Iowa Consortium for Mental Health - Iowa Consortium for Mental Health (ICMH) is
an association of academic centers, community providers and funders of mental health
services, advocacy organizations, and selected departments of the Iowa State government
dedicated to the education of mental health professionals, the coordination of research
relevant to mental health services, and the cooperative dissemination of knowledge
among researchers, helping professionals, and public policy makers in the field of mental
health. Iowa Consortium for Mental Health,
The University of Iowa College of Medicine, Psychiatry Research 1-400 MEB (map),
Iowa City, IA 52242-1000 319-353-5436

Iowa Department of Human Services/Mental Health and Disability Services - In
2006, the Iowa Legislature established the Division of Mental Health and Disability
Services (MHDS) within the Department of Human Services (DHS). With the enactment
of HF2780, the general assembly sought a service system for persons with disabilities
which emphasizes the ability of persons with disabilities to exercise their own choices
about the amounts and types of services received: all levels of the service system would
seek to empower persons with disabilities to accept responsibility, exercise choices, and
take risks; disability services are individualized, provided to produce results, flexible, and
cost-effective; and disability services be provided in a manner which supports the ability
of persons with disabilities to live, learn, work, and recreate in communities of their

Iowa COMPASS - A free and confidential statewide information and referral service for
Iowans with disabilities, their families and service providers. Iowa COMPASS helps
locate: disability-related information and services: advocacy; assistive technology devices
and funding; community services; education; financial support; health care; health care
specialists; individual and family support; legal aid; legislative activities; leisure activities;
residential services; and transportation. Iowa COMPASS,
S295 Center for Disabilities & Development, 100 Hawkins Drive, Iowa City, IA 52242-
1011 1-800-779-2001

Life Long Links - Life Long Links connects individuals to Iowa's aging and disability
resources, helping them think about and plan for their needs, now and in the future.
Many people do not think about what it takes to live well with a disability or age-related
concerns until they need help or a crisis occurs. Whether responding to a current need or
planning for the future, Life Long Links can guide individuals through an array of
choices, information, and options. These options are sometimes called “long-term care”
or “aging in place.” In the disability community, these are “community supports” or
“supports for independent living.”

Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) - The
SAMHSA Health Information Network (SHIN) includes the National Clearinghouse for
Alcohol and Drug Information (NCADI) and the National Mental Health Information
Center (NMHIC) . SHIN connects the behavioral health workforce and the general
public to the latest information on the prevention and treatment of mental and substance
use disorders. State Mental Health Resources for Iowa

NAMI IOWA - A non-profit, state-wide grass roots organization. Our mission is to raise
public awareness and concern about mental illness, to foster research, to improve
treatment and to upgrade the system of care for the people of Iowa. We work to support
our mission through education, advocacy and support. 5911
Meredith Drive Suite E, Des Moines IA 50322-1903 (515) 254-0417 or (800) 417-0417

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