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Appendix 1                  APP1:1   Illinois: A State of Interoperability
                    GLOSSARY OF ACRONYMS
The following is a list of acronyms used in Illinois’ Statewide Communications
Interoperability Plan as well as the supporting manuals found in the Appendix
Section of this document.

AAICP             American Association of Infection Control Practitioners
AAR               After-Action Report
AC                Area Command
AC                Hydrogen Cyanide (also called Hydrocyanic Acid)
ACA               American Correctional Association
ACA               American Counseling Association
ACAMS             Automatic Continuous Air Monitoring System
ACC               Acute Care Center
ACF               Alternate Care Facility
ACGIH             American Conference of Government Industrial Hygienists Inc.
AEOC              Alternate Emergency Operations Center
AEL               Airborne Exposure Limits
AFB               Air Force Base
AFRCC             Air Force Rescue Coordination Center
AG                Attorney General
AGILE             Advanced Generation of Interoperability for Law Enforcement
AIS               Automated Identification Systems
ALS               Advanced Life Support
AMBER             America’s Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response
ANG               Air National Guard
AODA              Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse
APCO              Association of Public Safety Communications Officials
APG               Aberdeen Proving Ground
APHIS             Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
APR               Air Purifying Respirator
ARC               American Red Cross
ARCA              Automobile Racing Club of America
ARES              Amateur Radio Emergency Services
ARNG              Army National Guard
ARP               Area Response Plan
ARS               Automated Radiographic System
ASD (SO/LIC)      Assistant Secretary of Defense (Special Operations/Low-
                  Intensity Conflict)
ASORT             Allied Special Operations Response Team
ASTDHPPHE         Association of State and Territorial Directors of Health
                  Promotion and Public Health Education
ATD               Atmospheric Transport Dispersion
ATF       Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, Bureau of
ATSDR     Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
ATV       All Terrain Vehicle
AVIC      Area Veterinarian in Charge

BAL       British Anti-Lewisite Cream (Dimercaprol)
BCI&I     Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation
BDC       Bomb Data Center
BLS       Basic Life Support
B-NICE    Biological, Nuclear, Incendiary, Chemical, and Explosive
BRP       Blue Ribbon Panel on Bridge and Tunnel Security
BSIR      Biannual Strategy Implementation Report
BW        Biological Warfare
BWTTX     Biological Weapons Tabletop Exercise
BZ        3-Quinuclidinyl Benzilate, also known as Oksilidin (psychedelic
          incapacitating agent)

C         Celsius
CAD       Computer-Aided Dispatch
CADRE     Community Agency Disaster Relief Effort
CA/I      Chemical Accident/Incident
CAM       Chemical Agent Monitor
CAMEO     Computer-Aided Management of Emergency Operations
CANA      Convulsing Antidote for Nerve Agent (Diazepam)
CAP       Corrective Action Plan
CAS       Crisis Action System
CASM      Communications Assets Survey and Mapping
C/B       Chemical/Biological
CBIRF     Chemical/Biological Incident Response Force
CBP       Bureau of Customs and Border Protection
CBRDT     Chemical/Biological Rapid Deployment Team
CBRNE     Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosive
C/B-RRT   Chemical/Biological-Rapid Response Team
CCP       Casualty Collection Point
CCU       Critical Care Unit
CDB       Capital Development Board
CDC       Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
CDPD      Cellular Digital Packet Data
CDR       Commander
CDRG      Catastrophic Disaster Response Group
CEO       Chief Executive Officer
CEPPO     Chemical Emergency Preparation and Prevention Office

