',)'2.#':)#)$.0)'&4&0."#.(*)'                        Outstanding corporate citizenship
+.*4)'"#'%4$'-%&0'2%4#0$")&'.#3'-%&0'2%554#"0")&8'                                 High performance culture
                                                                                   Rigorous financial discipline
Corporate responsibility is integral     Corporate responsibility is explicit
to our business strategy not only        in Kinross’ core purpose: To lead
because it is the right thing to do,     the world in generating value
but also because it is good for          through responsible mining. It is the
business. Preserving and extending       focus of one of our four values –
our commitment to responsible            “Outstanding corporate citizenship”
mining directly impacts our business     – and is a key component of another,
in critical areas – in maintaining       “Putting people first.” Our Ten
our social licence to operate with       Guiding Principles for Corporate
host communities, in accessing           Responsibility provide a set of clear
and permitting new deposits with         non-negotiable standards that define
host governments, and in attracting      our relationships with employees,
investment from an equity market         partners and the communities
increasingly sensitive to risk factors   affected by our operations.
associated with environmental and
social performance.

                                                      MOHAMED, Project Engineer,

                                                              MANAGING CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY                        10


1. We put people first and our            5. We consider all aspects of            9. We provide lasting benefits to the
   number one priority is the safety        an operation or new project –            communities where we work by
   of every employee.                       including social, environmental,         supporting sustainable initiatives to
                                            and post-closure issues – when           develop their social, economic and
2. We maintain the highest standards
                                            making our investment decisions.         institutional fabric. We recognize
   of corporate governance, ethics
                                                                                     that every community is unique,
   and honesty in all of our dealings,   6. We conduct all of our activities
                                                                                     and we work with our community
   and operate in compliance with           in accordance with accepted
                                                                                     partners to ensure that our
   the law, wherever we work.               standards in the protection and
                                                                                     support matches their priorities.
                                            promotion of human rights. We
3. We promote an ongoing
                                            respect the cultural and historical   10. We maintain an active
   dialogue and engagement with
                                            perspectives and rights of those         engagement and dialogue
   stakeholders in the communities
                                            affected by our operations, in           with our global industry peers,
   where we operate, maintained
                                            particular indigenous peoples.           associations, governments and
   in a spirit of transparency and
                                                                                     civil society on CSR best practices
   good faith.                           7. We provide a rewarding and
                                                                                     and evolving global standards.
                                            meaningful livelihood to our
4. We exercise utmost vigilance
                                            employees and strive to be an
   in protecting the environment
                                            employer of choice.
   and seek ways to minimize our
   environmental footprint wherever      8. We seek to maximize
   we operate. We will always meet          employment, business and
   and, where possible, exceed              economic opportunities for local
   regulatory requirements in our           communities from our existing
   environmental performance.               operations and new projects.

                                                               MANAGING CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY                         11



In this way, we have established a        We became a supporter of the            We implemented a comprehensive
systematic and structured approach        EITI, a coalition of governments,       Human Rights Adherence and
to managing and measuring                 companies, civil society groups,        Verification Program that aligns
corporate responsibility performance      investors and international             our Company with the objectives
across the Company.                       organizations that supports             of the Voluntary Principles on
                                          improved governance in resource-        Security and Human Rights.
That overarching strategic framework
                                          rich countries through the
for corporate responsibility has been                                             We developed Supplier Standards
                                          verification and full publication
a vital component in the successful                                               of Conduct articulating Kinross’
                                          of company payments and
integration into Kinross of our new                                               expectations for supplier conduct
                                          government revenues from oil,
West African assets – Tasiast in                                                  regarding the environment, labour,
                                          gas and mining. All extractive
Mauritania and Chirano in Ghana –                                                 human rights and anti-corruption.
                                          companies operating in EITI-
following the acquisition of Red Back
                                          implementing countries are              We updated our guidelines
Mining Inc. in 2010.
                                          required to disclose payments           respecting the Company’s
In 2010 and 2011, we realized             made to host governments.               relations with indigenous peoples.
several accomplishments which             Mauritania and Ghana, where
                                                                                  We produced and distributed
advanced our strategy.                    Kinross operates its Tasiast and
                                                                                  “Responsible Mining and You”,
                                          Chirano mines respectively, have
   We implemented SRPs as a                                                       a reference guide that engages
                                          implemented the EITI.
   Company-wide stakeholder                                                       our employees in the on-the-
   engagement standard designed           Early in 2012, we became a              ground implementation of
   to build increasingly meaningful       member of the Devonshire                our Guiding Principles for
   and productive relationships           Initiative, a forum for international   Corporate Responsibility.
   with all of our stakeholders in        development NGOs and mining
   host communities.                      companies to come together in
                                          response to the emerging social
   We became a signatory to the
                                          agenda surrounding mining and
   UN Global Compact, underscoring
                                          community development issues.
   our commitment to engage in the
   global dialogue on best practices in
   the areas of human rights, labour,
   environment and anti-corruption.

