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									                  B E T H T I K VA H CO N G R E G AT I O N
                  C H A I L I G H T S HIGH HOLIDAYS 5772 SEPT 2011

                                         HIGH HOLIDAY SERVICES
Saturday, September 24     Selichot                    8:00 pm   Friday, October 7      Kol Nidre                 6:00 pm
                                                                 Saturday, October 8    Yom Kippur                9:00 am
Wednesday, September 28 Erev Rosh Hashanah             6:30 pm   Saturday, October 8    Mincha/Neila              4:30 pm

Thursday, September 29     1st Day Rosh Hashanah       8:30 am   Thursday, October 13   1st Day Sukkot            9:30 am
Thursday, September 29     Tashlich & Mincha Service   5:30 pm   Friday, October 14     2nd Day Sukkot            9:30 am
Friday, September 30       2nd Day Rosh Hashanah       8:30 am
                           Shabbat Service             6:00 pm   Thursday, October 20   Shemini Atzeret, Yizkor   9:30 am
                                                                 Thursday, October 20   Erev Simchat Torah        6:00 pm
Sunday, October 2         Kever Avot                  11:00 am   Friday, October 21     Simchat Torah             9:30 am
(Cemetery Visitation/Memorial Service at Beth Tikvah Cemetery)
    FROM OUR RABBI                                                                                    Claudio Kaiser-Blueth

  t is a common practice that at the end of the school year         bear our trials more beautifully than we ever dreamed we
I students receive their report cards. Teachers report to the
parents how their children have done indicating their
                                                                    could, to whip the tempter inside and out as we never
                                                                    whipped him before, to give as we have never given, to do our
strengths, accomplishments, and also where they need to             work with more force and a finer finish than ever, - this is the
improve. In fact, every person who works under a manager            true idea, - to get ahead of ourselves. To beat someone else is
will receive an evaluation report every so often. It helps the      a game, or to be beaten, may mean much or little. To beat our
worker to realize how he is performing, gives the manager the       own game means a great deal. Whether we win or not, we are
opportunity to congratulate and commend the worker and              playing better than we ever did before, and that’s the point
encourage the worker to perform even better. This is how we         after all - to play a better game of life.”
advance in life by checking and evaluating our performance.
We may feel nervous and some even may fear to be told about       These are the days when we are about to put on balance our life’s
their weaknesses.                                                 ideals and achievements. These days we dare to ask ourselves
                                                                  not so much where we are but what direction are we taking.
We seldom have the opportunity to check and evaluate where These days we should ponder on the idea that man is always
we are in terms of our own life. If we may be scared to receive a trying to make something for himself rather than something
report card from our boss, how much more from our conscience of himself.
or from Him whom we are ultimately accountable to for our
lives. But by being accountable for our actions and the quality May we all accept courageously the challenge to receive one
of our lives, we are able to grow and reach higher and higher more time our spiritual report card and learn again to play the
goals.                                                            game of life to be better than yesterday.

Maltie Babcock said a powerful truth: “Our business in life is not Susy and I would like to wish you a healthy new year, a year of
to get ahead of other people, but to get ahead of ourselves. To spiritual accomplishments, of inner peace and may there be
break our own record, to outstrip our yesterdays by todays, to peace in Israel and the world.

                       PLEASE NOTE…                                                  WHEN A DEATH OCCURS…
                                                                                Call the synagogue office at 604-271-6262.
In respect of Shabbat and on Holy Days, kindly refrain from using    After business hours contact Rabbi Kaiser-Blueth at 604-275-4455
cellular phones, cameras, or any other electronic equipment,         or Francie Steen at 604-272-7871. On Shabbat or Yom Tov contact
applauding, or chewing gum in the synagogue.                         Francie.

If you wish to honour the memory of a dear one, a most fitting, traditional and dignified remembrance is through a Yahrzeit Plaque
and Light. Each Yahrzeit Plaque, bearing the name and yahrzeit date, is mounted on the bronze tablet in the Foyer. It is lit on the
Shabbat of the week of the yahrzeit and on the four festivals during the year when Yizkor is recited.
                                           Call Francie, 604-271-6262 to order a plaque.
2                                                                                                        BETH TIKVAH CONGREGATION
   FROM OUR PRESIDENT                                                                                         Stewart Cohen

    s we look forward to the fall season, and with it, the High     Festival. We had our booth next to those from Richmond
A   Holydays, I always get excited about preparing for dinners
and reunions with family and friends, and to be reminded,
                                                                    Jewish Day School, Eitz Chaim, Chabad, and Young Israel.
                                                                    Thank you to Susan Numerow and Deborah Freedman for
again, about how quickly our children have grown. It is a time      planning our booth, and all those who helped out during the
to count our blessings, to give thanks for being able to live       day.
another year, to share this special time with loved ones, to
enjoy big round challah loaves, apples and honey, and to hear       On August 11, Beth Tikvah hosted a Canadian Blood Services
the Shofar once more.                                               Blood Donor Clinic. It was very gratifying to see our social hall
                                                                    used for such a purpose. It can be challenging to find suitable
One of these blessings is that our synagogue is alive and well,     spaces, and the Clinic staff and participants said they were
and that our members continue to do great things for our            very happy to have the opportunity to use ours, and looked
congregation and community. On June 27, the 5th Annual              forward to coming back. Thank you to David Numerow for
Golf Tournament was held to support Beth Tikvah and the             making this possible.
Richmond chapter of BC Special Olympics. This has become
such an important fundraiser as it helps us to maintain our    Finally, by the time you read this edition of Chai Lights, our
programming and operations. It is a major event, with many     new sanctuary door will have been installed. This has been a
volunteers and well over a hundred participants. David Newman  lengthy undertaking involving several contractors, 2 previous
and Issy Steen are to be congratulated for their leadership in Boards, and many months of planning, as well as fundraising
organizing this event on behalf of our congregation, and a big in order to pay for this important renovation. Thank you to Jeff
                                                               Rothberg for his leadership, David Tarnow and David Ail for
thank you to all the volunteers who made the day a great success.
                                                               their support, and many others who donated their time and
On July 1, Beth Tikvah joined with other Richmond Jewish orga- expertise to help make this possible.
nizations as the Richmond Kehila coordinated our collective
participation in the annual Canada Day Steveston Salmon Shana Tova Umetukah

                                      HIGH HOLIDAY MACHZOR
                 Please call the office if you need to purchase a Machzor for the Holidays.
                                      If you require a large print version,
                     the office has several that are available for use during the services.

BETH TIKVAH CONGREGATION                                                                                                           3
     OFFICE NEWS & VIEWS                                                                                     Francie Steen

  n Judaism, the word “sin” can refer to many different things.    to the process of teshuvah. This year Selichot will be on
I We sin when we break God’s laws. We sin when we hurt
others. We sin when we do things that hurt ourselves. During
                                                                   Saturday evening, September 24th at 8:00pm. It is held a
                                                                   week before Rosh Hashanah in order to give people a chance
the High Holidays we have many opportunities to demonstrate        to reflect on the changes of behaviour that they wish to make.
to God that we have made sincere efforts to change our             I look forward to joining you at Beth Tikvah for Selichot.
behaviour from that which is hurtful or wrong to that which
is constructive and healing. We also have many opportunities to    On that note, may we all start 5772 by reflecting on our
reflect on our behaviour and ask for God’s help to lead better     behaviour and asking for God’s help in leading better lives.
                                                                 On behalf of my family and myself, we wish you all a Shana Tova…
Many Jews prepare spiritually for Rosh Hashanah and Yom may we all find inner peace and may we all be inscribed in the
Kippur by attending Selichot (forgiveness). The Selichot service Book of Life for a healthy, sweet and prosperous new year.
is designed to help worshippers direct their hearts and minds