CERCLA    Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and
          Liability Act
CG        Phosgene (lung-damaging/choking agent)
CHLOREP   Chlorine Emergency Plan
CINC      Commander-in-Chief
CISD      Critical Incident Stress Debriefing
CISM      Critical Incident Stress Management
CK        Cyanogen Chloride
CMHS      Center for Mental Health Services
CMO       Chief Medical Officer
CMS       Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
CMS       Central Management Services, Department of
CN        Chloracetophenone (riot control agent)
CO        Carbon Monoxide
CO2       Carbon Dioxide
COBRA     Chemical Ordnance Biological Radiological
COG       Continuity of Government
CONOPS    Concept of Operations
COO       Chief Operating Officer
COOP      Continuity of Operations
COSIN     Control Staff Instructions
CP        Command Post
CPD       Chicago Police Department
CPX       Command Post Exercise
CR        Dibenzixazepine (riot control agent)
CRT       Critical Response Team
CRTF      Commander, Response Task Force
CS        Ortho-Chlorobenzal Malononitrile (riot control agent)
CSEPP     Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Plan
CSG       Coordinating Subgroup on Counterterrorism
CST       Civil Support Team
CTAN      Chicago Transit Alert Network
CTCSS     Carrier Tone Coded Squelch System
CTF       COBRA Training Facility
CVEO      Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officers
CW        Chemical Warfare
CWFE      Chemical Weapons Functional Exercise
CWFSE     Chemical Weapons Full-Scale Exercise
CWIRP     Chemical Weapons Improved Response Program
CWTTX     Chemical Weapons Tabletop Exercise
CX        Phosgene Oxime (blister agent)

DA        Diphenychloroarsine (vomiting agent)
DAAMS     Depot Area Air Monitoring System

DALO    Disaster Area Liaison Officer
DC      Diphenylcyanoarsine (vomiting agent)
DCAC    Demilitarization Chemical Agent Concentrator
DCE     Disaster Coordinating Element
DCEO    Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity
DCFS    Department of Children and Family Services
DCO     Defense Coordinating Officer
DEA     Drug Enforcement Administration
DEM     Department of Environmental Management
DEST    Domestic Emergency Support Team
DFO     Disaster Field Office
DFSO    Disaster Field Supply Office
DHS     Department of Homeland Security
DI      Disaster Intelligence
DMA     Department of Military Affairs
DMAT    Disaster Medical Assistance Team
DMORT   Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Team
DMS     Disaster Management System
DNA     Deoxyribonucleic Acid
DOA     Dead on Arrival
DOC     Department Operations Center
DoD     Department of Defense
DOE     Department of Energy
DOJ     Department of Justice
DOMS    Directorate of Military Support
DOS     Department of State
DOT     Department of Transportation
DP      Diphosgene (choking agent)
DPP     Domestic Preparedness Program
DRC     Disaster Recovery Center
DRT     Disaster Response Team
DRT     Down Range Team
DRTF    Drought Response Task Force
DS2     Decontaminating Solution Number 2 (corrosive decontamination
DSHR    Disaster Services Human Resources
DSTF    Domestic Security Task Force
DTCSS   Digital Tone Coded Squelch System
DTRA    Defense Threat Reduction Agency
DTRG    DoD Technical Response Group

EAS     Emergency Alert System
EASOP   Emergency Alert System Operational Plan
ECC     Emergency Communications Center

ECL      Emergency Classification Levels
ECRI     Emergency Care Research Institute
ED       Emergency Department
EEI      Essential Elements of Information
EEM      Exercise and Evaluation Manual
EM       Emergency Manager
EMA      Emergency Management Agency
EMAC     Emergency Management Assistance Compact
EMAP     Emergency Management Accreditation Program
EMI      Emergency Management Institute
EMIS     Emergency Management Information System
EMnet    Emergency Management Network
EMS      Emergency Management (or Medical) Services
EMSA     Emergency Medical Services Authority
EMT      Emergency Medical Technician
EOC      Emergency Operations Center
EOD      Explosive Ordnance Disposal
EOP      Emergency Operations Plan
EPA      Environmental Protection Agency
EPG      Emergency Planning Group
EPLO     Emergency Preparedness Liaison Officer
EPZ      Emergency Planning Zone
ER       Emergency Room
ERC      Emergency Response Committee
ERG      Emergency Response Guidebook
ERP      Emergency Response Plan
ERT      Emergency Response Team
ERT-A    Emergency Response Team – Advance Element
ERT-N    Emergency Response Team – National Element
ERV      Emergency Response Vehicle
ESDA     Emergency Services and Disaster Agency
ESF      Emergency Support Function
ESMARN   Emergency Services Mutual Aid Radio Network
EST      Emergency Support Team
ESU      Emergency Services Unit
ETA      Estimated Time of Arrival
EXPLAN   Exercise Plan