                                                              MANAGING CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY                      12


Our Ten Guiding Principles for           employees and contractors and            expectations for ethical behaviour
Corporate Responsibility underscore      applies to all Kinross operations and    and compliance, and risks of non-
Kinross’ commitment to the highest       to Kinross operated joint ventures.      compliance with the Code. The
standards of ethics and honesty:         Our Whistleblower Policy provides        education presentation and protocol
“We maintain the highest standards       employees and non-employees with         is designed to strengthen employee
of corporate governance, ethics and      a mechanism to confidentially report      understanding and awareness of these
honesty in all of our dealings, and      any concerns regarding accounting,       issues, and reinforce implementation
operate in compliance with the law       auditing matters or concerns related     of measures to prevent corrupt
wherever we work.”                       to the Code such as corruption and       activities across Kinross operations.
                                         bribery. All employees are required to   The protocol is being rolled out across
The Kinross Code of Business
                                         sign the Code and the Whistleblower      Kinross in 2012.
Conduct and Ethics (Code) addresses
                                         Policy upon hiring, and required to
workplace policies, environment,                                                  Although not an area of strategic
                                         sign off on the Code annually. To read
health and safety issues, third-party                                             focus, donations to political parties
                                         the Code, visit
relationships, legal compliance,                                                  and politicians are made from
confidentiality issues and the use of                                              time to time in accordance with
Kinross assets. It strictly prohibits                                             Kinross’ Code of Business Conduct
corruption, including participation in   In addition to the Code of Business      and Ethics, Kinross’ Corporate
any bribes, kickbacks, or improper       Conduct and sign-off, we initiated the   Donations and Sponsorship Policy
inducements or payments to any           development of a Kinross education       and approved by the Executive
public official. The Code provides        presentation and protocol regarding      Vice-President, Corporate Affairs.
a framework for Kinross directors,       anti-corruption laws, company

                                                              MANAGING CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY                           13



Kinross has focused attention on         While we strive to design and manage       operations. These programs include
managing these issues by setting high    our operations to minimize our             predictive water balance models,
performance standards, allocating        environmental impact, some effect is       continuous improvement programs,
the necessary resources, assigning       inevitable due to the nature of mining.    and performance monitoring
responsibility and accountability for    Environmental programs, including          systems. Risks associated with water
their management, and routinely          routine inspections, monitoring,           quality, title to water rights, access
reviewing performance, improvement       independent assessments, and               to usage permits, impact on local
opportunities and risks.                 audits, are in place at each operation     communities and cost are evaluated
                                         to ensure that such impacts are            in water-sensitive regions. Corporate
The Kinross Enterprise Risk
                                         controlled, and risks are mitigated        management policy is to minimize our
Management program provides
                                         and limited to the unavoidable on-site     water use in water-stressed areas and,
a framework for identifying risk
                                         impacts allowed by permits. Beyond         in all cases, to not have a significant
across the Company’s operations
                                         that, Kinross conducts Engineered          impact on water supply or quality.
and development projects. The
                                         Risk Assessments (ERAs) on a               Maricunga, La Coipa and Tasiast are
Audit and Risk Committee of the
                                         periodic basis at each of its operations   all located in water-stressed regions.
Kinross Board of Directors reviews
                                         and development projects. The
the principal risks affecting Kinross’                                              Upon mine closure, Kinross
                                         ERA is a comprehensive review of
business on a quarterly basis. Each                                                 systematically reclaims land affected
                                         potential environmental risks that
of our sites has a risk champion                                                    by mining for productive post-
                                         could arise as the result of failures of
and, as a key element of each site’s                                                mining uses. Read more about our
                                         engineered systems, such as pumps,
strategic business management                                                       reclamation program in this report.
                                         pipelines, dams, and structures,
plan, site risks are reviewed and
                                         and helps identify areas where             Specific risk factors are outlined in
reported monthly and progress is
                                         system redundancies or other risk          the Company’s Annual Information
tracked. At every Kinross site and
                                         management measures are required.          Form available on our website. The
project, we also conduct annual risk
                                         We also conduct these ERAs during          Company’s submission to the Carbon
management workshops, which bring
                                         the mine design phase, to ensure that      Disclosure Project addresses the
together corporate and local leaders
                                         proper safeguards are built into the       question of potential risks related
to analyze and rank operational,
                                         projects from the beginning.               to climate change.
economic, political, environmental
and social trends and risks, including   Water is an important area of risk at
human rights and security risks, that    our operations, and management
could affect current performance or      programs are in place at all of our
future plans.

