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									                                          Health Occupations Department
                                           Advisory Committee Meeting
                                                       January 26, 2009
                                                      Unapproved Minutes

              Topic                                                            Discussion

Call meeting to order         Meeting called to order by Marsha Oliver at 3:30 pm

Welcome and Introduction      Crestwood Manor – Robert Hayes
                              Good Samaritan Hospital – Jackie Lowther
                              Kaiser Permanente, Santa Clara – Nicole Faria
                              Mission College - Cindy Harrison, Cathy Beggs, Judy Berkley, Ann Cowels, Beverly Gaitan, Jackie
                              Slabaugh, Michelena Goddard, Sharon Zammitkehler, Carol Brockmeier, Marsha Oliver, Richard Beard,
                              Norma Ambriz-Galaviz, Sonia McVey
                              Inn Vision/Julian Street In – Matt Osment
                              South Bay RHORC – Matt Grayson
                              Salinas Valley Psychiatric Program – Rejinther Dosange
                              Sub-Acute Saratoga Children’s Hospital – Milton Wheeler
                              San Jose State University – Deepllca Gryal
                              Andrew Hill HS – Mary Metz

Acceptance of Minutes         Minutes accepted with corrections and filed.
August 2008

Health Occupations Programs   Vocational Nursing Program:
Update                        25 students graduated in December. Waiting to receive the acceptance letter to take the board exam.
                              Enrollment: Third semester 24 students; Second semester 28 with the possibility of full 30; 1 from the VN
                              program testing to come back into Second semester and 1 from an RN program that will be given transfer
                              credit if she can pass the skills test and the comprehensive final.
                              35 students accepted into the program with 6 alternates. 151 applications were received for the semester for
                              the program.
                              The NCLEX-VN score for last quarter for the VN students was 94.8% for VN.
                              Marsha attended the last Board Director’s Meeting and there were some concerns about increasing the rate
                              for accreditation. Milton Wheeler suggested using the 94.8% Board score as advertising when we look for
                              new students.
                              Psychiatric Technician Program:
                              10 students graduated in December. First semester started Fall with 18 students but 3 students dropped the
                              program. The First semester is the most difficult with the highest attrition of the program. The reason why
                              it’s because Med-Serg it’s the first and most difficult course in the PT program. Also, the largest portion of
                              their boards is in med-surg and basic patient care and not psychiatric. Marsha is working on finding ways to
                              change it without loosing the integrity of the program. Also she and faculty are looking into ways to make
                               the course more doable. Marsha is also keeping contact with other PT directors whom are having the same
                               problem to find solutions. Enrollment has declined since Agnews closed but we are really working on
                               increasing enrollment. We have received 21 applications but only 19 students are accepted for Fall 2009.
                               On February 9 are opening the enrollment again. Marsha is sure a class can be opened in the Fall.
                               Unfortunately, all health occupations programs cost the college money because of the lab ratio, faculty-
                               student ratio in the labs. Issues concerning delaying enrollment due to budgetary issues and due to low
                               enrollment there are serious consideration on weather or not we will be able take students in the Fall. At this
                               time of budget crisis, the PGC is looking at all courses and programs closely. The big issue is that we will
                               lose accreditation if we don’t enroll students for a year. The college is having a lot of monitorial issues and
                               the department is trying to find ways to help increasing enrollment. The vice presidents, Norma Ambriz,
                               introduced herself and gave her input on the subject. The college’s administrators are working to find
                               strategies to avoid closing the Program.

                               Certified Nursing Assistant Program:
                               23 students completed the program. This semester is full with 30 students and a waiting list. We won’t offer
                               Summer classes for the CNA; this is one the areas we decided to cut to try to save our budgetary needs. The
                               Home Health Aide Program will be offered on the Summer.
                               The Acute Care CNA Program won’t be hold due to not enough to fill a class.
                               There is Community Health Certificate Program for the developmentally disable and we are working on the

                               LVN to RN Program:
                               Spring semester is the last semester for the first group of students.
                               We are receiving applications from now to February 20.
                               Transition Courses will start sometime in May to the new group of RN students. New group will start in Fall
                               We have partnership with Kaiser Redwood City, Good Sam, and there are receiving a very diverse pediatric
                               All students doing really well.
                               We are looking at another partnership with Kaiser for SEIU nurses.
                               Disability Statement has been updated with last meeting suggestions.
                               The Respiratory Therapist Program won’t be persuaded for right now.

Community Partners ideas and   Find ways to advertise training on the community and all school levels.
Input                          Strategies to reach larger areas for PTs
                               Suggested to visit Psych classes
                               Partnering with Palo Alto VA
                               Create a flyer to advertise Psych Techs
                               Check out the Educating for Career Conference in February
                               Crestwood offer their help
                               Jackie Lawther stated that she is hiring CNAs and also she is starting an Association of California Nurse
                               Leaders group for the Bay Area.
Future Agenda Items/ Next          The next meeting will be August 24, 2009 at 3:30pm
Meeting Date

Minutes recorded by Sonia McVey. Additions by Marsha Oliver.

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