F        Fahrenheit
FAA      Federal Aviation Administration
FAC      Family Assistance Center
FAD      Foreign Animal Disease
FADD     Foreign Animal Disease Diagnostician
FAsT     Field Assessment Team

FBI        Federal Bureau of Investigation
FCC        Federal Communications Commission
FCO        Federal Coordinating Officer
FCT        Forward Coordination Team
FD         Fire Department
FDA        Food and Drug Administration
FEMA       Federal Emergency Management Agency
FFPE       Firefighter Protective Ensemble
FIFRA      Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act
FLIR       Forward Looking Infrared Device
FM         Titanium Tetrachloride; Field Manual (when used with a
FNARS      FEMA National Radio System
FNS        Food and Nutrition Service
FO         Field Office
FOG        Field Operations Guide
FOIA       Freedom of Information Act
FOUO       For Official Use Only
FRERP      Federal Radiological Emergency Response Plan
FY         Fiscal Year

GA         Tabun (nerve agent)
G-Agent    Term for a nerve agent
GB         Sarin (nerve agent)
GC/MS      Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometer
GD         Soman (nerve agent)
GF         Cyclohexyl Methylphosphonofluoridate (fluoride-containing
           organophosphate nerve agent)
GIS        Geographic Information System
GMRS       General Mobile Radio Service
GSA        General Services Administration

HAN        Health Alert Network
HASTE      Hospital Alerting Signal Tone Encoded
HAZMAT     Hazardous Material
HAZTAC     Hazardous Incident Tactical
HAZWOPER   Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response
HD         Health Department Symbol for Distilled Mustard
HE         Hospital Epidemiologist
HEICS      Hospital Emergency Incident Command System
HEPA       High Efficiency Particulate Arrestor (filters)
HF         High Frequency
HF-Net     High Frequency Network
HF-SSB   High Frequency Single Sideband
HGSP     Homeland Security Grant Program
HHS      Health and Human Services
HIPAA    Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996
HIT      Hazardous Incident Team
HMA      Hazardous Materials Awareness
HMAR     Hazardous Materials Awareness Refresher
HMRT     Hazardous Materials Response Team
HMRU     Hazardous Materials Response Unit
HN       Mustard Gas (types referred to as HN1, HN2, and HN3)
HQ       Headquarters
HSARPA   Homeland Security Advanced Research Projects Agency
HSAS     Homeland Security Advisory System
HSC      Homeland Security Council
HSEEP    Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program
HSGP     Homeland Security Grant Program
HSOC     Homeland Security Operations Center
HSPD     Homeland Security Presidential Directive
HVA      Hazards Vulnerability Analysis
HVAC     Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning
HYFED    Hydrogen Flame Photometric Emission Detector

IACP     International Association of Chiefs of Police
IACP     Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police
IAP      Incident Action Plan
IBHE     Illinois Board of Higher Education
IC       Incident Command(er)
ICC      Illinois Commerce Commission
ICE      Immigration and Customs Enforcement
ICP      Incident Command Post
ICP      Infection Control Practitioner
ICS      Incident Command System
ICT      Incident Command Team
ICTAP    Interoperable Communications Technical Assistance Program
ICU      Intensive Care Unit
ID       Identification
IDHS     Illinois Department of Human Services
IDLH     Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health
IDMA     Illinois Department of Military Affairs
IDMS     Illinois Disaster Management System
IDNR     Illinois Department of Natural Resources
IDOA     Illinois Department of Agriculture
IDOC     Illinois Department of Corrections
IDOT     Illinois Department of Transportation