                                                                MANAGING CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY                            14


At Kinross, we believe that responsible      We operate an Enterprise Risk            in conflict zones (as defined by the
mining and related activities can            Management program that                  Heidleberg Institute’s annual Conflict
play an important role in achieving          is embedded in planning and              Barometer). Kinross operates in two
sustainable development and                  performance at each stage of a           countries that are listed in the 2011
alleviating poverty in developing            mine life cycle, with oversight of       Conflict Barometer as having areas
countries. In advancing these goals,         the principal risks affecting Kinross’   that are currently experiencing
we do not condone, support or in             business by the Board’s Audit and        “limited war”.
any other way accept the use of gold         Risk Committee; and,
                                                                                      Dagestan, in the Caucuses region
mining to support conflict.
                                             We provide grievance                     of Russia, is listed by Heidleberg
We have programs and procedures              mechanisms for any stakeholders          as an area of “limited war”. Our
in place that underline our position,        to raise concerns about the              Kupol operations in Chukotka,
clearly communicate it to our                mines’ activities.                       and the Kolyma Refinery where
employees, suppliers and the public,                                                  doré is processed into bullion, are
                                          Since 2010, Kinross has been a
and provide appropriate due diligence                                                 several thousand kilometres away
                                          member of the World Gold Council’s
at our mines:                                                                         from Dagestan and are in no way
                                          Responsible Gold Steering Committee,
                                                                                      associated with, or affected by,
   As a signatory to the UN Global        which has developed, with input
                                                                                      that conflict.
   Compact, we support best               from a wide range of international
   practices in the areas of human        stakeholders, a Conflict-Free Gold           In Mauritania, the Heidleberg
   rights, labour, and anti-corruption;   Standard. Comprehensive stakeholder         Barometer as of 2011 shows the
                                          consultation on an Exposure Draft was       Hodh Ech Chargui region as an area
   Kinross endorses the Principles
                                          concluded at the end of June 2012.          of “limited war.” Tasiast is well outside
   and Criteria of the EITI. Our
                                          The Council expects to finalize the          of this region, as well as the areas
   operations in Ghana and Mauritania
                                          standard before year-end 2012. For          of heightened risk currently defined
   each report into the EITI reporting
                                          more information, visit       by the French Foreign Minister and
   systems in those countries, which
                                                                                      risk assessment specialists. The
   have been determined by EITI           Under the proposed standard,
                                                                                      International Institute for Strategic
   to be fully compliant with the         operators will need to provide third-
                                                                                      Studies maintains a database of
   Principles and Criteria;               party assurance that they have
                                                                                      armed conflict, which Kinross monitors
                                          implemented the Conflict-Free Gold
   We have aligned our Company                                                        to provide an up-to-date, detailed
                                          Standard at any operations located
   with the objectives of the Voluntary                                               status of the situation.
   Principles on Security and Human
   Rights through the implementation
                                                        Most of the concern regarding Conflict Minerals has
   of a Human Rights Adherence and
   Verification Program;
                                                      focused on the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).
                                                 From 2005 to 2006, Kinross held a minority, non-operating
   We have set out our expectations
                                           interest in a private company exploring the potential to re-open
   for supplier conduct with respect
                                            a copper mine in the DRC, but the mine was never operational
   to labour, human rights and anti-
                                                   when Kinross held an interest and it had no employees.
   corruption through the introduction
   of our Supplier Standards of                                        Kinross divested its interest in 2006.

