Lab Workstation Ergo by E5J3RJFE


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            Lab workstation ergonomics
4 Safety

                             • Stand when working on high surfaces or with high
                               objects; sit when working on low surfaces.

                             • Use anti-fatigue floor mats or wearable pads
                               (ErgoMates) for prolonged standing

                             • Alternate between sitting & standing

                             • Keep under-counter area clear so you can sit close
                               to your work; remove drawers, supplies and other
                               materials under work benches to provide leg room.
                             • Pad forearms, elbows and/or surface edges

                             • Use low containers and waste bins

                             • Plan work area layout to avoid long reaches

                             • Adjust chair, work bench or microscope to avoid
                               bending your head forward.

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