IDOT-A     Illinois Department of Transportation – Aeronautics
IDOT-H     Illinois Department of Transportation - Highways
IDPH       Illinois Department of Public Health
IDVA       Illinois Department of Veteran Affairs
IED        Improvised Explosive Device
IEMA       Illinois Emergency Management Agency
IEMMAS     Illinois Emergency Management Mutual Aid System
IEOP       Illinois Emergency Operations Plan
IEPA       Illinois Environmental Protection Agency
IESMA      Illinois Emergency Services Management Association
IFDA-MRT   Illinois Funeral Directors Association – Mortuary Response
IFERN      Interagency Fire Emergency Radio Network
IFSI       Illinois Fire Service Institute
IHPA       Illinois Historic Preservation Agency
IIS        Illinois Information Services
ILCS       Illinois Compiled Statutes
ILEAS      Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System
IL-TERT    Illinois Telecommunicator Emergency Response Task Force
ILWARN     Illinois Public Works/Water/Wastewater Agencies Response
IM         Intramuscular
IMAT       Incident Management Assistance Team
IMERT      Illinois Medical Emergency Response Team
IMS        Incident Management System
I-NET      IEMA Command and Control Network
ING        Illinois National Guard
IO         Invitation Only
IOHNO      Illinois Operations Headquarters and Notification Office
IP         Improvement Plan
IP         Interoperability Platform
IPEM       Illinois Professional Emergency Manager
IPHMAS     Illinois Public Health Mutual Aid System
IPRA       Illinois Plan for Radiological Accidents
IREACH     Illinois Radio Emergency Assistance Channel
IRL        Indy Racing League
IS         Independent Study
ISBE       Illinois State Board of Education
ISP        Illinois State Police
ISPERN     Illinois State Police Emergency Radio Network
ISSP       Illinois Secretary of State Police
IST        Incident Support Team
IT         Information Technology
ITAC       Illinois Telecommunications Access Corporation
I-TAC      Interagency Tactical Channel
ITECS      Illinois Transportable Emergency Communications Systems
ITTF          Illinois Terrorism Task Force
IV            Intravenous
IWIN          Illinois Wireless Information Network

JIC           Joint Information Center
JIS           Joint Information System
JOC           Joint Operations Center
JTTF          Joint Terrorism Task Force

KI            Potassium Iodide

LCt50/LDT50   Lethal Concentration 50%/Lethal Dose 50%
LE            Law Enforcement
LEA           Law Enforcement Agency
LEADS         Law Enforcement Agencies Data System
LED           Light Emitting Diode
LEL           Lower Explosive Limit
LEL/UEL       Lower Explosive Limit/Upper Explosive Limit
LEPC          Local Emergency Planning Commission
LESERN        Low Band Emergency Services Emergency Radio Network
LFA           Lead Federal Agency
LIRV          Logistics Immediate Response Vehicle
LNO           Liaison Officer
LP            Local Primary (radio channel, i.e., LP-1)
LRN           Local Response Network

MAA           Mutual Aid Agreement
MABAS         Mutual Aid Box Alarm System
MAC           Mortuary Affairs Center, U. S. Army
MACC          Multi-Agency Coordination Center
MACDIS        Military Assistance for Civil Disasters
MACS          Multi-Agency Coordination Systems
MAMA-C        Mid-America Mutual Aid Consortium
MARCS         Multi-Agency Radio Communications System
MATF          Multi-Agency Task Force
MCI           Mass Casualty Incident
MCIP          Mass Casualty Incident Plan
MCP           Mobile Command Post
ME            Medical Examiner
MERCI         Medical Emergency Response Communications of Illinois

MERS     Mobile Emergency Response System
MFI      Mass Fatality Incident
MHMR     Mental Health and Mental Retardation
MHz      Megahertz
MIS      Modular Interconnect Systems
MMC      Mass Medication Center
MMRS     Metropolitan Medical Response System
MMST     Metropolitan Medical Strike Team
MOPP     Mission Oriented Protective Posture
MOU      Memorandum of Understanding
MRCC     Medical Resource Control Center
MRE      Meals Ready to Eat
MSA      Metropolitan Statistical Area
MSCA     Military Support to Civil Authorities
MSDS     Material Safety Data Sheet
MSEL     Master Sequence of Events List
MSHA     Medical Safety Hazard Analysis
MSU      Management Support Unit

NAAK     Nerve Agent Antidote Kit (Mark-1) Containing Atropine and
         2-PAM CL
NACCHO   National Association of County and City Health Officials
NACCT    National Advisory Committee on Children’s Terrorism
NAME     National Association of Medical Examiners
NAMRI    Naval Medical Research Institute
NANS     Newport Alert and Notification System
NARS     Nuclear Accident Reporting System
NASCAR   National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing
NATO     North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NAWAS    National Warning System
NBC      Nuclear, Biological, and/or Chemical
NCIC     National Crime Information Center
NCP      National Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency
NCS      National Communications System
NDMS     National Disaster Medical System
NECD     Newport Chemical Depot
NEHC     Neighborhood Emergency Help Center
NEMA     National Emergency Managers Association
NENA     National Emergency Number Association
NFA      National Fire Academy
NFA      National Fireman’s Association
NFPA     National Fire Protection Association
NG       National Guard