                                                                  MANAGING CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY                           15


THE ISSUE:Helping employees “walk the talk” of corporate responsibility requires
a company’s ongoing commitment to communication, training, and confirmation
by way of shared success stories. It is a commitment all the more challenging for
companies operating in a variety of countries and cultures. How does a company
drive corporate responsibility into the bedrock of an organization?

Corporate responsibility is a core        strengthen our CR-related employee                         why it is critical to our business,
element of both our values and our        engagement initiatives.                                    underlining our fundamental
business strategy. Kinross’ Four                                                                     responsibility to respect and care
                                          At the senior management level, we
Values – which include Putting people                                                                for our fellow employees, our
                                          are systematically integrating CR risks
first and Outstanding corporate                                                                       communities and the environment.
                                          and opportunities into our annual
citizenship – and Ten Guiding                                                                        Its purpose is to reinforce that
                                          business planning cycle. Our CR
Principles for Corporate Responsibility                                                              the Company’s reputation as a
                                          site managers share best practices
apply to every Kinross employee                                                                      responsible mining company depends
                                          throughout the year by way of regular
worldwide, and have been consistently                                                                entirely on the collective efforts of
                                          teleconferences, two-day workshops
showcased and reinforced through                                                                     employees worldwide.
                                          and other training, Kinross’
multiple communication channels and
                                          intranet site, and other information                       Our 2011 employee survey told us that
in all of our official languages since
                                          exchanges.                                                 more than 79% of Kinross employees
they were launched in 2007.
                                                                                                     recognize and value Kinross’ corporate
                                          We engage with our global workforce
Since 2009, Kinross has undertaken                                                                   responsibility efforts. The CR Handbook
                                          through a variety of vehicles, including
several initiatives to reinforce its                                                                 is one additional tool to keep corporate
                                          our annual Living Our Values Awards
commitment to CR leadership,                                                                         responsibility top of mind every day.
                                          and such communication channels
including the development and launch
                                          as the employee magazine Kinross
of a Company-wide CR strategy.
                                          World, electronic newsletter Kinross
The strategy provides an enhanced
                                          World Now, the Kinross Connected
Policy Framework, a Corporate
                                          intranet, quarterly CEO Town Hall
                                              our values
Responsibility Management System                    Putting people first

                                          meetings, and our biennial Corporate
                                                    Outstanding corporate citizenship

and site-specific Site Responsibility
                                                    High performance culture
                                                    Rigorous financial discipline

                                          Responsibility Report.                                                                       An Employee Introduction to

Plans that, together, are helping us                                                                                       Corporate Responsibility, The Kinross Way

ensure our behaviour on the ground        In 2011, we produced a new
consistently reflects our commitment       40-page handbook for employees,
to our communities.                       Responsible Mining and You, and
                                          distributed copies to our global
With our workforce projected to
                                          workforce in English, French,
increase as our growth projects are
                                          Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.
developed and come into production,
                                                   KINROSS GOLD CORPORATION
                                                   25 York Street, 17th Floor

                                          The handbook details what corporate
                                                   Toronto, Ontario, Canada
                                                   M5J 2V5

it is essential that we continue to
                                          responsibility means to Kinross and

                                          73987 KinrossCover.indd 1                                                                                            11-11-24 1:02 PM

                                                                                        MANAGING CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY                                  16