            Shabbat Candle Lighting                                                       Havdallah
    October 7        6:21 pm     Baruch atah adonai eloheinu       October 1          7:39 pm      December 3         5:10 pm
    October 14       6:07 pm     melekh ha-olam, asher kid’shanu   October 8          7:24 pm      December 10        5:09 pm
    October 21       5:53 pm     b’mitzvotav, v’tzivanu l’hadlik   October 15         7:10 pm      December 17        5:10 pm
    October 28       5:40 pm     ner shel Shabbat.                 October 22         6:58 pm      December 24        5:14 pm
                                                                   October 29         6:46 pm      December 31        5:19 pm
    November 4       5:28 pm     Praised are You, Lord our G-d,
                                 King of the universe whose
    November 11      4:18 pm                                       November 5         6:35 pm
                                 mitzvot add holiness to our
    November 18      4:10 pm                                       November 12        5:26 pm
                                 lives and who gave us the
    November 25      4:03 pm                                       November 19        5:19 pm
                                 mitzvah to kindle Shabbat
                                 light.                            November 26        5:13 pm
    December 2       3:58 pm
    December 9       3:56 pm
    December 16      3:57 pm
    December 23      3:59 pm
    December 30      4:05 pm

4                                                                                                     BETH TIKVAH CONGREGATION
                             ADAM RUBIN                                             DANIEL RUBIN
                                                 Sons of Toby and Sidney Rubin
                                                      November 12, 2011
                                                        Parashat Vayera
                             Adam and Daniel attended Beth Tikvah preschool in the 2 year old and 3
                             year old programs. They attended RJDS from 4 year old preschool through
                             grade 7. Currently they are at Hugh Boyd. Both love hockey and have been
                             playing since they were 4 years old. They love to watch and play just about
                             every sport.

   ADULT EDUCATION                                                                                                  Bob Urist

    his year, under the leadership of Robert Urist as our Adult We are also organizing an exciting new program, our ‘expert
T   Education chairperson, we will be offering several series of and scholars’ series. The first set of these sessions will be a
classes and lectures which will be of interest to all.           series of three classes to grasp the implications of the message
                                                                 of the Holocaust, trying to dive into the Soul of the Shoah. These
Our on-going Adult Education classes have been changed to lectures will be given by three different people, beginning
Tuesday night from 7:00 to 8:00 pm to accommodate more on Tuesday Nov. 8th, followed on Nov. 22nd and Dec. 13th
members. We will be discussing the general theme of ‘Toward starting at 7:00 p.m.
a Meaningful Life’ which will include such wide ranging topics
as: ‘Do I matter in this world and universe?’, ‘Exploring love, Finally, for those interested in learning to read or to improve
relationships and intimacy’, and ‘Life’s challenges: how do we their Hebrew in order to be able to pray and sing along with
deal with pain, loss and suffering?’. .                          everyone in our synagogue, we have the course for you.
                                                                 Taught by Hannah Frankel, beginning on Monday Oct. 17
In addition, we will offering be Introduction to Judaism, which there will be two classes: Complete Beginners reading
is aimed at three different group of people and interests: a) Hebrew Level 1 from 7:00 – 8:00 pm and Reading Hebrew
people who want to convert to Judaism; b) members who Level 2 from 8:00 – 9:00 pm.
never had a serious chance to understand our traditions and
values, and, finally, c) adult members who would like to have If you are interested in one or several of these courses and
their Adult Bar/ Bat Mitzvah and had never the opportunity. want to start this new Jewish Year with a commitment
We promise you that you will come out of these classes towards our Jewish People and our Tradition, just come and be
extremely enriched and satisfied. Just ask those members part of the lucky ones.
who took the class in the past. These classes will be on Tuesday
from 8:00 to 9.15 pm.

BETH TIKVAH CONGREGATION                                                                                                         5
HELP GROW OUR SYNAGOGUE - VOLUNTEERS WANTED                       you know a family that is juggling Christmas and Chanukah?
As the demographics at Beth Tikvah are shifting, there is an      We want to hear from you.
increasing need to attract new families to the Shul. Volunteers   Please contact Tova Wolinsky at 604.448.0740
are needed to work on a combined recruitment and program-
ming committee. If you have a passion to help grow the      NEW FAMILIES
synagogue and you would like to see Beth Tikvah tweak some  Do you know unaffiliated families who are not attending a
of our programming initiatives we want to hear from you.    Synagogue for High Holidays? We want to reach out to them
Please contact Susan Numerow at 604.274.0955                and invite them to Beth Tikvah to connect and nourish their
                                                            hearts and minds. We would be thrilled if you would consider
INTERFAITH FAMILIES                                         passing along their names so that we can make a Beth Tikvah
There is no doubt that the Lower Mainland has the fastest connection.
growing inter-faith family demographic in North America. Do Please contact Deborah Freedman at 604.241.0490

                                                                  GIFT SHOP SALE!
                                                                             The Gift Shop is having a
                                                                                 2 DAY SALE
                                                                               with everything from
                                                                             10% to 50% off
                                                                   Especially for the sale, the shop will be open
                                                                               at the following times:
                                                              Saturday, September 24th from 8:00 pm to 9:15 pm
                                                              Sunday, September 25th from 9:15 am to 12:15 pm

                 In the shop you can find shofars, New Year’s cards and apple and honey plates
    for Rosh Hoshana as well as our regularly stocked items. We have some truly lovely new challah plates,
       candlesticks, mezuzot, tallit and tallis clips. We are now stocking Havdallah candles and also have
           some beautiful, colourful Shabbat candles from Safed. The shop has lots for children: toys,
                       tzdakah boxes, books, CDs, puzzles, holiday activity kits and more.

                      Even if you can’t make it for the sale, come during normal Beth Tikvah office hours
                    and take a look all that the Gift Shop has to offer. We look forward to seeing you here!

6                                                                                                    BETH TIKVAH CONGREGATION
   WELCOMING IN SHABBAT AT GARRY POINT                                                                            Julian Collis

     e are very fortunate to have many members of our family        perfect. There were about 30 of our BT congregants together
W    with us in Vancouver and we invariably spend our Friday
nights together. This was always our custom in the old country
                                                                    bringing a sense of family to the occasion. The variety of food
                                                                    was interesting from Subway sandwiches to exotic salads and
(South Africa) and it was agreed that we carried on the tradition   fish dishes. Fruit seemed to be the main dessert and it was the
on our emigration to Canada.                                        height of cherry season so they were amazing.

However, on Friday 12th August, all our children were on Rabbi Claudio was in a great, happy mood having just completed
vacation and the grandchildren away at camp. So we decided his domestic move. He emphasized the beauty of Nature and
to join the Beth Tikvahniks for a Shabbat picnic at Garry Point. how fortunate we were to be able to share the spectacular
                                                                 surroundings while performing the mitzvah of prayer.
What a special evening it turned out to be. The weather was

     ast month, my sister and I had the opportunity to donate       kosher snacks), went very smoothly and methodically. I
 L   blood through a Canadian Blood Services clinic that had
 been setup for the day at Beth Tikvah. It is something that
                                                                    learned a lot in the hour I was there, and gained a greater
                                                                    appreciation for those who give their time to help collect
 I had talked about doing for some time, and which my               the blood. I found it interesting that we, as donors, were
 sister does on a regular basis, and having Beth Tikvah provide     being thanked for giving our time (and blood), when it
 this opportunity for the community allowed me to take              really should have been the opposite, and we should have
 advantage of this. Upon our arrival, it was wonderful to see       been thanking those who made this opportunity possible. I
 not only so many of our congregants, but an equal number           encourage all congregants to go and give blood whenever
 of individuals arriving from outside the Jewish community to       you can. It can go a long way in making a difference in the
 donate. The whole process, from completing the necessary           lives of many.
 paperwork, to giving blood, to spending time at the ‘recovery’
 station (which was filled with a wonderful collection of           Josh Ail

