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									                              University of Bristol. School of Chemistry

                          Library worksheet (Chemistry 1X)

You will need to submit your Library Worksheet online by 23.55 on Friday 11th November. Marks will
then count towards your Progress examination (the Library Worksheet is 5% of the total) in January.

Aims and objectives
The aim of the Library Worksheet is to help you find out how to use the Library effectively in your first
year. In particular, how to:
 find your way around the Chemistry Library
 find books and other items using the Library's online catalogue (better than browsing the shelves!).
 borrow items and use the reservation system to obtain books that are on loan, or book short loan
  items for a period in the future
 find literature values for chemical properties
 use the other facilities available, including journals, PCs, printers, and photocopiers

The Chemistry 1X Library Worksheet is in the form of an online quiz containing 24 questions, which
typically takes 1-2 hours to do, accessed via the Marks, Attendance and Feedback system at: (you will be prompted for your UOB login)
     1. scroll down to Chemistry 1X Exam
     2. click on View next to ‘Library Worksheet’ to access the instructions for the quiz (like this page)
     3. click on the Attempt quiz now button underneath the instructions

   Save without submitting
    You do not have to do the full quiz at a single sitting, but you must use the Save without
    submitting option to save the quiz for another time (access the saved quiz in the same way as
    above). If you do not do this you will lose any answers you have entered, and will see another
    version of the quiz.

   Submitting
    You can only submit an answer once, so make sure you submit when you are happy with
    your answers. You can submit answers to questions individually using the Submit buttons, or
    the full quiz at once by using the Submit page or Submit all and finish option. Click on Continue
    to see your mark and feedback, so you can review if/where you went wrong.

Help, links & feedback
The quiz includes links, which open in new windows, to the Library website and the Library Catalogue
(also given below) which you will need to use to complete this quiz.
 Library home page / Quick search - use 'Quick search' for easy
    access to search tools and our MetaLib resource gateway
 Library Catalogue (this can also be searched via Quick
    search on the Library home page) to find books and print journals.
 A Printed Guide and Library Plan available at the Information Display will also help with the quiz.
Library staff will be happy to help you with the Library Worksheet, or more generally with using the
library and finding information. See Julian Hill if you have problems accessing/submitting the quiz.
Any comments you have about this worksheet and/or the Library and its services would be welcomed.

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