Our Corporate Responsibility            community grievance procedures and         air emissions, water management,
Management System (CRMS)                social impact assessments.                 storm water, chemical and
encompasses these commitments                                                      petroleum management, tailings
                                        Corporate responsibility targets are set
and the associated systems for                                                     management, waste management,
                                        by each site annually and incorporated
management, reporting, training and                                                and biodiversity;
                                        in the site’s corporate performance
auditing our standards. The CRMS
                                        targets. Our CRMS requires our             Continuing development on our
is modelled on ISO 14001 and
                                        sites to measure and report their          Climate Change strategy;
OHSAS 18001, and requires each
                                        performance against Company-
operation to establish management                                                  Completing our new Supplier
                                        wide CR policies and standards. We
systems that address site-specific                                                  Standards of Conduct and
                                        conduct biennial audits of on-the-
performance criteria and the                                                       beginning development of The
                                        ground compliance with our standards
procedures, responsibilities, and                                                  Kinross Way for supply chain
                                        in key areas of environment, health
metrics necessary to maintain those                                                management, with the aim of
                                        and safety, and community relations.
criteria. In 2010, we introduced SRPs                                              streamlining and making
                                        We have also developed CRMS-
to incorporate social management                                                   more transparent Kinross’
                                        specific metrics to track individual site
system policies and processes to                                                   procurement processes;
                                        performance in environment, health
provide the same rigour to areas of
                                        and safety, and community relations        Expanding audit protocols to
our social performance that we have
                                        on a quarterly and annual basis, as        measure social performance
long established in environment,
                                        part of the corporate performance          against standards and guidance,
health and safety. Through our
                                        management system.                         with the first round of audits set
comprehensive CRMS, our operators
                                                                                   for 2012; and
around the world are guided and their   In 2010 and 2011, we strengthened
performance measured by standards,      our policy framework and CRMS by:          Integrating our Tasiast and Chirano
guidelines and benchmarks in areas                                                 operations into our CRMS.
                                           Updating our environmental
such as stakeholder engagement,
                                           management standards for
community investment strategies,
                                                              MANAGING CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY                        17


While Kinross has historically required   Principles of the UN Global Compact,      Our Supplier Standards of Conduct
contractors working on its sites to       these standards require that suppliers    were subsequently approved, and
meet standards for health, safety         conduct their operations safely           rollout began early in 2012. Suppliers
and environment, in 2011, we began        and comply with applicable anti-          will be required to reaffirm their
development of broader Kinross-           corruption laws, the Kinross Code         understanding and agreement to
specific standards according to which      of Business Conduct and Ethics and        comply with the standards every three
Kinross expects its suppliers             the fundamental principles of the UN      years, and will be subject to periodic
to conduct their business. Building       Global Compact respecting human           on-site review of their operations.
upon our Ten Guiding Principles for       rights, labour standards, environmental
Corporate Responsibility and the          protection, and anti-corruption.

                                                                MANAGING CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY                         18


The success of our Corporate Responsibility Strategy
is measured by how we perform across our global operations.

To help ensure that our actions in the     Engagement: We will establish and          We have also developed a system
community consistently align with our      maintain an ongoing dialogue with          for reporting community-relations
Ten Guiding Principles for Corporate       stakeholders in the communities            performance, with the goal of
Responsibility, our SRPs provide a         where we operate, maintained in a          establishing an objective approach
consistent Kinross Way for managing        spirit of transparency and honesty.        for judging performance consistent
community issues at the site level.                                                   with our existing reporting systems.
                                           Evaluation: We will conduct analysis
SRP planning and implementation is                                                    In 2011, sites began reporting on a
                                           of stakeholder feedback, community
a cornerstone of CR performance,                                                      pilot basis. They tracked:
                                           aspirations and resources, project
establishing site-specific strategies for
                                           impacts, socio-economic data and              The frequency of day-to-day
meeting our objective of maintaining
                                           other information to inform our               interactions with stakeholders;
solid long-term relationships with
                                           project designs and community
community stakeholders based on                                                          The effectiveness of community
                                           development strategies.
trust, respect and partnership. SRPs                                                     spending in terms of the
are living documents that are updated      Action: We will work proactively to           number of beneficiaries and the
annually, or more frequently if required   identify strategic initiatives, based on      identification of key performance
by changing circumstances at               the results of engaged evaluation of          metrics to judge the results of that
our sites.                                 stakeholder interests and concerns,           spending over time;
                                           designed to consolidate sustainable
The SRPs establish a systematic                                                          Community perceptions; and
                                           benefits within the communities
foundation for stakeholder engagement
                                           where we operate.                             The value of the operation’s
and community-based initiatives that
                                                                                         benefit footprint.
build on Kinross best practices while      Monitoring: We will conduct
providing the latitude for each site to    regular, quantitative and qualitative      We will continue implementation of
develop responses appropriate to local     measurement of the effectiveness of        the SRPs in 2012, with a focus on
stakeholder needs and aspirations.         our corporate responsibility initiatives   embedding and elevating CR best
They include these key components:         to inform further engagement,              practice into the Company’s business
                                           evaluation and action.                     planning cycle and CR performance into
                                                                                      comprehensive operations reporting.

