County of San Mateo by wuzhenguang


									      County of San Mateo


        Human Resources Department
            455 County Center
        Redwood City, CA 94063-1663

      Contact person: Pamela Gibson
             (650) 363-4344

  Proposals must be submitted and received
        By Monday, August 2, 2010
                                           Table of Contents


Section I: General Information and Schedule of Events ......................................2

Section II: General Terms and Conditions............................................................4

Section III: General Requirements and Service Specifications ...........................9

Section IV: Evaluation Criteria ............................................................................15

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                            Section I:
           General Information and Schedule of Events
    A. Introduction
         The San Mateo County Human Resources Department through its Employee Health &
         Fitness Program is involved in the coordination and implementation of a comprehensive
         wellness program for its County employees and retirees, and their dependents. The
         Employee Health & Fitness Program seeks proposals for the coordination and
         implementation of a comprehensive exercise training and services program.

         The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to solicit competitive proposals for
         Exercise Services Coordinator for the period from October 1, 2010 through September 30,
         2013. Proposals that include two additional 1-year options (October 1, 2013 through
         September 30, 2014 and October 1, 2014 through September 30, 2015), each at the County’s
         sole option, are encouraged and will also be considered.

    B. General Information on the County
         San Mateo County is located on the San Francisco Peninsula between the City and County
         of San Francisco and Santa Clara and Santa Cruz Counties. The Pacific Ocean forms its
         western boundary and San Francisco Bay its eastern boundary.

         San Mateo County maintains a diverse employee work force with widely varying service
         delivery mandates. There are approximately 5,400 current employees. There are 21
         departments and divisions and over 70 different worksites scattered from Daly City and
         Pacifica south to East Palo Alto and Pescadero.

         San Mateo County has made an organizational commitment to the health and well being of
         its employees through the establishment of an Employee Health & Fitness Program in 1981.
         Services and activities have grown in response to increased employee demands. The purpose
         of this program has been to increase employee awareness of lifestyle behavior that can
         reduce their risk of disease and disability. The program has helped employees to improve
         their health, which, in the long term, reduces the cost of the County's health and disability

         To learn more about the Employee Health & Fitness Program and its current services, please
         visit the web page:

         The Employee Health & Fitness Program has one full-time Coordinator and numerous
         Contractors. There is minimal administrative support. Contractors are expected to work
         together as a multi-disciplinary training team on most health management programs, and as
         appropriate on general wellness training programs.

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    C. General Information on Human Resources Department
         The Human Resources Department is made up of five divisions, including Employee
         Benefits. Employee Benefits is made up of the Benefits Manager and the Employee Health
         Program Coordinator, as well as other staff. The Contractor will work primarily with
         Employee Health Program Coordinator but may also meet with the Benefits Manager on an
         as-needed basis.

    D. Scope of RFP
         This RFP sets forth the County’s requirements for Exercise Services Coordinator, the format
         in which information is to be submitted, and the requirements that must be met to be eligible
         for consideration.

    E. Key Action Events and Dates
         Listed below are the target dates for the events to occur. The County reserves the right to
         change these dates.

           EVENT                                                  TARGET DATE

           RFP available                                          June 28, 2010

           Last date for questions to be submitted                July 19, 2010 by 7:00 p.m.

           Answers to all questions published on website          July 23, 2010 by 7:00 p.m.

           Last date to submit proposals                          August 2, 2010 by 7:00 p.m.

           Review and selection process                           Week of August 2nd, 2010

           Interview                                              August 18 or August 19 or
                                                                  August 25 or August 26

           Reference Checks of Top Candidate                      Week of August 30, 2010

           Selection of proposal                                  Week of September 6, 2010

           Contract Begins                                        October 1, 2010

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                                    Section II:
                           General Terms and Conditions
    A. Proposal Requirements and Conditions
              1) RFP Requirements

                   If a Proposer fails to satisfy any of the requirements identified in this RFP, the
                   proposal may be considered non-responsive and the proposal may be rejected.

              2) Invitation for Proposal Documents

                   This RFP constitutes part of each proposal and includes the explanation of the
                   County’s needs, which must be met.

                   If a Proposer discovers any ambiguity, conflict, discrepancy, omission, or other error
                   in the RFP, s/he shall immediately notify the County of such error in writing and
                   request modification or clarification of the document. Any clarifications and/or
                   modifications to the RFP will be posted and distributed in the manner set forth in
                   Section 4 below for “questions and answers.”

