COLLEGE OF MARIN
                          FOR March 5, 2009

                            12:45 p.m. – 2 p.m.
              Student Service Building, Conference Rooms A & B

Senators Present: Yolanda Bellisimo, Michael Dougan, Ron Gaiz, Erika
Harkins, Robert Kennedy, Arthur Lutz, Sara McKinnon, , Radica Portello,
Derek Wilson, Eric Dunmire, Joe Mueller, Patrick Kelly, Meg Pasquel, Blaze

Senators Absent: Joetta Scott

Guests: John Sutherland

I. Approval and Adoption of the Agenda: Agenda accepted

II. Reading and Approval of the Minutes of Feb. 26, 2009: Minutes

III. Officers’ Reports:

President (Bellisimo): Written. Attached

Treasurer (Gaiz): ): Report on our two accounts: Across the street with quick access,
we have $1809.01 in Union Bank; our budget with the District amounts to $7529.94. Our
grand total is $9338.95. Some already approved travel expenses will be coming out of
that. Money will be allotted for retiree gifts.

IV: Governance Council Reports:

Sen. McKinnon said some people using the SLO Wiki were confused byh the
term General Education SLOs, so they will be called College Learning
Outcomes, as is done at other community colleges. The Senate approved
that change by consensus.

Budget (Wilson): The committee met Tuesday and was given a copy of the
2008-2009 budget to review. They will meet each Tuesday to review all IPC
recommendations. Sen. Wilson expressed concern “about how the adopted
budget will be presented to us” because none of the committee members are
department chairs, nor are they part of the approval signature process. That
means thbey have limited access to viewing the overall budget. “The money
is not as transplartent as it should be,” he said. The committee would like to
see the entire breakdown by accounts. Sen. Bellisimo said the Academic
Senate would work on ways to obtain satisfactory acesss.
V: Governance councils

Budget Committee (Wilson): The last meeting generated a timeline under
which, by March 3, Peggy Isozaki will bring forward a line-by-line 2008-2009

VI. Consent Agenda

No committee appointments were brought forward, but en empty seat on the
Technology Committee needs to be filled, according to Sen. Bellisimo.

VI: Action Items

a) Motion To Approve Athletic Dept Request to Discontinue Football:

Before the vote, Sen. Lutz contended that questions had been raised about
the viability of a vote of 60 percent of the coaches to terminate COM’s
football program. He said the athletic department director had indicated that
the vote was merely a survey, with no automatic consequences. He said the
Administration wanted to cancel the program, and was “trying to use the
Senate as a rubber stamp.” Sen. Lutz pointed out that the program primarily
serves African American students at a time that the school is attempting to
recruit more African American students.

Before the vote, the motion was amended to insure that money allocated to
the football probram would remain within the athletic department budget in
event of discontinuance.

Sen. Lutz requested a roll call vote. The results were:

YES: Dougan, Wilson, Pasquale, Harkins, Kennedy, McKinnon, Mueller, Gaiz, Blaze
NO: Lutz

The motion passed.

VII. Discussion

Summer Field Course (Mueller): The summer biology field programs were
saved when it was determined that student fees could be used to pay for
travel costs accrued by instructors. The discussion ended with a proposal that
a fund be created to cover these types of expenses.


        c) Findings from the Basic Skills General Program Review,
          Analysis of Student Improvement Rates (Director of Learning
        Resources Susan Andrean and Tutoring Center Coordinator and
        Instructor Becky Reetz): Poor results came from cohort studies
        tracking students in the Mathematics sequence. In fact, only 20
        percent of the students who take Math 95 ever enroll in another math
        course at COM. English sequence results are different, but still fall
       short of comparable community colleges. A proposed solution would be
       called CSI Marin. It would be a one-stop lab for basic skills students,
       where they could find counselors, advisors, peer mentors, etc. Better
       alignment of the SLOs in basic skills, ESL and English is needed. Joint
       meetings to facilitate that have been suggested, and a steering
       committee is being formed.

VIII: New Business

Sen. Dougan said the UPM Newsletter has been routinely misrepresenting actions of the
Academic Senate, and formal Senate response is called for. Sen. Bellisimo said the issue
will appear on the next agenda.

Sen. Pasqual disclosed tragic news: English instructor Cecilia Cavalier died the previous

Special Adjournment in Memory of Cecilia Cavalier: 2 p.m.

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