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									                             Monterey Peninsula College
                    Supportive Services and Instruction (646-4070)
                 Agreement for Interpreters and Captioners

Contractor Name: _________________________________ Business Name: _________________________

Street Address: _____________________________________ Social Security #: ______________________

City, State, Zip Code: ________________________________________________________________________

The parties to this Agreement, Monterey Peninsula College and the Contractor, whose name and
address are set out immediately above (hereinafter called “Contractor”), agree as follows:

1.     Scope of Service: Contractor agrees to provide sign language interpreting, transliteration,
       or captioning services as defined by Supportive Services and Instruction according to his/her
       skill level and ability to provide “qualified” interpreting/captioning, as defined by the
       Americans with Disabilities Act as it relates to student academics, to Deaf and Hard of
       Hearing students at Monterey Peninsula College for mutually agreed upon hours.
       Arrangements for interpreting/captioning services at Monterey Peninsula College not
       facilitated or agreed upon by Supportive Services and Instruction do not fall under the scope
       of this agreement (such as programs, events, extracurricular activities, etc. which are non-
       academic and the responsibility of Monterey Peninsula College.)

2.     Sponsored by: Supportive Services and Instruction

3.     Campus Contact Person: Dr. Susan Osorio, Director, Supportive Services and Instruction

4.     Compensation: Monterey Peninsula College agrees to pay Contractor, as full compensation
       for the service described above, the rate of _______________________dollars ($ ________ ) per

       Payment shall be made to _____________________________________________________________

       and mailed to: ________________________________________________________________________


5.     Team-Interpreting: The Supportive Services and Instruction will make every effort to
       provide Interpreters with a Team-Interpreter if the services/classes scheduled exceed 60

       A Team-Interpreter will not be provided for classes deemed to be of a less demanding nature.
       The Contractor will be compensated at the rate cited in Section 4 of this agreement.

       If Supportive Services and Instruction and the Contractor agree that a Team-Interpreter is
       required for an assignment, and a Team-Interpreter cannot be scheduled or the scheduled
       Team-Interpreter fails to show up, the Supportive Services and Instruction agrees to
       compensation of ___________________dollars ($_______) per hour.

6.     Cancellation: The Contractor may be reimbursed for assignments cancelled within 48
       hours of scheduled start time of the assignment. The Contractor will not be reimbursed for
       assignments cancelled more than 48 hours in advance of the scheduled start time unless
       otherwise agreed upon.

7.     No-Shows: The Contractor will be reimbursed for assignments whenever the student does
       not show up and when no notice has been given. Before a student can be deemed a no-show,
       the Contractor must wait at the classroom for 10 minutes for every scheduled class hour (not
       to exceed 30 minutes for a 3 hour class) for a student to arrive before declaring a “no-show.”
       If the student does not arrive within the allotted wait time, the interpreter will return to the
       Supportive Services and Instruction office, report the absence and be prepared for
       reassignment during the Contractor’s “scheduled” hours.

8.     In addition, Contractor hereby agrees to each of the following:

               a. Independent Contractor: Contractor shall conduct the service as an
                  independent contractor and not as an employee or agent of Monterey Peninsula
                  College. As an independent contractor, Contractor shall have no entitlement to
                  Monterey Peninsula College’s worker compensation benefits.
               b. Hold Harmless: Contractor is fully aware of and understands all of the risks,
                  which may be associated with the service, and voluntarily assumes any and all
                  such risks. Contractor agrees that Monterey Peninsula College shall not be liable
                  to Contractor for any injuries incurred by Contractor in connection with the
                  service or for any loss of, or damage to, Contractor’s property, unless such loss is
                  caused by the sole negligence or willful misconduct of Monterey Peninsula College,
                  its agents or employees.

The undersigned, have read and agree to the terms and conditions included on both pages of this


By ____________________________________________ By _________________________________________
     Signature                        Date          Contractor signature              Date

Title __________________________________________ Title _______________________________________


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