                                                                  MANAGING CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY                         19


At Kinross, we demand a high level of accountability for
corporate responsibility performance across our global operations.
We measure our CR performance in three comprehensive ways:

Lagging Indicators: Our mandate           in environmental, health and safety      years. These audits play a critical role
is to meet and, where possible,           matters; interactions with local         in assessing our performance against
exceed environmental, health and          stakeholders; and implementation         our CRMS. The audit protocols were
safety regulatory requirements at         of proactive programs defined by          expanded in 2011 to measure social
all of our operations, exploration        community-company dialogue and           performance against our standards
sites and closure properties. Failure     partnerships. These leading indicators   and guidance.
to meet regulatory requirements is        provide us with a proactive look at
                                                                                   We also track our performance
measured by lagging indicators and        the management programs in place
                                                                                   by way of internal perceptions,
enforcement actions, such as notices      that will prevent releases, permit
                                                                                   through our regular employee
of violation, regulatory notices, major   excursions, enforcement actions
                                                                                   surveys, as well as external rankings
releases and permit exceedances.          and workplace accidents.
                                                                                   for corporate responsibility and
Social performance is measured
                                          Site Audits: We assess our               governance, and our inclusion in
by stakeholder grievances, public
                                          performance against the standards        socially responsible investor indices.
perception surveys, and company-
                                          and expectations outlined in our         As part of our SRPs, we began to
community conflict situations.
                                          CRMS through a comprehensive             systematically track perceptions
Leading Indicators: We also               internal auditing program, which         through stakeholder surveys and
measure leading indicators of             systematically measures our success      other feedback mechanisms.
performance, including: internal          and identifies opportunities for
inspections and employee training         improvement at each site every two

                                                                MANAGING CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY                       20



Management responsibility resides:

   At the Board level, with the                   reinforces collaboration among                   regional and corporate
   Corporate Responsibility                       the key functions associated with                representatives from departments
   Committee. This committee                      corporate responsibility, permitting             such as supply chain, legal,
   oversees the development                       and external relations.                          human resources, environment,
   and implementation of policies                                                                  security, and finance is called on as
                                               The Senior Vice-President of
   and best practices relating to                                                                  needed to provide guidance in CR
                                               Environment and Project Permitting
   environment, health and safety                                                                  policy development and strategy
                                               and the Vice-President of Corporate
   and social performance in order to                                                              implementation.
                                               Responsibility report to the Executive
   ensure compliance with applicable
                                               Vice-President, Corporate Affairs. The              For additional information on Kinross
   laws and Kinross’ CR guidelines
                                               Vice-President of Health and Safety                 corporate governance, see our 2011
   and policies; and
                                               reports to the President and Chief                  Annual Report on
   At the Senior Leadership Team,              Operating Officer. Each operation has
                                                                                                              BOARD OF DIRECTORS
   with the External Relations and             designated teams for environment,
   Corporate Responsibility (ER/CR)            health and safety, and community
                                                                                                          CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY
   Group headed by our Executive               relations, reporting to site operations                       BOARD COMMITTEE

   Vice-President, Corporate Affairs,          management. A cross-functional
   who reports directly to our                 CR Working Group made up of                                 CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER

   Chief Executive Officer. The ER/
   CR Group oversees corporate
                                                                               EXECUTIVE VICE-PRESIDENT                                   PRESIDENT AND
   responsibility including environment,                                          CORPORATE AFFAIRS                                  CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER

   community relations and project
   permitting, each a strategic                                  SENIOR VICE-PRESIDENT
                                                                                                    VICE-PRESIDENT                      VICE-PRESIDENT
                                                                    ENVIRONMENT &
                                                                                                CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY                HEALTH & SAFETY
   priority for the Company. The                                  PROJECT PERMITTING

   composition of the group, which
   also includes government relations                                                           CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY
                                                                                                    WORKING GROUP
   and corporate communications,


John K. Carrington        Kenneth C. Irving            John A. Keyes                     Catherine                         Terence C. W. Reid
Corporate Director        Corporate Director           Corporate Director                McLeod-Seltzer                    Corporate Director
                                                       Chair, CR Committee               Chair, Pacific Rim
                                                                                         Mining Corporation

                                                                      MANAGING CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY                                            21


CORPORATE                                                                              CHILE

                                                                                          of Commerce

  Transparency Initiative (EITI)             Development District

  for the Manufacture, Transport and Use
  of Cyanide in the Production of Gold
                                                                                          Russia (Amcham)
                                             do Ambiente (Minas Gerais Association
  for Acid Prevention
                                             for Environmental Protection)                Association (CERBA)

                                             of Child and Youth Rights (ABRINQ)           Council (FIAC)
  Human Rights

                                             of Commerce                                  and Investment (ICCI)
                                             Development Agency

  Social Responsibility

                                             of Paracatu
  Association of Canada (e3 Plus)
                                             − Mining Commission
UNITED STATES                                                                             de Mauritanie (FIM)

                                             Federation (FIEMG)

  Washington Businesses                      of Paracatu

  Advisory Association

                                             of Commerce
  Development Council
                                             in Ecuador (CONMIN)

                                             Social Responsibility (CERES)

  Convention Bureau

                                                                  ARTEM, Surface Mechanic, Russia

                                                                     MANAGING CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY            22

  Named to the Dow Jones              HEALTH AND SAFETY                       WORKPLACE
  Sustainability World Index (DJSI      At Chirano, received 2011 National      In 2011, named one of Canada’s
  World) in 2011 and to DJSI North      Safety and First Aid Competition        10 Most Admired Corporate
  America Index in 2010 and 2011.       Award for second time, with             Cultures by Waterstone Human
                                        a final score of 89% – the highest       Capital, a leading executive search
  Placed on Ethibel Excellence
                                        ever recorded in the history of         and professional recruitment firm.
  investment register, Ethical
                                        the competition.
  Global Equity and ECPI                                                        In 2010, Kinross in Ecuador was
  Global Carbon Indices.                At La Coipa, received prestigious       recognized as one of the Great
                                        2011 John T. Ryan Safety                Places to Work in Ecuador, the
  Named among Canada’s 50 Most
                                        Award for excellence in safety          only mining company in Ecuador
  Socially Responsible Corporations
                                        performance from the Chilean            to make the list, and the only
  by Maclean’s magazine and
                                        Institute of Mining Engineers.          mining company in the country
  Jantzi Social Index for fourth
                                                                                to ever win the award.
  consecutive year.                     At La Coipa, received Atacama
                                        Regional Committee of Safe              Named one of Greater Toronto’s
  Named as one of Canada’s
                                        Mining Award for being one of           Top Employers for 2011.
  Best 50 Corporate Citizens
                                        the safest mines in the region,
  by Corporate Knights in 2010,
                                        achieving 3.8 million hours without   ENVIRONMENT
  2011, and 2012.
                                        an LTI.                                 At La Coipa in 2010, received
  Achieved a ranking of 19th out of                                             GE Ecomagination Leadership
                                        In 2010, Round Mountain, Kettle
  253 Canadian companies in The                                                 Award for reduced water use,
                                        River-Buckhorn and Fort Knox,
  Globe and Mail 2011 corporate                                                 benefitting one of the most
                                        all in the U.S., recognized for
  governance survey, the highest                                                water-stressed areas of Chile.
                                        outstanding safety achievement,
  ranking among Canadian gold
                                        each winning their state’s Sentinel     At Mineral Hill in Montana,
  producers. In 2010, ranked 33rd
                                        of Safety award in the Large Mill       received U.S. Bureau of Land
  out of 187.
                                        Category. Round Mountain was            Management’s Hardrock Mineral
                                        also the national runner-up in          Environmental Award in 2011
                                        this category.                          for exceptional performance
                                                                                and as a model of land
                                                                                reclamation excellence.