JEWISH JEOPARDY: We give the answer. You give the question.
A: Babylon                                                          A: Kishka, sukkah, and circumcision
Q: What does the rabbi do during some sermons?                      Q: What are a gut, a hut, and a cut?
A: The Gaza Strip                                                   And speaking of circumcisions: An enterprising Rabbi is offering
Q: What is an Egyptian Belly Dance?                                 circumcisions via the Internet. The service is to be called…
                                                                    "E- MOIL."
A: A classroom, a Passover ceremony, and a latke
Q: What are a cheder, a seder, and a tater?                         BONUS QUESTION:
                                                                    If a doctor carries a black bag and a plumber carries a tool box,
A: Filet Minyan
                                                                    what does a mohel carry?
Q: What do you call steaks ordered by 10 Jews?
                                                                    A bris kit! (Oy Vey!)
BETH TIKVAH CONGREGATION                                                                                                           7
    osh HaShanah (‫ )ראש השנה‬is the Jewish New Year. It             Rosh HaShanah is observed on the first two days of Tishrei.
R   falls once a year during the month of Tishrei and occurs ten
days before Yom Kippur. Together, Rosh HaShanah and Yom
                                                                   Jewish tradition teaches that during the High Holy Days God
                                                                   decides who will live and who will die during the coming year.
Kippur are known as the Yamim Nora’im, which means the             As a result, during Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur (and in the
Days of Awe in Hebrew. In English they are often referred to as    days leading up to them) Jews embark upon the serious task
the High Holy Days.                                                of examining their lives and repenting for any wrongs they
                                                                   have committed during the previous year. This process of
The Meaning of Rosh HaShanah                                       repentance is called teshuvah. Jews are encouraged to make
Rosh HaShanah literally means “Head of the Year” in Hebrew.        amends with anyone they have wronged and to make plans
It falls in the month of Tishrei, which is the seventh month on    for improving during the coming year. In this way, Rosh
the Hebrew calendar. The reason for this is because the            HaShanah is all about making peace in the community and
Hebrew calendar begins with the month of Nissan (when it's         striving to be a better person.
believed the Jews were freed from slavery in Egypt) but the
month of Tishrei is believed to be the month in which God Even though the theme of Rosh HaShanah is life and death, it
created the world. Hence, another way to think about Rosh is a holiday filled with hope for the New Year. Jews believe
HaShanah is as the birthday of the world.                       that God is compassionate and just, and that God will accept
                                                                their prayers for forgiveness.

Yom Kippur                                                         searching at this time of the year, and apologize to others for
    tarting on the first day of the month "Elul" ("Rosh Chodesh    anything that may have caused them pain. At the end of Yom
S   Elul"), many Jews get up every night and go to the syna-
gogue, a custom which is known as Selichot. There they pray
                                                                   Kippur, God's "Book of Life" is closed and sealed until the next
for forgiveness until morning comes, and then go to work? The
custom becomes more and more intense, and reaches a peak         Yom Kippur, which is observed on the 10th day of the the
on the 10 days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur,             Hebrew month "Tishrei", is the most sacred of all Jewish holi-
known as the "Yamim Nora'im" ("The Days of Awe"). During         days. It is a day of reflection and penitence. In practice one
these days Jews ask God and each other for forgiveness, and      may say that Yom Kippur is a day of NOT doing things: It is
greet each other with the blessing "May you be inscribed in      forbidden to eat and drink, to wash, to use perfumes and
the Book of Life".                                               lotions, to have intercourse, and to wear leather shoes. During
                                                                 this day Jews meet in the synagogue and say prayers from the
According to the Jewish religion, Yom Kippur is the "dead-line" Machzor.
for changing one's ways and being forgiven for bad deeds. The
meaning of the name "Yom Kippur" is "The Day of Atonement". In contrast to the fasting and praying on Yom Kippur, the day
In order to be inscribed in God's "Book of Life" (and be granted before Yom Kippur is a day of eating and asking other people
a happy new year), it is not enough to pray and be forgiven by for forgiveness. Before sunset each family usually has a big
God, but a person must also make sure he hurt no other people, meal, and then the fast begins. That evening, at the synagogue,
broke no vows, and was forgiven by others for any sorrow he a prayer named "Kol Nidre" ("all the vows") is said three
accidentally caused them. One cannot be forgiven by God for times, which signifies the importance of keeping vows in the
hurting other people, and therefore it is customary to do soul- Jewish tradition.
8                                                                                                      BETH TIKVAH CONGREGATION
    om Kippur ends with a prayer called "Neila" ("locking").         command in Leviticus, 25, says: "In the seventh month, on the
Y   Throughout this prayer, the doors of the Ark (in which the
bible scrolls are kept) remain open all the time. This symbol-
                                                                     tenth day of the month, the day of Yom Kippur, you shall have
                                                                     the horn sounded throughout the land". The congregation
izes the belief that God is listening to our prayers, and that the   then says a traditional blessing "Next year in Jerusalem", and
gates of heaven are open. Then the Shofar is blown, as the           this indicates that Yom Kippur is over.

ROSH HASHANAH GREETINGS                                              used between Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur. It wishes oth-
L'Shanah Tovah Tikatevu                                              ers well in the new year.
Literal Hebrew to English Translation: "May you be inscribed
(in the Book of Life) for a good year." This traditional Rosh  Yom Tov
HaShanah greeting wishes others a good year and is often       Literal Hebrew to English Translation: "Good Day." This phrase
shorted to "Shanah Tovah" (Good Year).                         is often used in place of the English word "holiday" during the
                                                               High Holy Days of Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur. Somes
Gemar Chatimah Tovah                                           Jews will also use the Yiddish Phrase "Gut Yuntiff," which
Literal Hebrew to English Translation: "May your final sealing means "Good Yom Tov" or "Good Holiday."
(in the Book of Life) be good." This greeting is traditionally

Kiddish                                                           Shofar
Kiddish is the prayer over wine or grape juice that is recited on A shofar is a Jewish instrument most often made from a ram's
the Jewish Sabbath (Shabbat) and on Jewish holidays.              horn, though it can also be made from the horn of a sheep or
                                                                  goat. It makes a trumpet-like sound and is traditionally blown
Machzor                                                           on Rosh HaShanah.
Machzor is a Jewish prayer book used on certain Jewish holidays
(Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Passover, Shavuot, Sukkot).           Tashlich
                                                                  Tashlich means "casting off." In the Rosh Hashanah tashlich
Mitzvah                                                           ceremony, people symbolically cast their sins into a body of
Mitzvot (plural of mitzvah) are often translated as "good deeds" water.
but the word "mitzvah" literally means "commandment (from
God). It is a mitzvah on Rosh Hashanah to hear the shofar.        Torah
                                                                  Torah is the text of the Jewish people. It contains five books:
Selichot                                                          Genesis (Breisheet), Exodus (Shemot), Leviticus (Vayikra),
Selichot are penitential prayers recited in the days leading up Numbers (Ba'midbar) and Deuteronomy (Devarim).
to the Jewish High Holidays.