              3) Addenda

                   The County may modify the RFP prior to the fixed date for submission of proposals
                   by issuance of an addendum. Such addenda will be posted and distributed in the
                   manner set forth in Section 4 below for “questions and answers.”

              4) Proposal Clarification and Questions

                   Any questions regarding clarification or intent of the RFP should be directed to
                   Pamela Gibson, in writing, by e-mail to:

                   The County will publish both the questions and the answers on its website
                   ( and distribute them to all recipients who have
                   requested a copy of the Proposers questions and County answers. If you would like
                   to receive a copy of the Proposer questions and County answers, please notify
                   Pamela Gibson by e-mail to:, requesting a copy of the

                   As a general rule, answers to questions will not be forwarded to one Proposer
                   without publishing the answer for all others who have requested to receive the list of
                   questions and answers and/or posting such questions and answers on the
                   department’s website. If changes to the RFP are warranted, they will be made in
                   writing, clearly marked as addenda to the RFP, and communicated as set forth above.

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              5) Submission of Proposals

                   a. Preparation
                      Each Proposer shall prepare a proposal on company letterhead, which addresses
                      all the requirements and specifications in Section III in the same order as they are
                      listed. Each Proposer shall submit one original proposal and one (1) complete
                      duplicate proposal.

                   b. Contractor’s Costs
                      Costs for developing proposals are entirely the responsibility of the Proposer and
                      shall not be chargeable to the County of San Mateo.

                   c. Proposals Are “Public Records”

                                  (1) General Provisions Regarding Public Nature of Proposals.

                                       Government Code Section 6250 et. seq., the Public Records Act,
                                       defines a public record as any writing containing information relating
                                       to the conduct of the public's business prepared, owned, used, or
                                       retained by any state or local agency regardless of physical form or
                                       characteristics. The Public Record Act provides that public records
                                       shall be disclosed upon request and that any citizen has a right to
                                       inspect any public record, unless the document is exempted from
                                       disclosure. The Public Records Act provides that public records shall
                                       be disclosed upon written request, and that any citizen has a right to
                                       inspect any public record, unless the document is exempted from the
                                       disclosure requirements.

                                  (2) Proposer’s Rights regarding Confidentiality of Proposals.

                                       The County of San Mateo cannot represent or guarantee that any
                                       information submitted in response to the RFP will be confidential. If
                                       the County of San Mateo receives a request for any document
                                       submitted in response to this RFP, it will not assert any privileges that
                                       may exist on behalf of the person on business submitting the proposal.
                                       Rather, the County of San Mateo will notify the party whose proposal
                                       is being sought. In the event that a party who has submitted a proposal
                                       wishes to prevent disclosure, it is the sole responsibility of that party
                                       to assert any applicable privileges or reasons why the document
                                       should not be produced, and to obtain a court order prohibiting

                                  (3) County’s Rights Regarding Confidentiality of Proposals.

                                       To the extent consistent with applicable provisions of the Public
                                       Records Act and applicable case law interpreting those provisions, the
                                       County and/or its officers, agents and employees retains the discretion

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                                       to release or to withhold disclosure of any information submitted in
                                       response to this RFP.

                   d. Delivery of Proposals

                        1. Address or deliver proposals to:
                           Pamela Gibson
                           County of San Mateo
                           455 County Center, 5th Floor
                           Redwood City, CA 94063
                           Phone (650) 363-4344

                        2. Proposals must be received no later than 7:00 P.M. on Monday, August 2,
                           2010. All copies of the proposal must be under sealed cover, plainly
                           identified as a proposal for Exercise Services Coordinator. Proposals not
                           submitted under sealed cover may be rejected. Proposals submitted under
                           improperly marked covers may be rejected.

                        3. Proposals transmitted via e-mail, facsimile, or any other electronic means
                           shall not be considered.

                        4. All proposals must be signed with the firm name, and by a responsible officer
                           or employee. Obligations assumed by such signature must be fulfilled.

                   e. Rejection of Proposals

                        The County reserves the right to reject all proposals and not to award any
                        contract pursuant to this RFP. The County’s waiver of an immaterial deviation in
                        the proposal shall in no way modify the RFP documents or excuse the Proposer
                        from full compliance with the specifications if s/he is awarded the contract.

                   f. Evaluation Process

                        The County will put each proposal through a process of evaluation to determine
                        the Proposer’s responsiveness to County’s needs. The evaluation will be based
                        on the formal written proposals submitted by Proposers.

