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Ottawa-Glandorf High School by 4S2F2f


									Ottawa-Glandorf High School
Mr. Yant
Advanced Placement U.S. History

                                      Student Contract

[ ]    I have examined the Course Syllabus.

[ ]    I understand that completion of the Summer Syllabus is a prerequisite to this class.

[ ]    I understand that passage of the pre-entrance exam is also a prerequisite to this class.

[ ]    My parents and I have read the Letter to Parents.

[ ]    My parents and I have gone to the various web links on Mr. Yant’s web site, including
       the AP Central, American Pageant and Chapter Resource links.

[ ]    I understand that APUSH is an elective course.

[ ]    I further understand that I can be removed from this class upon notice from the instructor.

[ ]    I understand that much of this class is modeled in a traditional college lecture format.

[ ]    I understand that I am ultimately responsible for completing the assigned readings before
       the class period in which they are to be discussed.

[ ]    I understand that the effort required for this class may well be more than I put into all my
       other classes combined.

[ ]    Finally, I understand that although Mr. Yant is available as a mentor and teacher, that I
       am ultimately responsible for putting in the time (7-10 hours per week) and effort to do
       well in this class.

       _________________________________                          __________________________
       Student’s Signature       Date                             Entrance Exam Grade

       Parent’s Signature        Date

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