BETH TIKVAH CONGREGATION                                                                                                         9
    he holiday of Sukkot has been blessed with many beautiful        that God did for us when we left Egypt. These are the simple
 T  laws and customs: the recitation of Hallel, Ushpizin (wel-
 coming our ancestors as honored guests), Hoshanot, the
                                                                     reasons given by the Torah for observing this holiday

 Simchat Bet Hasho'evah celebrations, reading the book of            While the Sukkah hut gives the Sukkot holiday its name, this
 Kohelet, and, of course, blessing and waving the Arba'ah            festival has two other main symbols: the lulav and etrog. A lulav
 Minim - the four species. Yet, needless to say, the most basic      is a slender palm branch that is held together with two willow
 mitzvah is that of dwelling in a sukkah. But why do we sit in the   branches and three willow branches. An etrog is a citron that
 sukkah? The Torah itself gives two reasons, one agricultural        looks mostly like a misshapen lemon but smells like heaven.
 and one historical.                                                 The branches and fruit are waved each day Sukkot, except on
                                                                     Shabbat, in a specific manner for a variety of reasons.
 1) The agricultural reason is found in two places in the Torah:
 a. Exodus 23:16: "and the Feast of Ingathering at the end of        The mitzvah to take a lulav and etrog together on Sukkot
 the year, when you gather in the results of your work from          comes from the Torah. “On the first day you shall take the
 the field". b. Deut. 16: 13, 15: "After the ingathering from        product of the beautiful (hadar) tree, branches of palm trees,
 your threshing floor and your vat, you shall hold the Feast of      thick branches of leafy trees, and willows of the brook and
 Booths for seven days. You shall hold a festival in the place       you shall rejoice before the Lord your God for seven days”
 that the Lord will choose, for the Lord your God will bless all     (Leviticus 23:40).
 your crops and all your undertakings, and you shall have
 nothing but joy".                                                   Other translations name the thick branches of leafy tees as
                                                                     “braided branches.” Myrtles are known as braided branches
 Thus, according to these verses, Sukkot is a holiday of thanks-     because their branches are thick with leaves that grow in sets
 giving for the harvest.                                             of three. Each set overlaps the one above it, creating the
                                                                     appearance of a braid. When the Temple stood in Jerusalem,
 2) The historical reason is found in the book of Leviticus          the Jewish people used lulav and etrog on the first day. Only
 (23:42-43): You shall live in booths seven days; all citizens in    the Kohanim who served in the Temple used the lulav and
 Israel shall live in booths. In order that future generations       etrog for the rest of the holiday. Once the Temple was
 may know that I made the Israelite people live in booths            destroyed, the rabbis decreed that all Jews should wave the
 when I brought them out of the land of Egypt.                       lulav and etrog all seven days as a remembrance of Temple
 Thus, according to Leviticus, we sit in the sukkah in order to
 retain a historical link with our ancestors and to remember all

                                            THE SUKKOT STORY
   n observant Jew, who lived on Park Avenue, built a Sukkah         In court, the man was very worried about the outcome. It was
A  on his balcony. Some of his “high society” non-Jewish
neighbours brought him to court. They claimed that the
                                                                     the eve of the eight-day holiday, leaving him no time to make
                                                                     alternative arrangements, in case the judge ordered him to
Sukkah on his balcony was an eyesore and was having a                take down the Sukkah.
negative impact on the value of their homes in this posh
neighbourhood.                                                       He prayed for help…and Hashem listened. Judge Ginsberg,
10                                                                                                        BETH TIKVAH CONGREGATION
who was Jewish himself, had a reputation of being a very wise You have no right to be putting up an ugly hut on this lovely
man.                                                          street without a building permit authorizing it. I hereby rule that
                                                              either you remove the hut, or I fine you one thousand dollars.
After hearing both sides, he turned around to the observant
Jew and scolded him: “Don’t you realize that you live in Park You have exactly eight days to do so! Next case!”
Avenue, and not in Brooklyn? There is a certain decorum
which is expected on Park Avenue.

                                                  HONEY CAKE
                                                       by Tammar Stein
    or me, Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, comes down half a dozen stamps stuck in the upper right corner. The cake
F   to this: a recipe for good luck baked down from mother to would sit on our counter, wrapped in plastic until Rosh Hashanah
daughter for the length of our family’s collective memory.       dinner, promising future sweetness, future happiness and joy.
                                                                 And when we would eat it with our guests we knew our family
My great-grandmother had baked honey cake for as long as in Israel was with us as well.
my grandmother remembers. None of us know for sure how
long the recipe has been in our family, but it has been passed Year after year passed. Some sweeter than others. I grew up. I
down, unchanged, mother to daughter for as long as I know. left home. I got married. I moved across an ocean and settled
                                                                 down in Germany.
More important than the appetizer or main course, a Rosh
Hashanah meal is defined by dessert. For on a dinner where The next Rosh Hashanah, my first not with my family, I called
sweetness is the prevailing theme, possibly determining the my mother for the recipe. I thought I would be sad when I made
entire tone of the upcoming year, dessert is the most important my honey cake, my first all alone. But instead as I set out the
course of all. And forever in my family, that most important ingredients, I could see my grandmother in Israel, my mother
dessert has been honey cake.                                     in Virginia, and me, in Germany, all doing the same thing,
                                                                 following the same instructions. Steeping the cup of tea,
When my family left Israel and moved to Virginia, my elderly measuring flour, sugar, and honey in global synchronization.
great-grandmother sent us a honey cake every Rosh Hashanah.
The cake was dark, almost black, sticky and sweet. It carried in On three continents, three different time zones, three different
it every good wish, every happy memory she could send from languages playing on the radio, we were united. I felt their
Israel. It symbolized everything a grandmother could send echoes in my batter. Felt their warm breath as I opened the
you to protect you and love you.                                 oven. And when my cakes were ready, filling the house with
                                                                 that wonderful rich smell, looking so familiar, I knew that my
When my great-grandmother passed away, my grandmother great-grandmother was still with me, her blessings and sweet
picked up the tradition and we continued to receive cakes, wishes as fresh and alive as when I was a child. I could feel my
every September, in the mail. It was always exciting to receive grandmother’s love and my mother’s love unite us across
the package, wrapped in brown paper, tied with white string, oceans and I knew, this year would be just wonderful.
BETH TIKVAH CONGREGATION                                                                                                      11
OCTOBER BIRTHDAYS          Harvey Mendelzys           Gabriel Deutsch           Danny Zack                Aron Gutman
Andrew Altow               Lisa Altow                 Vicki Northy              Anne Hazon                Tammi Belfer
Leah Jackson               Issy Steen                 Shlomo Sulimani           Robert Moutal             Terrie Moss
Miles Alperstein           Carla Zivot                Ros Fielding                                        Rabbi Claudio Kaiser-
Tom Satanove               Albert Abah                Shirley Knopp             DECEMBER BIRTHDAYS        Blueth
Nanci Cohen                Jorge Hartmann             Debbie Nider              Heather Baker             Stewart Cohen
Jean Bortnick              Max Mintzberg              Elaine Nixon              Kevin Krygier             Howard Harowitz
Hannah Frankel             Ruth Wolochow              Sally Druker              Darryl Segal              Mindi Cofman
David Tarnow               Lou Corrin                 Rob Grad                  Mary Powell               Ed Gavsie
Al Hersh                   Jeff Rothberg              Ralph Aknin               Rose Slutsky              Sarina Hartmann
Tami Belfer                Neal Nep                   Barbi Waterman            Roxana Frydman            Julia Gilaev
Marvin Nider               Gloria Zimerman            Robert Parker             Muriel Turner             Allan Seltzer
Sean Moss                  Ian Felgar                 Colin Plotkin             Gabriela Moutal           Anat Halevy
Adam Osten                                            Donna Felgar              Sergio Dratwa             Sid Rubin
Sheryl Rosenhek            NOVEMBER BIRTHDAYS         Linda Shane               Uri Kolet                 Danny Waterman
Marc Magnan                Brad Kahn                  Marty Charach             David Newman              Sandy Youssiem
Rose Farkas                Janis Ross                 Yoram Halevy              Linda Rothberg            Samara David
Bradley Chenkis            Liliana Segal              Estelle Bleet             Ron Imerman               Beth Gubbay
Mark David                 Taly Osten                 Jeanine Slater            Bud Wolochow              Sam Slutzky
David Freedman             Dana Schwartz              Helena Obadia             Harvey Berenbaum          Valerie Zack
Marilyn Ehrlich            Michael Poullos            Rabbi Joseph Saltoun      Arne Silverman

