AGEGR 66 Compact Diesel Engines

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					      MAGM 225
Residential and Farmstead
        Mr. Conrado
 Course Information

Review of Course information
           Lab/Shop Operation
• Clean-up - At the end of each lab section all
  students are expected to assist in the clean-up of
  the facilities. The majority of jobs are broken
  down into clean-up stations and each lab group
  will be assigned a task/station but if you see
  something that needs to be done - do it! No one
  will receive lab credit until the facility is cleaned
  successfully and to Mr. Conrado’s expectations.
Shop Clean-up Stations
    Group 1- Shop floors
          Sweep floors
          Bundle dirty rags

    Group 2- Forklifts/washroom
          Check water and oil
          Clean forklift
          Clean locker area, floor, and sink.

    Group 3- Tool Sets
          Clean and organize
          Inventory tool sets
          Wipe table tops and sweep floor

    Group 4- Table tops
          Put all equipment in its proper place
          Wipe down all counter tops

    Group 5- Power Machinery
          Check all power machinery for proper set-up and condition of safety gaurds
          Clean all power machinery and cover if necessary

    Group 6- Yard
          Pick up all trash
          Clean apron
          Secure all equipment

    Group 7- Booths
          Put away any loose materials/tools
          Brush out each booth

    Group 8- Air
          Wipe down all hoses
          Roll up and hang all hoses
                         Time Card
• To receive lab credit at each lab
  section the student must fill out
  and have signed a lab time card.
  When your shop clean up is
  finished ask the instructor for
  inspection. After approval from
  instructor return to the lecture
  area and wait for the instructor
  to give further direction and
  sign time card. The card will be
  signed after the completion of
  the lab activities and all clean-
  up is performed satisfactorily.
Assignment of lab Groups and
      Clean-up Stations

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