                           - 10 -
NGO       Non-Governmental Agency
NIC       NIMS Integration Center
NIH       National Institutes of Health
NIIMS     National Interagency Incident Management System
NIJ       National Institute of Justice
NIMCAST   National Incident Management Capability Assessment Tool
NIMS      National Incident Management System
NIOSH     National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health
NIP       National Interoperable Pool
NLD       Nunn-Lugar Domenici
NLEEF     National Law Enforcement Emergency Frequency
NLETS     National Law Enforcement Telecommunications Systems
NMRT      National Medical Response Team
NOAA      National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NORAD     North American Aerospace Defense Command
NPG       National Preparedness Goal
NRCC      National Response Coordination Center
NRF       National Response Framework
NRP       National Response Plan
NRT       National Response Team
NSC       National Security Council
NTP       National Toxicology Program
NTSB      National Transportation Safety Board
NWS       National Weather Service

OAG       Office of the Attorney General
ODP       Office for Domestic Preparedness
OEM       Office of Emergency Management
OEMC      Office of Emergency Management and Communications
OER       Office of Emergency Response
OES       Office of Emergency Services
OGP       Organophosphate
OPA       Oil Pollution Act
OPS       Operations
OR        Operating Room
ORD       Ordnance
OSC       On-Scene Commander/Coordinator
OSFM      Office of the State Fire Marshal
OSHA      Occupational Safety and Health Administration
OST3C     Off-Site Triage, Treatment, and Transportation Center

PA        Public Address
PAD       Protective Action Decision
                             - 11 -
PAG        Protective Action Guidance
PAM        Protective Action Message
2 PAM CL   Pralidoxime Chloride
PAN        Percussion Actuated Non-Electric (disrupters)
PAO        Public Affairs Officer
PAP        Protective Action Plan
PAPR       Powered Air Purifying Respirator
PAR        Personnel Accountability Report
PAR        Protective Action Recommendation
PCC        Poison Control Center
PD         Police Department
PDD        Presidential Decision Directive
PF         Protection Factor
PHL        Public Health Laboratory
PIO        Public Information Officer
PL         Private Line
POC        Point of Contact
PPE        Personal Protection Equipment
PS         Chloropicrin (irritant agent)
PSAP       Public Safety Answering Point
PSIC       Public Safety Interoperable Communications
PTE        Potential Threat Elements
PTSD       Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
PVO        Private Voluntary Organizations
PWD        Public Works Department

QUANET     Quality Assurance Network

RA         Resident Agency
RACES      Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services
RCC        Rescue Coordination Center
RCP        Regional Contingency Planning
RCRA       Resource Conservation and Recovery Act
R&D        Research and Development
RDMHS      Regional Disaster Medical Health Specialist
REAC       Radiological Emergency Assessment Center
REACT      Radio Emergency Association Communication Team
RED        Regional Emergency Dispatch
RESTAT     Resources Status
RF         Radio Frequency
RHCC       Regional Hospital Coordination Center
RHEACTS    Rapid Health Electronic Alert Communications and Training
                              - 12 -
RMERT     Regional Medical Emergency Response Team
RMRS      Regional Medical Response System
ROC       Regional Operations Center
RODS      Real Time Outbreak and Disease Surveillance
ROSS      Resource Ordering and Status System
RP        Responsible Party
R&R       Rest and Rehabilitation
RRCC      Regional Response Coordination Center
RRIS      Rapid Response Information System
RRT       Rapid Response Team
RSP       Render-Safe Procedures
RTF       Response Task Force
RTM       Real Time Monitoring