OCTOBER ANNIVERSARIES      NOVEMBER                   Andrew & Lisa Altow       Berenbaum                 Larry & Wendy Kahn
Paul & Robyn Skolnik       ANNIVERSARIES              Hyman & Myra Gutman       Abe & Isabel Lank         Michael & Vicki Northy
David & Deborah            David & Ruth Freedman      Randy & Sheryl Rosenhek                             Ben & Heather Baker
Freedman                   Sean & Audrey Moss         Glenn & Deborah Davis     DECEMBER                  Marty & Elaine Nixon
Jerry & Estelle Bleet      Otto & Rose Farkas                                   ANNIVERSARIES
                                                      Trevor & Dawn Hurwitz                               David & Linda Malchy
Boris & Janine Chenkis     Allan Seltzer & Mindy                                Colin & Cheryl Plotkin
                                                      Ralph Bigio & Dana                                  Sid & Toby Rubin
Mal & Lolita Cofman        Zimmering                                            Dan & Barbi Waterman
Kevin Krygier & Jeanna     Joe & Beth Gubbay                                    Laurence & Robin Segal
                                                      Sam & Janine Krikler
Gavsie                     Jeff & Iowna Wachtel                                 Jeremy & Eleanor Braude
                                                      Alex & Helena Obadia
Larry & Donna Moscovitz    Michael & Lori Yelizarov                             David & Melinda Newman
                                                      Harvey & Esther

                                             BULLETIN SCHEDULE
                        Please submit all information to the office before the deadlines.
 DEADLINE                EDITON        DISTRIBUTION DEADLINE                  EDITON                         DISTRIBUTION
 October 11                Regular              October 17          March 12                Pesach                March 22
 November 23              Chanukah              December 6          May 2                  Regular                 May 7
 January 12                Regular              January 16          June 4                 Summer                 June 18
 February 13                Purim               February 22
12                                                                                                    BETH TIKVAH CONGREGATION
                                 Please join us on

 Wednesday, sePtember 21st, at 7:30 pm at beth tikvah
     to discuss the intinerary, highlights of the trip & answer any questions

                   don’t miss out on this fabulous opportunity!
                      travel with your beth tikvah family!

                      Please rsvP to
                    or call the beth tikvah office - 604-271-6262

14                                                                  BETH TIKVAH CONGREGATION
   hemini Atzeret, meaning "the eighth day of assembly," is        brought to the Temple in Jerusalem on Shemini Atzeret. But
S  a Biblical Jewish holiday that follows the Jewish festival of
Sukkot. It is written: "On the eighth day you should hold a
                                                                   once the Temple was destroyed, the only Shemini Atzeret
                                                                   ritual that remained was the liturgy requesting rain for a
solemn gathering; you shall not work at your occupation"           plentiful year.
(Numbers 29:35).
                                                        After the prayer for rain is recited on Shemini Atzeret, the
Praying for Rain                                        phrase Masheev HaRuach U-Moreed HaGeshem (He causes
Shemini Atzeret marks the beginning of the rainy season the wind to blow and the rain to fall) is inserted into the
following the harvest in Israel.                        Amidah prayer until Passover.

The prayer for rain, Tefilat Geshem, is the only ritual that is Ashkenazi Jews recite the Memorial Prayer, Yizkor, on Shemini
unique to Shemini Atzeret. In ancient times, an offering was Atzeret.
    imchat Torah is a celebratory Jewish holiday that marks Tishrei. The differences in date are due to the fact that many
S   the completion of the annual Torah reading cycle. Simchat holidays celebrated outside the land of Israel have an addi-
Torah literally means "Rejoicing in the Law" in Hebrew.         tional day added to them because in ancient times the rabbis
                                                                worried that without this extra day Jews might become
The Meaning of Simchat Torah                                    confused about the date and accidentally end their holiday
Throughout the year, a set portion of the Torah is read each observances early.
week. On Simchat Torah that cycle is finished when the last
verses of Deuteronomy are read. The first few verses of Genesis Celebrating Simchat Torah
are read immediately afterward, thereby starting the cycle Simchat Torah services begin in the evening, at the start of the
again. For this reason, Simchat Torah is a joyous holiday holiday. The Torah scrolls are removed from the ark and given
celebrating having completed the study of God's word and to members of the congregation to hold, then they march
looking forward to hearing those words again during the around the synagogue and everyone kisses the Torah scrolls as
coming year.                                                    they pass. This ceremony is known as hakafot, which means
                                                                "to march around" in Hebrew. Once the Torah holders return
When Is Simchat Torah?                                          to the ark everyone forms a circle around them and dances -
In Israel, Simchat Torah is celebrated on the twenty-second first dance is completed the scrolls are handed to other mem-
day of the Hebrew month of Tishrei, directly after Sukkot. bers of the congregation and the ritual begins anew.
Outside of Israel it is celebrated on the twenty-third day of

                                     ADDITIONAL TRIP TO ISRAEL
     s you can see from reading our Chai Lights, we are VERY parents and children. If there is enough interest expressed,
 A   delighted to announce a proposed trip to Spain and Israel. we can begin discussions for it as well!!
 The trip is planned for February 19th to March 7, 2012.
                                                                For more information and/or to register, please call the office
 A number of people have inquired about organizing an addi- at 604-271-6262.
 tional trip to Israel to coincide with summer holidays for
BETH TIKVAH CONGREGATION                                                                                                     15
                                      In Support of One Another…

