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Integrated water and waste management plans
The National Water Act, 1998 (Act No 36 of 1998), nor other current legislation and regulations require an organisation to prepare an
Integrated Water and Waste Management Plan (IWWMP) at present, unless it is a specific requirement of a water use license
Section 41(2) (a) of the Act, or is requested specifically by the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry (DWAF). GCS has the required
expertise to develop IWWMPs for organizations that require them. GCS has gained extensive experience in the compilation of IWWMPs
across a variety of mining sectors, i.e. coal, gold, iron and platinum mining and is able to provide IWWMP’s for golf course and
residential developments, municipal water supply projects and bottled water plants should they be required by DWAF.

In the compilation of IWWMPs, GCS adopts a holistic approach, aiming to provide the client with an integrated plan that optimally
addresses water and waste management issues. . This involves the identification of all water and waste sources and the interaction
between such sources, and the determination of the most appropriate management measures and key performance areas in this regard.
GCS utilises the Best Practice Guidelines published by DWAF. The basis of integrated water and waste management (IWWM) at mines is
the water quality management hierarchy of decision-taking. This hierarchy is based on a precautionary principle and sets the following
order of priority for mine water and waste management decisions and/or actions:

1. Pollution Prevention
2. Water Reuse or Reclamation
3. Water Treatment
4. Discharge or Disposal of Waste

A typical IWWMP for an operation or site contains the

•     Assessment of Regulatory requirements in terms of
      existing and required authorisation for all water and
      waste aspects on a particular site;
•     Identification of any existing Reserve Determination and
      Water Quality Objectives for the relevant catchment;
•     Detailed description of all operations and infrastructure
      on site;
•     Water and salt balance;
•     Impact assessment and gap analysis with regard to
      water and waste aspects during the Construction,
      Operational and Decommissioning phases of an
      operation or site;
•     Surface water and groundwater monitoring programme;
•     Description and assessment of support functions e.g.
      data management, performance reporting and auditing,
      emergency preparedness and response, training and
      environmental awareness, and the communication
•     Key performance areas (KPAs) and action plans.

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                                                                                                                                 CLIENT & PROJECT LIST – IWWMP & IWULA

CLIENT                         PROJECT                               REF.                   NAME OF FACILITY          LOCATION                      GCS SERVICES

                               Leeuwfontein & Lakeside WULA &                               Leeufontein & Lakeside
Shanduka Coal (Pty) Ltd
                               IWWMP Finalisation                    SHAN.07/257            mine                      Ogies & Witbank               IWWMP & WULA

Shanduka Coal (Pty) Ltd        Graspan Colliery WULA & IWWMP         00015/000/001/08-016   Graspan Colliery          Middelburg                    IWWMP & WULA

                               Nova Brick IWULA & IWWMP              00048/000/000/08-064   Nova Bricks               Pretoria                      IWWMP & WULA
Nova Bricks

Shanduka Coal                  Middelburg Townlands Colliery IWULA   SHAN.07.252            Middelburg Townlands      Middelburg                    IWWMP & WULA
                               and IWWMP                                                    Colliery

Zinoju Investments (PTY) LTD   Magdalena Colliery IWULA and          SWA.06.401             Magdalena Colliery        Dundee                        IWWMP & WULA

Transvaal Gold Mines Estates   Greater TGME IWULA and IWWMP          TGME.07.431            Pilgrims Rest Plant and   Pilgrims Rest                 IWWMP & WULA
Ltd                                                                                         Underground Mines

Transvaal Gold Mines Estates   Elandsdrift Heap Leach Pad IWULA      TGME.06.012            Elandsdrift Gold Heap     Hendriksdal                   IWWMP & WULA
Ltd                            and IWWMP                                                    Leach Pad

Modikwa Platinum Mine Joint    Modikwa Platinum Mine IWULA and       08-063                 Modikwa Platinum Mine     Burgersfort                   IWWMP & WULA
Venture                        IWWMP

Total Coal SA                  Dorstfontein No 2 Seem, Forzando      TCSA.06.339 A – E      Dorstfontein No 2 Seem,   Kriel, Bethal                 IWWMP & WULA
                               North, Forzando South, Dorstfontein   TCSA.D.07.100          Forzando North,
                               Expansion IWULA and IWWMP                                    Forzando South,
                                                                                            Dorstfontein Expansion

Obsidian SA Ltd                Thaba Lesodi Private Golf and Game    OBS.06.073             Thaba Lesodi Private      Vaalwater                     IWULA
                               Estate IWULA                                                 Golf and Game Estate

Baviaans Municipality          Zaaimanshoek Borehole Water Supply    UHA.07.218             Zaaimanshoek Borehole     Baviaanskloof, Eastern Cape   IWULA
                               Development IWULA                                            Water Supply

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