                             1. RFP Submission
                                Proposals must be received by 7:00 P. M. on the scheduled date and place
                                of RFP submittal. There will be no public reading.

                             2. RFP Evaluation Check
                                Each proposal will be checked for the presence of required material and
                                information in conformance with the submittal requirements of the RFP.
                                These submittal requirements are obligatory and failure to fully comply
                                may deem the proposal non-responsive.

                             3. Acceptance of Proposals
                                The County reserves the right to accept other than the lowest price and to

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                                  negotiate with Proposer on a fair and equal basis when the best interests
                                  of the County are served by so doing.

                             4. Collusion Affidavit
                                By submitting a proposal, each Proposer certifies that it is not the result
                                of collusion or any other activity, which would tend to directly or
                                indirectly influence the process.

                             5. Evaluation
                                During the evaluation, validation, and selection process, the County may
                                require the presence of a Proposer’s representative for answering specific
                                questions, orally and/or in writing. The County may also require one or
                                more site visits of the Proposer’s offices by County representatives.

                             6. Criteria
                                All proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria.

                                  1. Individual qualifications and training

                                  2. Clarity, approach and completeness of program proposal

                                  3. Program design

                                  4. Consistency with requested services described in this RFP

                                  5. Cost effectiveness and budget

                                  6. Experience with providing similar services

                   g. Errors or Changes in the Proposal

                        If errors are found in a proposal, the County may reject the proposal; however,
                        the County may, in its sole discretion, correct arithmetic and/or transposition
                        errors. The Proposer will be informed of the errors and corrections.

                        If an item is described in the narrative and omitted from the cost data, the
                        proposal will be interpreted to mean that the item will be provided by the
                        Proposer at no cost. If this is a significant item, the Proposer will be notified.

                        Clarification of and changes in proposals prior to contract award are permissible
                        provided that each Proposer is treated fairly and equally.

                   h. Disposition

                        All materials submitted in response to this RFP will become the property of the

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                   i. Alteration or Variation of Terms

                        It is mutually understood and agreed that no alternation or variation of the terms
                        of this RFP shall be valid unless made or confirmed in writing and signed by the
                        County and Proposer selected, and that no oral understandings or agreements not
                        incorporated herein, and no alternations or variations of the terms hereof unless
                        made or confirmed in writing between said parties hereto shall be binding.

                   j. Assignability

                        A contract is not assignable by Proposer either in whole or in part. The contract
                        shall extend to and be binding upon and inure to the benefit of the heirs,
                        executors, administrators, successors, and assigns of the respective parties hereto.

                   k. Acceptance of Proposals

                        For the services requested, the County will execute a contract upon approval by
                        the Board of Supervisors. The contract shall be interpreted, construed and given
                        effect in all respects according to the laws of the State of California. All the
                        terms, conditions and technical specifications stated in the RFP will be
                        incorporated into the contract and all proposals are accepted on the condition that
                        the Proposer will accept a contract including such terms.

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                      Section III:
     General Requirements and Service Specifications
    A. General Requirements
              1) Contract Period

                 The contract period shall be for a three-year period by mutual consent of both parties.
                 The County also encourages proposals that contain two additional 1-year options, each
                 of which may be exercised at the sole option of the County.

              2) Financial Condition and References

                 Each Proposer shall submit with their RFP response five client references, including
                 company name, mailing address, contact person name and phone number. Financial
                 records, in the form of a completed statement of financial condition, should consist of
                 an independently audited income statement and balance sheet from your last complete
                 fiscal year.

                 (Your Dunn-Bradstreet rating, if available, and a not to exceed three-page executive
                 summary on the history of your firm touching upon pertinent financial, managerial and
                 technical aspects of your firm, may be requested to assist the County in make a final

              3) County’s Standard Contract

                 The County’s standard short-form contract is attached and is hereby incorporated by
                 reference as Addendum No. 1, and its Contractor Declaration form (Equal Benefits,
                 Non Discrimination, Jury Service) is attached as Addendum No. 2. Please indicate in
                 specific detail any terms or partial terms that are unacceptable to you. For each
                 indicated term or partial term, indicate why the term or partial term is not acceptable,
                 and provide alternative wording that you would suggest replace the same. The County
                 may or may not agree to this language, and identification of terms deemed
                 unacceptable may result in a lower RFP rating score. The final decision of whether to
                 enter into any agreement under this RFP and the terms of any such agreement will be
                 made by the San Mateo County. The County reserves the right not to award any
                 contract under this RFP.