BOARD OF DIRECTORS FUND                 Hilda Stone                              JACK & DIANE ACEMAN
Derek Henriques                          Wishing you a speedy recovery           MEMORIAL FUND
 Wishing you a speedy recovery                                                   Shelley Ail
                                        Laurence & Robin Segal
                                                                                  Mazel tov on your special Birthday
Rob & Lori Grad                          Mazel tov on Jeremy’s engagement
                                                                                 Marshall & Marilyn Berger
 Mazel tov on the birth of your          to Rikki
 daughter, Chloe Hayden                  Cindy Rozen                              David & Shelley Ail
                                          Mazel tov on the birth of your Grandson In honour of your special Anniversary
Sid & Michelle Grad                                                                 & Birthdays
  Mazel tov on the birth of your         RABBI’S DISCRETIONARY FUND               Ralph & Patti
  granddaughter, Chloe Hayden            Neal & Anna Nep                          Stephen & Ellen Cronk & Sherry Goldman
                                           Mazel tov on the birth of
Ron Rozen & Lucie Levy-Spack               your grandson, Benjamin                David & Shelley Ail
 Mazel tov on the birth of your Grandson Rabbi Claudio & Susy Kaiser-Blueth         Mazel tov on all of your milestones.
                                                                                    May you have many years of good
David Tarnow                             Tyla Meyer & Family                        health & happiness.
  In memory of your father, Charles        In memory of your mother               Hannah
                                           & grandmother, Anne Rosenberg
Ralph & Patti Aknin                      Rabbi Claudio & Susy Kaiser-Blueth       David & Shelley Ail
  Mazel tov on Lara & Benny’s marriage                                              Mazel tov on your special simchas
                                         David Tarnow & Family
                                                                                  Joe & Beth Gubbay
Tyla Meyer                                 Our deepest condolences on the
                                                                                  Ron, Bev & Ruth
  In memory of your mother, Anne           loss of your beloved father
                                                                                  David & Melinda
  Rosenberg                                & grandfather, Charles
                                                                                  Robert & Thea
                                         Jeff & Robin Gelfer
Neal & Anna Nep                     Rabbi Claudio Kaiser-Blueth              Rowena Huberman & Family
 Mazel tov on the birth of your       In appreciation                         In memory of your mother &
 grandson, Benjamin                 Donna, Noah and Ian Felgar & Families     grandmother, Evelyn. So sorry for your
                                    Alex Jackson, Marcy Glanzberg & Families  loss – it’s truly the end of a wonderful
Av & Marsha Costin                                                            generation.
     Mazel tov on the birth of your Ben Baker                                David & Shelley Ail
Granddaughter                        Wishing you a very happy birthday –
                                      all our love                           BERGER/MUSHKAT FAMILY YOUTH
Morris & Marelynn Harowitz          Mom & Stan                               SCHOLARSHIP FUND
 Mazel tov on Daniel’s engagement                                            Ryan Berger & Tova Wolinsky
 to Alana                           Susy Kaiser-Blueth
                                                                              Mazel tov on your special Anniversary
                                      Mazel tov on your special Birthday –
                                                                             David & Shelley
Lori Yelizarov                        best wishes for good health & much
 Wishing you a speedy recovery        happiness
16                                                                                             BETH TIKVAH CONGREGATION
Rachel Kierszenblat                      Caron Bernstein                       Sid Kirson
 Mazel tov on your Bat Mitzvah             In memory of your husband, father     In memory of your Sister
Marshall & Marilyn Berger                  & grandfather, Frank                Ralph & Dana
                                         Jerry & Estelle Bleet
David & Shelley Ail                                                   ETTIE LEHRER WISS MEMORIAL
 Mazel tov on your special Anniversary   CAMP SOLOMON SCHECHTER BORIS LIBRARY FUND
Marshall & Marilyn Berger                COHEN MEMORIAL FUND          Gary & Arlene Nitikman
                                         David Tarnow & Family                  Mazel tov on your 30th Anniversary
Batya Saltoun                             In memory of your father             Rob & Sharon Rosenblatt
 Mazel tov on your Bat Mitzvah            & grandfather, Charles
Marshall & Marilyn Berger                David & Shelley ail                   Saul Youssiem
                                                                                Mazel tov on your 85th Birthday
Cindy Rozen & Family                     Cindy Rozen & Family                  Alan, Barb & Aaron Glasser
  In memory of your sister, Sara           In memory of your sister, Sara
Marshall & Marilyn Berger                David & Shelley Ail                   Darlene Ames & Family
                                                                                In memory of your father
Tyla Meyer & Family                      Neal & Anna Nep                        & grandfather, Max
  In memory of your mother                Mazel tov on the birth of your       Danny & Valerie Zack
  & grandmother, Anne Rosenberg           grandson, Benjamin
Marshall & Marilyn Berger                David & Shelley Ail                   NOAH YELIZAROV MEMORIAL FUND
                                                                               Shelley Ail
David Tarnow & Family                    Tyla Meyer & Family                     Mazel tov on your special Birthday
 In memory of your father                  In memory of your mother            Jeff & Linda Rothberg
 & grandfather, Charles                    & grandmother, Anne Rosenberg
Marshall & Marilyn Berger                David & Shelley Ail                   David & Shelley Ail
Ryan Berger & Tova Wolinsky                                                      Mazel tov on your special Anniversary
                                         HARRY MEYERES MEMORIAL FUND           Jeff & Linda Rothberg
Lorri Lewis                              Baryl Samuels
 In memory of your Mother                 Happy 80th Birthday                  Richie & Faye Elias
Ryan Berger & Tova Wolinsky              Babe Meyers                             Mazel tov on the birth of your
                                                                                 granddaughter, Aliza
Marilyn Berger                           RHONDA BETH GAYNOR                    Michael, Lori & Jonathan Yelizarov
 Mazel tov on your special Birthday      PRESCHOOL MEMORIAL FUND
Shayla Feldstein                         Tyla Meyer & Family                   Sandy Wolinsky & Family
Donna Felgar                               In memory of your mother             In memory of your father, grandfather
Sally Posternack                           & grandmother, Anne Rosenberg        & great grandfather, Marco
                                         Carole Gaynor                         Michael, Lori & Jonathan Yelizarov
MEMORIAL FUND                            GENE SCHWARTZ MEMORIAL FUND           Donna Felgar & Family
Frances Cohen & Family                   Lynn Kirson                            In memory of your husband, father
  In memory of your husband, father       Wishing you a speedy recovery         & grandfather, Brahm
  & grandfather, Joe                     Ralph & Dana                          Michael, Lori & Jonathan Yelizarov
Jerry & Estelle Bleet
BETH TIKVAH CONGREGATION                                                                                              17
Tyla Meyer & Family                Saul Youssiem                             Ralph & Clare Swartz
  In memory of your mother          Mazel tov & best wishes on                Mazel tov on the birth of your
  & grandmother, Anne Rosenberg     your special Birthday                     granddaughter, Chloe Hayden
Paula Verhoeven                    Carole                                    Ralph & Patti Aknin & Family
                                   Rob & Sharon Rosenblatt
Leslie Morris                                                                Sid & Michelle Grad
  On the passing of your Father    PRAYER BOOK - CHUMASH                       Mazel tov on the birth of your
Gayle & Craig                      Rabbi Claudio Kaiser-Blueth                 granddaughter, Chloe Hayden
                                    In appreciation for all your help with   Si & Mary Jane
Susy Kaiser-Blueth                  my Bat Mitzvah
 Mazel tov on your 60th Birthday   Rachel Kierszenblat                       Richie & Faye Elias
Michael, Lori & Jonathan                                                       Mazel tov on the birth of
                                   A LEAF ON BETH TIKVAH’S                     your granddaughter, Aliza
David Tarnow & Family              TREE OF LIFE                              Marty & Alisa Charach
 In memory of your father          Donna Felgar & Family                     Jeff & Bev Davis & Family
 & grandfather, Charles              In memory of your husband, father       Ron, Bev, Hayley, Raefel & Ruth
Michael & Lori Yelizarov             & grandfather, Brahm
                                   David, Shelley & Family                   Donna Felgar & Family
Cindy Rozen & Family               Charlie, Claire & Family                    In memory of your husband, father
  In memory of your sister, Sara   Peter, Debbie, Tamar & Aaron                & grandfather, Brahm
Michael & Lori Yelizarov           Issy, Francie & Family                    Lee & Sherri
                                                                             Barry & Karen Corrin
Cindy Rozen                        Saul Youssiem                             Morty & Barbara David & family
