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November 1, 2007

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Note: Abbreviation for Northeast Iowa Community College is NICC.

                   NICC Helps Dohlman Face Fears and Gain Confidence

Going back to school at any age can be scary. Luckily for Riceville student Marge Dohlman,
she over came those fears. “Don’t be afraid. Give college a try,” advised Dohlman. “It can be
done and it can be done with success. The benefits definitely outweigh the fear that holds you

After years of working as a preschool director and raising her family, Dohlman decided to go
back to school to further develop her writing skills to assist herself in reaching her career goals.
Dohlman’s dream job is to write and possibly even illustrate a series of children’s books.

There were several things that influenced Dohlman’s decision to attend Northeast Iowa
Community College (NICC). “Access, tuition and the experience my daughter had already had
at NICC were some big factors. I decided to take one class and give college a try. I enjoyed the
class so much I took two classes the next semester and have continued from there.”

“NICC has done a great job in helping me build confidence and that has shown up in my writing
abilities, my campus involvement, and my grades. Once I attain my AA degree, I will have a
great base to start back into the job market or to continue my education.”

In addition to Marge’s coursework, she is also doing a Coop Career Experience internship with
Iowa Workforce Development. “My internship has been a great experience for me. I have been
able to take the skills I have learned at college and put them into a real life situation. This, in
turn, has helped me gain more hands-on skills and experience that I know will be a very big
plus when it comes to enhancing my resume and practical experience.”

Marge is also very involved within her community. “I have been involved in the local 4-H
program as a parent, club leader, youth committee member, project leader and 4-H judge for
the past 14 years. I have worked with the local Cattlemen’s Association fair beef stand and I
volunteer for my local music parents association. I am also a member of the NICC PTK and I
am part of the college newspaper staff.”

Marge plans to graduate from NICC in the spring of 2008. “I wish I could say my dream job
would be ready for me when I graduate, but the path I hope to head down typically takes a bit of
time to develop. I am confident that I will have a good educational base when I graduate and
can start working toward my dream job,” commented Marge. “In five years I hope to be
freelancing with my writing and working on my children’s book series.”
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Marge lives on a farm outside of Riceville, IA with her husband, Lowell. They have three
daughters: Amber, a senior at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls; Carrie, a freshman at
Northland College in Ashland, Wisconsin; and Carmen, a sophomore at Riceville High School.


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