    B. Service Specifications
              1) The Contractor will be expected to coordinate all aspects of Exercise Service
              programs and activities for the San Mateo County Employee Health & Fitness Program as
              well as develop new programs and activities. This is a part-time contract position. No
              County benefits are provided. The monthly work schedule typically varies on program
              needs and the status of exercise service projects but in no event shall your total

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              compensation exceed the maximum amount specified in the contract. For informational
              purposes only, the contractor’s project workload typically has required between 20 to 40
              hours per month. Such workload is anticipated to be representative of the workload
              undertaken by the selected proposer.

              The Contractor will

                      a. Coordinate all aspects of Fitness Service programs and activities for the San
                         Mateo County Employee Health & Fitness Program. This can include but is not
                         limited to program development and preparation tasks, marketing and targeting
                         recruitment activities, scheduling, registration and employee correspondence,
                         teaching and/or counseling, preparing educational materials, and evaluating

                      b. Develop, implement and evaluate innovative training programs and interventions
                         to promote increased physical activity for employees and their families. This can
                         include but is not limited to: fun walks, fitness workshops and presentations,
                         fitness articles for printed and/or electronic employee newsletters;

                      c. Develop, implement and evaluate one-hour physical activity components for
                         various health improvement and disease management programs, including but not
                         limited to healthy aging, general wellness, diabetes, hypertension, weight
                         management and cholesterol reduction, perinatal health education, women’s
                         health promotion.

                      d. Develop, implement and evaluate various physical activity / fitness training
                         programs, including but not limited to introduction to physical activity, back
                         safety & injury prevention, introduction to strength training, core strengthening,
                         foot care.

                      e. Coordinate and evaluate the County’s Health in Motion Program (or equivalent
                         web-based program), a fitness incentive program, and develop promotional ideas
                         regarding the same;

                      f. Coordinate and oversee fee-for-service exercise programs including selecting and
                         supervising exercise instructors, risk management, coordinating publicity and
                         promotions, and attendance management;

                      g. Solicit and publicize health club information and membership information and
                         general coordination of health club information and discounts program including
                         management of correspondence with local health clubs, preparation of
                         information for e-mail distribution and website posting, and coordination of
                         special promotional campaigns with health clubs;

                      h. Assist with County-wide and department special events, such as employee
                         health fairs, farmers’ markets and staff appreciation days, upon County request;

                      i. Conduct outcome-based evaluations for selected programs and services;

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                      j. Develop and coordinate County-wide efforts to increase physical activity
                         during the workday (per Wellness Policy), upon County request;

                      k. Perform related tasks and responsibilities as mutually agreed upon by
                         Contractor and County.

                           Optional services that are permitted under this contract:

                               Teach exercise classes (fee for service)

                               Conduct fitness counseling / coaching and personal fitness training services
                                (fee for service)

                               Event day coordination of four or five recreational weekend tournaments (fee
                                for service, flat rate).

              2) Proposers are urged to adhere to the specified content and sequence of information
              listed below. Materials and data not specifically requested for evaluation should appear
              in an “Additional Data” section of your proposal. Use 1” margins and 12 point font.

                      a. Cover letter
                         One page cover letter which includes the address and phone number of the person
                         or persons to be used for contact and who is authorized to represent the firm,
                         including a statement affirming acceptance of the terms and conditions contained
                         in the RFP, unless otherwise specified in the proposal.

                      b. Firm’s Experience
                         A summary of relevant experience of the firm and qualifications (not to exceed
                         1/2 page)

                      c. A complete list of personnel who will be assigned to the project
                         For each person on this list, indicate proposed project responsibilities, and
                         provide a short (2-sentence) description of his/her educational preparation and
                         background, including relevant experience (past two years). Each person on
                         this list shall satisfy the qualifications set forth below in Section IV.A.

                      d. Supplemental Questions. (Limit your answers to a maximum of three
                         paragraphs per question. Prefer 12-point font, 1 inch margins)

                               1. We are a large employer with a diverse workforce, both in terms of
                                  ethnicity as well as occupational groups. Our employees are scattered
                                  throughout the County at many work locations. We mirror the many issues
                                  and challenges facing US workers everywhere in terms of our health,
                                  lifestyle and well-being. Many of our employees struggle with getting
                                  enough physical exercise.

2.                                                                                                                Formatted: Bullets and Numbering

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                             3.2. State two program goals you would strive to accomplish in performing the
                                  services outlined above, and describe what types of activities and programs
                                  you would implement to achieve those goals. How do you intend to
                                  evaluate your success and/or effectiveness in performing the services
                                  outlined above after one year?