  Mazel tov on the birth of your     Mazel tov on your 85th Birthday         Jeff & Bev Davis & Family
  Grandson                         Ken & Leah                                David & Cathy Golden
Michael & Lori Yelizarov           David & Linda                             David & Gilda Good
                                   Shayla & Marvyn                           Abe & Doreen Grossman
Ron Rozen & Lucie Levy-Spack       Stan & Vivian                             Bernie & Marilyn
 Mazel tov on the birth of your                                              Philip & Linda Steiner
                                   BUILDING FUND
Michael, Lori & Jonathan                                                     Ian Felgar & Family
                                   Ron Rozen & Lucie Levy-Spack
                                                                               In memory of your father &
                                    Mazel tov on the birth of your
PRAYER BOOK FUND - SIDDUR                                                      grandfather Brahm
Charlie & Claire Hammer                                                      Jack & Barbara Cordova
                                   Ralph & Patti Aknin
 Best wishes on your Anniversary
Helen                                                                        David & Shelley Ail
                                   Rob & Lori Grad
                                                                               Mazel tov on your special Anniversary
                                     Mazel tov on the birth of your
David & Shelley Ail                                                          Mort & Barbara David
                                     daughter, Chloe Hayden
 Mazel tov on your special                                                   Richie & Faye Elias
                                   Ralph & Patti Aknin
 Anniversary                       Si & Mary Jane
Sam & Janine Krikler                                                         Shelley Ail
                                                                               Mazel tov on your special Birthday
                                                                             Richie & Faye Elias
18                                                                                         BETH TIKVAH CONGREGATION
David & Shelley Ail                    Arthur Ross                              David Tarnow & Family
 Mazel tov on your special Birthday     Mazel tov on your special Birthday        In memory of your father
 & Anniversary                         Morley Levitt                              & grandfather, Charles
Martin & Michelle Gerber                                                        Julian & Maureen Collis
Noel & Dianne Jampolsky                 Ryan Berger & Tova Wolinsky             Jeff & Bev Davis & Family
Neal & Anna Nep                           Mazel tov on your special Anniversary Donna Felgar
Arthur & Marilyn Weinstein              Jeff & Linda                            Richard Goldberg & Helen Goldberg
                                                                                Charlie & Claire Hammer
Heather Baker & Family                  Ralph & Patti Aknin                     The Imerman Family
  In memory of Brahm                      Mazel tov on Lara’s upcoming wedding Caryl Kochen
Morty & Barbara David & Family          Sid & Toby Rubin                        Marvin Lithwick & Marilyn Jordan
                                                                                Harvey & Dvora Mendelzys
Shayla Feldstein & Family
                                        Cindy Rozen & Family                    Colin & Cheryl Plotkin
  In memory of Brahm
                                          In memory of your sister, Sara        Jeff & Linda Rothberg
Morty & Barbara David &Family
                                        Ralph & Patti Aknin & Family            Ron Rozen & Lucie Levy-Spack
Ruth Singer
                                        Jeff & Bev Davis & Family               Ken Sanders & Sharon Cooper
Sandy Wolinsky & Family                 Perry & Marilyn Ehrlich & Family        Issy & Francie
  In memory of your father, grandfather Hannah Frankel                          Bob & Lisa Urist & Family
  & great grandfather, Marco            Howard & Trudy Harowitz                 Boris & Janine Chenkis
Jeff & Bev Davis & Family               Ron & Bev Imerman & Family              Michael & Vicki
                                        Caryl Kochen & Family                   The Kafka Family
Michael & Melanie Kierszenblat          Sam & Janine Krikler & Family
 Mazel tov on Rachel’s Bat Mitzvah      Marvin Lithwick & Marilyn Jordan        Tyla Meyer & Family
Donna Felgar                            Jeff & Linda Rothberg                     In memory of your mother
                                        Susy Siegel & Family                      & grandmother, Anne Rosenberg
Jorge & Sarina Hartmann                                                         Julian & Maureen Collis
                                        David & Judy Tarnow & Family
  Mazel tov on your new Subway                                                  Donna Felgar
                                        Bob & Lisa Urist & Family
Alan, Barb & Aaron                                                              Hannah Frankel
                                        Jeff & Robin Gelfer
                                        Boris, Janine, Gavin & Brad Chenkis     Rob & Lori Grad
Derek Henriques
                                        Michael & Vicki                         Charlie & Claire Hammer
  Wishing you a full & speedy
                                                                                Janet Kolof
  recovery – thinking of you
                                        Alan & Debora Nortman                   Sam & Janine Krikler & Family
Bernie & Marilyn
                                          In memory of your son, Joel           Marvin & Barb Nider
Pauline Marchant                        Ralph & Patti Aknin                     Sheldon & Debbie Nider
  Mazel tov on your recent retirement   Marty & Elaine Nixon                    Marty & Elaine Nixon
  from teaching. We admire your 25                                              Jeff & Linda Rothberg
  years of hard work & devotion.        Alan, Debora & Brandon Nortman          Ron Rozen & Lucie Levy-Spack
Bernie & Marilyn                          In memory of your son                 Allen & Sandy Wolinsky
                                          & brother, Joel                       Peter & Debbie Kafka & Family
Rael Klein & Family                     Charlie & Claire Hammer & Family
  In memory of your Father
  & Grandfather
The Kirshenblatt Family
BETH TIKVAH CONGREGATION                                                                                            19
Neal & Anna Nep                          Sylvia Cristall & Family              Friedah Segal
  Mazel tov on the birth of your          In memory of Lorne – a                 So thrilled to hear that your surgery
  grandson, Benjamin                      very fine man                          was a great success. Our very best
Mort & Barbara                           David & Linda Malchy                    wishes for a speedy recovery &
Jeff & Bev Davis & Family                                                        continued health.
Donna Felgar                             Paul Diamond                          Michael & Catherine Epstein & Family
The Imerman Family                        In memory of your father, Michael
Marty & Elaine Nixon                     Harvey & Dvora Mendelzys              Yvette Ismond
Jeff, Linda, Marc & Jason                                                        In memory of your husband, Lucien
Issy & Francie                           Molly Steiner                           Ismond
Boris, Janine, Gavin & Brad Chenkis       Mazel tov on your 82nd Birthday      The Silverman Family
Allen & Sandy Wolinsky                   Sally Posternack
                                                                               Myra Adirim & Family
Simon & Raisie Jacobson                  Norman & Shirley Chess                 In memory of your father
  Mazel tov on the birth of your          Mazel tov on your 50th                & grandfather, Abe Stein
  grandson, Benjamin                      Anniversary. Wishing you             Kenny & Carla Waldman
Mort & Barbara                            many more in good health.            The Aknin Family
                                         Bernard & Betty Wessels               Alex & Leah Jackson & Family
Jerry & Shelley Adler
  Mazel tov on Brian & Kelly’s wedding   Caron Bernstein                       Stan & Vivian Garfinkel
Jeff & Bev Davis & Family                  In loving memory of your husband,    Happy Anniversary & many
Issy & Francie                             Frank                                 more to come
Boris, Janine, Gavin & Brad              Evelyn Charach                        Saul & Sandy
                                         Marty & Alisa Charach
Ralph & Patti Aknin                                                            Joe & Ruth Ellen Shafir
 Mazel tov on Lara & Benny’s             Leslie Morris                           Mazel tov on your 40th Anniversary
 marriage. We are sharing in your          On the passing of your Father       Arne, Deborah & Family
 nachus                                  Marty & Alisa Charach
David & Cathy Golden                                                           Danny & Valerie Zack
                                         Ralph & Patti Aknin                    Mazel tov on your 40th Anniversary
Friedah Segal                             Mazel tov on Lara’s wedding and      Arne & Deborah Silverman
  Wishing you a speedy recovery           in memory of your mother &
David & Cathy Golden & Family             grandmother, Ida                     Rabbi Claudio & Susy Kaiser-Blueth
Sam & Janine Krikler & Family            Andrea Isserow                          Mazel tov on your new home
Neal & Anna Nep & Family                                                         & good luck
Sally Posternack                         Marla Jampolsky & Family              Lea Minovitch
                                          Our deepest condolences on the
Rabbi Claudio Kaiser-Blueth               loss of your father & grandfather,   Estelle Sanderson
 Thank you for your participation         Frank. May his memory be for a         Mazel tov on your 60th Birthday
 in Chloe’s simcha                        Blessing.                            Arthur & Marilyn
Rob & Lori Grad                          Bev, Brandon & Samantha Pawer

