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									                                                                        Home of the Latino Labor Movement

                                          “Empowering the Latino Workforce: Strengthening our Communities with Unions”
Milton Rosado, UAW
National President                                                                               September 10, 2012
Aida Garcia, SEIU
Executive Vice-President

Jose Vargas, AFT                        Dear Brothers and Sisters,

VICE PRESIDENTS                         We at The Labor Council for Latin American Advancement proudly endorse
Gary Allen, IAM&AW
Ricardo F. Icaza, UFCW
                                        United Way Worldwide and their efforts to improve education, income and
Sonia Ivany, NYS AFL-CIO                health conditions for all. LCLAA encourages everyone to support the work
Robert Martinez, IAM&AW
Gloria Moya, UAW                        that United Way has done for the past 125 years and to join them in the
Mike Quevedo, LIUNA                     mission to “LIVE UNITED”.
Salvador Aguilar, USW
Francisco Altamirano, IUPAT             LCLAA applauds the United Way commitment to diversity and the inclusion
Ana Avendaño, AFL CIO                   of all people of color and the work that they do. Latinos have some of the
Jose A. Caez, IBEW
Michael Calderon, UFCW                  highest dropout rates, unemployment rates as well as the lowest access to
Art Cantu, IBT
Dora Cervantes, IAM&AW
                                        healthcare coverage in the United States. We must then value United Way’s
Edgar De Jesús, AFSCME                  pledge to improve education, income and healthcare all across our county.
Evelyn De Jesus, AFT
Rick De La Fuente, IAM&AW               However, their work does not stop at our boarders –it reaches far and wide
Angel Del Rivero, IUOE
Jorge Luis Fernandez, UAW
                                        with early learning and parent engagement initiatives in Central and South
Rogelio Flores, AFGE                    America.
Miguel Foster, UAW
Andrew Gasca, IUBAC
Jose G. Guerrero, ATU
Mike Gutierrez, IUPAT
                                        We look forward to continuing to collaborate with and support this
Yvette Herrera, CWA                     renowned organization that “thinks globally and acts locally”. Everyone
Esther Lopez, UFCW
Ricardo Loza, SEIU                      should look to volunteer their time and contribute their support to the
Josie Marrujo, AFGE                     various United Way campaigns. We agree that only together will we be able
Jose Melara, UAW
Yanira Merino, LIUNA                    to collectively and effectively address the issues of our growing community.
Cesar Moreno Perez, AFT
Julian Posadas, AFSCME
Yolanda Pumarejo, AFSCME
Emil Ramirez, USW
Rose Rangel, SEIU                       Sincerely,
Chuck Rocha, CWA
Arturo Rodriguez, UFW
Johnny Rodríguez, UFCW
Jorge Rodríguez, NUHW
Edison Severino, LIUNA
Christine Trujillo, AFT
Baldemar Velásquez, FLOC                Milton Rosado, National President
                                        The Labor Council for Latin American Advancement
Henry C. Gonzalez, UAW                  815 Sixteenth Street, NW, 3rd Floor
Ralph Jimenez, UAW
Jack Otero, TCU
                                        Washington, DC 20006
Henry “Hank” L. Lacayo, UAW, Emeritus   (202) 508-6918 | hsanchez@lclaa.org
Ray Mendoza, LIUNA
                                        Visit us at http://www.lclaa.org
Maria Portalatin, AFT, Secretary
Treasurer Emeritus

Hector E. Sanchez
815 Sixteenth Street, NW, 4th Floor
Washington, DC 20006
T: 202.508.6919/F:202.508.6922
E: headquarters@lclaa.org
Online: www.lclaa.org

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