                             4.3. In performing the services outlined above, you will need to plan,
                                  implement, and evaluate multiple physical activity services at one time. For
                                  example, you will be expected to work in the Program office marketing and
                                  promoting services, preparing folders and educational materials, registering
                                  and corresponding with participants and evaluating outcomes and
                                  satisfaction with services as well as perform classroom-teaching
                                  responsibilities. Fully describe a work experience that you have had that is
                                  similar to the coordination and delivery of services described above. It does
                                  not have to be in the exercise field. Describe two or three essential skills or
                                  abilities that you feel contributed to your success or effectiveness in this
                                  type of work situation.

                             5.4. Submit a Course Description, Course Outline, Educational Materials and
                                  Outcome Evaluation Tool for a training (preferably an exercise training)
                                  that you have previously taught. (If any items are copyrighted, they will be
                                  returned to you, upon request, after the contract selection process is
                                  concluded.) Include a brief overview of program outcomes/results, if

                             6.5. The Employee Health Program "team" consists of a number of part-time
                                  Contractors and Providers who work with a Program Coordinator to
                                  develop, implement and evaluate health improvement programs. The "team"
                                  members are encouraged to draw upon each other's expertise in developing
                                  and teaching classes and workshops. Describe a work situation you've had
                                  that is similar to the one described here, and list three challenges and three
                                  rewards of this kind of approach.

                             7.6. How would you apply the Stages of Change theory to a classroom
                                  discussion with twenty County employees who are reporting that they do
                                  not get 30 minutes of physical activity on most days of the week? The
                                  reasons cited include: heavy workload/no breaks, long workday (10 hours),
                                  long commute (>60 minutes), no showers/changing rooms, short lunch (30
                                  minutes), young family responsibilities.

                             8.7. One of the qualifications of this position is that "The Contractor shall have a
                                  professional and personal commitment to physical activity and well being".
                                  Describe how this statement applies to you. What are some of the
                                  challenges you encounter in maintaining your health and well-being? What
                                  are some of the strategies you've incorporated in your life that you would
                                  use to motivate and encourage others to make changes in theirs?

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\996b9e7c-4b94-416a-8d19-eeab0d854f17.doc                                        Page 12 of 17
                             9.8. Describe your ideal working relationship with the Program Coordinator,
                                  including your expectations of the County.

                      e. Supplemental Questions - Optional Services.
                         Respond to this section ONLY if you are proposing to offer one or more fee-
                         for-service programs as part of your contractual relationship with the County.
                         Answer the questions only for the services you propose to provide. (Limit your
                         answers to a maximum of three paragraphs per question. Prefer 12-point font, 1
                         inch margins)

                             1. Classroom Exercise Instructor (aerobics, Pilates, etc).

                                       a. Describe the type(s) of exercise classes you would be interested in
                                          teaching at the County. Supply sample flyer(s) and/or write a one-
                                          paragraph description of your exercise class. (Sell your exercise
                                          class. We would use it in future promotional efforts to

                                       b. What are the qualities that distinguish you as an Exercise Instructor
                                          List certifications, awards, teaching experience under this item.

                                       c. Describe your ideal fee-for-service arrangement with the employer
                                          and participants, including your expectations of the County.

                             2. Personal Fitness Trainer.

                                       a. Supply a sample flyer and/or write a one-paragraph description of
                                          your personal fitness training services. (Sell your program. We
                                          would use it in future promotional efforts to employees!)

                                       b. What are the qualities that distinguish you as a Personal Fitness
                                          Trainer? List certifications, awards, and appropriate experience
                                          under this item.

                                       c. Describe your ideal fee-for-service arrangement with the
                                          employer and participants, including your expectations of the

                      f. Pricing
                         An explanation of costs to the County for the completion of all work. Costs
                         should be itemized for each year (FY2010, FY2011, FY2012) according to:

                                a. Hourly contractor rate for direct interventions (teaching, counseling) for
                                   each one-year period;

                                b. Hourly contractor rate for indirect activities (prep time, office tasks,
                                   phone calls) for each one-year period.

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\996b9e7c-4b94-416a-8d19-eeab0d854f17.doc                                       Page 13 of 17
                                c. Travel time, mileage and telephone expenses are not reimbursed under
                                   this contract. Special supplies, educational materials and other items
                                   required for this contract will be paid upon submission of a monthly
                                   invoice. Such special supplies must be pre-approved in writing.