20                                                                                           BETH TIKVAH CONGREGATION
Laurence & Robin Segal                 The Huberman Family                  Max Kirishenblatt
 Mazel tov on Rikki & Jeremy’s          In memory of your mother             Mazel tov on your Bar Mitzvah
 engagement                             & grandmother, Evelyn               Noah Woogman
Ralph & Patti Aknin & Family           The Aknin Family
                                                                            Arne & Deborah Silverman
Martin & Barbara Smith                 Susy Kaiser-Blueth                     Mazel tov on your new home
 Mazel tov on Rikki & Jeremy’s          Wishing you a very happy Birthday     & good luck
 engagement                            Arne, Deborah & Family               Ezra & Linda
Ralph & Patti Aknin & Family           Arthur & Marilyn

            would like to wish you & your family a happy, healthy & peaceful new year
                     with renewed determination to continue to support israel.
               may the year 5772 bring peace and security to the people of israel.

                                    k’tivah v’chatimah tovah
                                          shana tovah!
    ron hoffman, President,                                                 marion mayman, President,
    Canadian Foundation for masorti Judaism                                 merCaZ-Canada

                                 rabbi Jennifer Gorman, executive director
                                       david schild, Office manager

                                      Books available in the office.                         Still only
                                         Stop in to pick one up.
BETH TIKVAH CONGREGATION                                                                                     21
               YAHRZEITS                   Light candles the night before

                                 22   Barbara Jaeger          11   Belle Moss            12   Bernice Abramson
                                 22   Noah Yelizarov          12   Benjamin Baker        12   Rachel Gechman
OCTOBER                          24   Helen Costin            12   Esther Cohen          12   Harry Northy
3    Diane Aceman                25   Reuben David            12   Kay Nixon             12   Alia Weizmann
4    Hannah Hope                 25   Henry Gelfer            12   Anne Philipp          13   Leon Braverman
5    Jack Garfinkel              25   Issy Kramer             13   Elizabeth Krell       13   Alma Rothberg
6    Rose Baker                  25   Hymie Wies              15   Jack Krauss           14   Lynne Coe
6    Booba Harowitz              26   Ezra Kolet              15   Sam Wolfe             16   Bessie Freedman
6    Laura Mendelzys             27   Lena Flax               16   Nathan Cohen          17   Elizabeth Druker
6    Lillian Segal               27   Lloyd Minovitch         16   Edna Rothpan          17   Irwin Garfield
6    Mitchell Snider             27   Helen Waldman           17   Leopold Levey         17   Ferdinand Herscvici
6    Belle Winbaum               27   Chaim Zbar              17   James Rosenstock      17   Gabrielle Isserow
6    John Zack                   28   Gwen Levinson           19   Edna Fieber           18   Lewis Druker
7    George Salinger             28   Sam Young               20   Maguy Benichou        19   David Singer
7    Theodore Slutsky            29   Leonard Mushkat         20   Fanny Herscovici      19   Betty Szeplabi
8    Rose Chinkis                30   Anita Levine            20   David Jackson         20   Hazel Donner
8    Brina Cohen                 30   John Zolkivski          21   Bob Feldstein         20   Ada Sorin
8    Samuel Goldhirsh-Schwartz   31   Lillian Elias           21   Rowena Soronow        21   Martha Garfinkel
8    Malka Sandomirsky           31   Joseph Rittberg         22   Esther Brener         21   Anthony Glen-Leary
9    Albert Koffman              31   Eugene Schwartz         24   Nathan Hurwitz        21   Sol Nagler
9    Geoff Treger                31   Uri Schweber            24   Charles Newman        21   Goldie Snider
9    Miriam Weinstein            31   Errol Treger            24   Sophie Turner         22   Harold Cohen
11   Hersz Don Frydman                                        25   Rae Moss              22   Malka Freireich
12   Ralph Field                 NOVEMBER                     26   Vladimir Levit        22   Lou Osipov
12   Henry Lehrer                2    Freda Corrin            28   Joseph Yasin          23   Myron Donner
12   Sydney Minkoff              2    Samuel Donner           29   Mona Sandomirsky      23   David Milavsky
12   Grace Winograd              2    Max Grad                                           23   Ruth Wolfe
13   Israel Deutsch              2    Lewis Paisner           DECEMBER                   24   Rose Berger
13   Minnie Kirshenblatt         3    Rene Imerman            1    Maurice Lever         24   Sam Neuman
13   Sam Milavsky                4    Harry Feldstein         1    Isaac Rosenberg       24   Louis Wolinsky
14   Abraham Freedman            4    Val Lithwick            2    Sarah Nider           24   Leon Jelizarov
14   Rita Rickles                4    Jack Milavsky           3    Harry Lash            25   Nina Paisner
15   Ira Hyman                   4    Hyman Rose              4    Sylvia Donner         25   Eva Robin
16   Stella Frankel              4    Isaac Schweber          5    Mildred Weinstein     27   Chaim Kierszenblat
17   Tobias Cohen                5    Fay Zumar               6    Edith Singer          27   Larry Szeplabi
17   Charles Davis               8    Anna Pollack            7    Rhoda Cohen           28   Jack Aceman
17   Maurice Smith               9    Harold Davis            7    Max Teitlebaum        28   Rose Youssiem
18   Samuel Globman              9    Sarina Gubbay           8    Abraham Machlovitch   29   Lee Dobbs
19   Eva Grusd                   9    Fritz Kaiser-Blueth     8    Harry Wachtel         29   Frieda Slater
19   Philip Levine               10   Anne Cooper             9    Leo Elias             30   Fortune Aknin
20   Edith Gelmon                10   Jack Sorin              11   Davena Field          31   Doris Mazer
20   Sharon Haas                 10   George Turner           11   Claire Olson          31   David Moss
21   Esther Krygier              10   Zdenek Vizer            11   Nealy Ritter
22                                                                                        BETH TIKVAH CONGREGATION

                                                                                          Shelley Ail    Donna Felgar
                                                                                          604.274.5258   604.241.4066

 DRIVERS WANTED …Do you want to do a mitzvah…We have some elderly
congregants who would love to come to services but can no longer drive—if you would
 like to offer rides occasionally, please call the office and let us know. Many thanks!

BETH TIKVAH CONGREGATION                                                                                            23
          REFUAH SHLEMAH (GET WELL)                                                                       MAZEL TOV
 Derek Henriques                 Hilda Stone                               Rob & Lori Grad, on the birth of their daughter, Chloe
 Lori Yelizarov                                                            Hayden
                                                                           Sid & Michelle Grad, on the birth of their granddaughter,
                  OUR CONDOLENCES                                          Chloe Hayden

Carla Zivot, in memory of her brother, Laurie Cooper                       Ron Rozen & Lucie Levy-Spack, on the birth of their Grandson
                                                                           Cindy Rozen, on the birth of her Grandson
Sharon Cooper, in memory of her brother, Laurie Cooper
                                                                           Ralph & Patti Aknin, on Lara & Benny’s marriage
David Tarnow, in memory of his father, Charles Tarnow
                                                                           Neal & Anna Nep, on the birth of their grandson, Benjamin
Tyla Meyer, in memory of her mother, Anne Rosenberg
                                                                           Av & Marsha Costin, on the birth of their Granddaughter
                                                                           Morris & Marelynn Harowitz, on Daniel & Alana’s engagement
 Have we missed any of your important life cycle events.                   Laurence & Robin Segal, on Jeremy’s engagement to Rikki
           Please call us for the next issue.                              Smith

                  NOW AVAILABLE!                                         The office has the new Jewish Phone books.
                                                                         Please stop by to pick up your copy
                                                                         …only $23.50 (includes HST)

                                                                         2010-2012 ~ 5771-5773 Edition

                                                   BETH TIKVAH CONGREGATION
                                               9711 Geal Road, Richmond, BC V7E 1R4
                   Office: (604) 271-6262 • Fax: (604) 271-6270 • email: •
        HOURS: Monday – Thursday: 9:00am – 4:30pm; Friday: 9:00am – 3:00pm; SUMMER HOURS: Monday – Friday: 9:00am – 3:00pm
                                        Affiliated with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism

                                                        BOARD OF DIRECTORS
 President              Stewart Cohen       At Large                    Tova Wolinsky                  At Large (continued)    Harvey Mendelzys
 Past President         David Ail                                       Ryan Berger                                            Marvin Lithwick
 Vice President         Susan Numerow                                   Deborah Freedman                                       David Numerow
 Vice President         Jeff Rothberg                                   Bob Urist                      Isha L’Isha             Linda Steiner
 Treasurer              Alan Marchant                                   Robert Rosenstock              USY President
 Secretary              Jerry Adler                                     Marsha Costin
                                                                        Marvin Nider                   Chai Lights Editors     Donna Felgar
                                                                        Joey Feinstein                                         Francie Steen

24                                                                                                                     BETH TIKVAH CONGREGATION

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