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					                              Family & Consumer Sciences
General Behavior Guidelines

1. Students must be in their assigned seat when the bell rings. A tardy is given unless the student
has a pass. The Lake Park Tardy Policy will be strictly followed in this class.

2. Students will be bring their own supplies to class everyday. This includes your BINDER, A

3. The application of cosmetics and brushing/combing of your hair is inappropriate in the classroom.

4. No electronics allowed out at any time during class or labs, this includes i-pods and cell phones.

5. Eating and drinking are not permitted in the classroom. Gum chewing is not permitted in the lab.

Substitute Teachers

1. All classroom rules apply. Any infractions reported bu the substitute will be supported by the
classroom teacher.

Foods Laboratory Behavior Guidelines

1. Lab experiences are earned.

2. Students will stay in their assigned labs unless gathering supplies.

3. Safety and Sanitation Guidelines will be followed:
      wash hands
      no grooming in the labs
      no gum
      restrain hair with a rubber band
      no towel snapping

4. Appropriate clothing must be worn in the labs. The following are unacceptable:
      jackets/coats or zip front hooded sweatshirts
      sleeveless garments
      dirty clothing
      bare midriffs
      open backed or open shouldered garments
      dangling jewelry
      PE uniforms/shirts

5. Student use of equipment, tools and supplies will exhibit conservation and respect for safety and
sanitation procedures.

6. Unauthorized use of food supplies will be viewed as theft resulting in a referral to the Dean.

7. Students may not open refrigerators or pantries without instructor approval.

8. All equipment will be cleaned, dried, and returned to proper storage areas.
9. Students will perform proper lab procedures in order to continue participation in future labs.
                               Family & Consumer Sciences
Grading Policy

1. The grading system is on point accumulation and weighted into 3 categories:
      Daily work (assignments, tests, projects, study guides) 45%
      Labs 45%
      Final 10% (practical final 5%, written final 5%)

2. The grading scale:
      100 – 89.5 A
      89.4 – 79.5 B
      79.4 – 69.5 C
      69.4 – 59.5 D
      59.4 – below F

3. All assignments must be neat and the handwriting legible. First names, last names and period
number should appear on all papers.

4. Late papers for unexcused reasons will not be accepted without prior approval from the instructor.
To assure credit, papers must be handed in when collected by the instructor.

5. Cheating will cause students to lose credit for the assignment. A second instance will cause the
student to be withdrawn from the class and assigned to the Control Center.

6. When a student is absent, make-up work must be completed within the same number of days the
student was absent, plus one more. (Example – you were gone 3 days, you will have 4 days to make
up work) When a food lab is missed, a make-up lab must be completed with in 2 weeks of the
students return to school. This extended time allows for family shopping since lab make-ups will be
completed at home. Make-ups must be submitted with the appropriate form, which includes parent
comments and signature, and a FOOD SAMPLE.

7. If a student is behind in assignments for any reason, including illness, it is the STUDENTS
RESPONSIBILITY to see the instructor for missed work. This should be done prior to the bell or at
the end of the school day.

8. Extra will not be given. If the instructor wishes to offer extra credit, only students with all their work
turned in will be eligible.

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