                                d. Proposals that agree to provide two additional one-year options at the
                                   County’s sole option should likewise provide a detailed explanation of
                                   the cost to be charged if either or both said option years are exercised.

                                e. A price list of special supplies, anticipated costs for sub-contractors,
                                   educational materials, and other items required for this contract.

                                f. Basic office supplies and photocopying costs should not be included in
                                   determining costs. Travel time, mileage and telephone expenses are not
                                   reimbursed under this contract.

                      g. For Optional Services. (Respond to this section ONLY if you are proposing to
                         offer one or more optional services as part of your contractual relationship with
                         the COUNTY. Answer only the sections for the services you propose to

                                a. Exercise Instructor: Submit a participant fee schedule for each different
                                   class you propose to teach.

                                b. Personal Fitness Trainer: Submit a participant fee schedule for a single
                                   training session (indicate session length). Any packaged services should
                                   indicate the number of sessions and total cost to the participant.

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\996b9e7c-4b94-416a-8d19-eeab0d854f17.doc                                      Page 14 of 17
                                            Section IV:
                                         Evaluation Criteria
    A. Qualifications.

         The successful candidate has

                      a. Academic preparation in fitness or health with strong fitness or exercise
                         physiology emphasis;

                      b. Recent and relevant experience in program development and evaluation, course
                         curriculum development, preferably in the health & wellness field;

                      c. Effective presentation skills and excellent customer service orientation;

                      d. Knowledge and application of current behavior change theory and motivational
                         interviewing techniques;

                      e. Demonstrated ability to work collegially with other health professionals in a
                         teaching and program development capacity;

                      f. Proficiency in use of audio-video and office equipment, including a personal

                      g. A professional and personal commitment to physical activity and well being;

                      h. Highest professional standards and sensitivity to privacy issues related to any
                         individual and/or health matters in the conduct of any services provided under
                         this contract. Further, in connection with your provision of exercise services,
                         you may be subject to HIPAA privacy regulations while under County contract
                         to the extent that you transmit covered transactions electronically.

                      i. As appropriate, possession of appropriate credentials for optional services
                         provided under this contract: certification as a personal fitness trainer and/or
                         exercise instructor and/or possession of other relevant documentation that certifies
                         one's competency to conduct fitness services on a fee for service basis;

                      j. Evidence of current CPR and first aid certification for all assigned staff and/or
                         sub-contractors who are providing on-site exercise services and/or training,
                         evidence of current general liability and professional liability coverage in an
                         amount not less than $1 million, and Workers’ Compensation coverage, if

                      k. All County contractors with contracts over $5,000 must comply with the
                         County Ordinance code with respect to the provision of employee benefits; as
                         set forth in the ordinance, such Contractors are prohibited from discriminating

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\996b9e7c-4b94-416a-8d19-eeab0d854f17.doc                                      Page 15 of 17
                           in the provision of employee benefits between an employee with a domestic
                           partner and an employee with a spouse. (A copy of the Ordinance is attached.)

    B. Evaluation Criteria

         A County RFP Review Committee will evaluate all proposals received. Proposals will be
         evaluated, based on the criteria below. Proposals will be screened and a group of finalists
         selected for a panel interview and/or site visit. The most qualified individual or firm will be
         recommended to the Board of Supervisors for approval.

         Ultimate acceptance or rejection of the recommended proposal, and execution of a
         contractual agreement thereto, is the independent sole legal prerogative of the County,
         notwithstanding any recommendations made by the County RFP Review Committee. All
         responses to this Request for Services become the exclusive property of the County. Any
         and all costs incurred by the RFP respondents in the preparation of proposals are entirely the
         responsibility of the respondent.

         To be evaluated, a proposal should adhere to the format for proposals detailed above. The
         criteria used as a guideline in the evaluation shall include, but not be limited to, the

                      1. Academic preparation, prior experience and demonstrated competence
                         including technical ability in conducting comparable programs.

                      2. Proposed workplan, timeframes and approach/methodology to completing the

                      3. Cost and ability to complete the work within acceptable time periods.

                      4. Effectiveness of response to the supplemental questions.

                      5. Demonstrated ability to work effectively with diverse populations.

                      6. Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively in non-technical, easily
                         understood language both verbally and in concise written form.

                      7. Personal intervention style that reflects the County's philosophy of interactive,
                         experiential learning

                      8. Working familiarity with local governments.

                      9. References from former clients.

    C. Local Preference

         All other factors being substantially equal, preference will be given to Proposers located
         within San Mateo County.

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