SA        Arsine (blood agent)
SAA       State Administrative Agency
SAIC      Special Agent-in-Charge
SAMHSA    Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
SAR       Search and Rescue
SARA      Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act
SBC       Southern Baptist Convention
SBCCOM    Soldier and Biological Chemical Command, U. S. Army
SCBA      Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus
SCIP      Statewide Communications Interoperability Plan
SCSD      Sangamon County Sheriff’s Department
SCO       State Coordinating Officer
SDO       Standards Development Organization
SEMS      Standardized Emergency Management System
SEMSV     Special Emergency Medical Services Vehicle
SEOC      State Emergency Operations Center
SEPLO     State Emergency Preparedness Liaison Officer
SERC      State Emergency Response Commission
SFD       Springfield Fire Department
SFM       State Fire Marshal
SFO       Senior Federal Officer
SHSGEP    State Homeland Security Grant Exercise Program
SHSGP     State Homeland Security Grant Program
SIEC      Statewide Interoperability Executive Committee
SIMCELL   Simulation Cell
SIOC      Strategic Information Operations Center
SITMAN    Situation Manual
SITREP    Situation Report
SLUDGE    Salivation, Lacrimation, Urination, Defecation, Gastrointestinal
          Pain, and Emesis Symptoms

                             - 13 -
SME              Subject Matter Experts
SNS              Strategic National Stockpile
SO               Safety Officer
SOG              Standard Operating Guidelines
SOG              Standard Operations Group
SOP              Standard Operating Procedure
SOS              Secretary of State
SOS/Bomb         Secretary of State Police Bomb Squad
SPD              Springfield Police Department
SRO              School Resource Officer
SRS              Search and Reconnaissance Suit
SRT              Special Response Team
SSA              Supervisory Special Agent
SSS              Syndromic Surveillance System
STAR             Surviving Tornadoes through Awareness and Reaction
STARCOM 21       State Radio Communications for the 21st Century
START            Simple Triage and Rapid Treatment
STB              Super-Topical Bleach Slurry
STIC             Statewide Terrorism and Intelligence Center
STR              Strategic Technology Reserve
SWAT             Special Weapons and Tactics
SWMDT            State Weapons of Mass Destruction Team

TA               Terrorism Annex
TAP              Toxicological Agent Protection
TARU             Technical Advisory Response Unit
TBD              To Be Determined
TEU              Technical Escort Unit
TFR              Temporary Flight Restriction
TICP             Tactical Interoperable Communications Plan
TIG              Threat Identification Group
TLV/TWA          Threshold Limit Value/Time Weighted Average
TNT              Trinitrotoluene
TOC              Tactical Operations Center
TRT              Tactical Response Team
TRU              Tactical Response Unit
(Two) 2 PAM CL   Pralidoxime Chloride

UASI             Urban Area Security Initiative
UAC              Unified Area Command
UAWG             Urban Area Working Group
UC               Unified Command(er)
UCP              Unified Command Post
                                    - 14 -
UCS          Unified Command System
UHF          Ultra-High Frequency
UNICEF       United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund
USACE        United States of America Corps of Engineers
USAF         United States Air Force
USAMRICD     United States Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical
USAMRIID     United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious
USAR         Urban Search and Rescue
USCG         United States Coast Guard
US-CERT      United States Computer Emergency Response Team
USDA         United States Department of Agriculture
USDA-FNS     United States Department of Agriculture – Food and Nutrition
USDA-FS      United States Department of Agriculture – Forest Service
USDHS        United States Department of Homeland Security
USDOT        United States Department of Transportation
USJFCOM      United States Joint Forces Command
USMC         United States Marine Corps
USN          United States Navy
USPHS        United States Public Health Service
U-TAC        Ultra High Frequency Tactical Channel

VA           Veterans Affairs, Department of
V-Agent      Term for a Nerve Agent (in some countries known as A-Agents)
VHF          Very High Frequency
VIP          Very Important Person
VMI          Vendor Management Inventory
VOAD         Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster
VS           Veterinary Service
V-TAC        Very High Frequency Tactical Channel
VX           O-Ethyl Methyl Phosphonothiolate (V-Agent)

WIC          Women, Infants, and Children
WMD          Weapon(s) of Mass Destruction
WMDCST       Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team
WMDOU        Weapons of Mass Destruction Operations Unit
W-NMRT-WMD   West National Medical Response Team – Weapons of Mass
WX-Net       Weather Network

                               - 15 -

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