                                                                                At Paracatu in 2011, recognized
                                                                                by Benchmarking Brazil as one of
                                                                                the best corporate environmental
                                                                                managers in the country for its
                                                                                contributions to the revitalization
                                                                                and preservation of Rico Creek
                                                                                in Paracatu.

                                                           MANAGING CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY                      23


  1                                             2                                              3

 !"#$%&'()                                    !"#$%&'()

 EXPLORATION                                   DEVELOPMENT                                    CONSTRUCTION

Objective                                    Objective                                      Objective

   mineral reserves                             construction and operation                     with approvals, requirements and
Process                                      Process                                           Kinross standards
   geochemical sampling and other minimal-      feasibility studies
   impact methods to locate and delineate                                                      execute development plan
   ore deposits                                 mining method (open-pit or underground)
                                                and mineral recovery process during            and associated infrastructure, such
   grade and geologic characteristics when      project implementation                         as roads, power and water lines, and
   initial surveys are promising                                                               employee facilities
                                                and operating approvals                     Responsibilities
   community baseline information
Responsibilities                             Responsibilities                                  safety, health and environment practices,
                                                                                               procedures and performance standards
                                                procedures for construction and operation
   exploration partners) and contractors                                                       in human rights
   adhere to Kinross standards                  community baseline information
                                                                                               safety performance standards
   with stakeholders                            environmental and human rights issues
                                                and incorporate management strategies          procedures to ensure ongoing transparent
   community, environmental and human           as needed into project design and Site         dialogue with the communities
   rights issues that may arise if a mine       Responsibility Plan (SRP)
   is developed                                                                                and purchasing opportunities
                                                understand the potential impacts of the
                                                project, and work to address stakeholder       construction to operation
                                                concerns. Secure broad community
                                                support through informed consultation

                                                and services

                                                                      MANAGING CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY                               24


  4                                                 5                                                6

                                                                                                    CLOSURE AND
 MINING                                           PROCESSING                                        RECLAMATION

Objective                                       Objective                                        Objective

   socially responsible, profitable, and            socially responsible, profitable, and             achieve approved post-mining land use
   efficient mining and processing operation        efficient mining and processing operation         and maintain environmental quality
Process                                         Process
                                                                                                    of permit obligations
                                                   separating metals from rock through           Process
   processing or storage                           flotation or gravity concentration, followed
Responsibilities                                   by tank leaching with diluted cyanide            reclamation plan
                                                   solution (milling) or
   health and safety (EHS) performance                                                              to ensure reclamation success and
   by setting clear objectives, maintaining        dissolve gold with diluted cyanide solution      environmental protection
   operating procedures, training, monitoring      (heap leach)                                  Responsibilities
   performance, continuous improvement
                                                   through electrowinning or precipitation
   and competitive compensation and                                                                 employment opportunities
   benefits to employees                            bars for shipping to a refinery
                                                                                                    stakeholders regarding closure plans
   management measures                             tailings area                                    and activities
   water efficiency and waste minimization
                                                   by setting clear objectives, maintaining
   with local communities through SRP              operating procedures, training, monitoring
                                                   performance and continuous improvement
   community through SRP
                                                   and competitive compensation and
   programs through periodic socio-                benefits to employees
   economic studies and surveys
                                                   management measures
   is no longer needed for operations and
   regularly update closure plans                  Cyanide Management Code

                                                   water efficiency and waste minimization

                                                   with local communities through SRP

                                                   community through SRP

                                                   programs through periodic socio-
                                                   economic studies and surveys

                                                                         MANAGING CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY                                 25

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