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									             LEAVE OF ABSENCE POLICY

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1 Introduction

        All staff who wish to take leave of absence, other than holiday, sickness or
        approved courses/training must make an application on a “Leave of Absence”
        request form. All leave of absence is at the discretion of the Principal and can
        be with or without pay depending on the circumstances.

        Reasonable time off with pay will be given for Trade Union Duties.

        A member of staff requesting special leave should complete a Leave of
        Absence request form at least 3 days in advance of the leave required giving
        full details of the type of leave and duration of absence, (Leave of Absence
        request forms submitted within 3 days of the intended leave will only be
        considered in exceptional cases). The form should be given to the member of
        staff’s Head of Faculty/Unit for comment and onward submission to the HR
        Department. Members of staff will only be notified by HR if their application
        has been refused or has been granted without pay.

2 Types of leave of absence

  2.1      Medical Appointments (including dental and optician)

           If appointments can only be made in work time they should be arranged at
           a time as near to the start or end of the working day as possible.
           Duration: of appointment and travelling time.

  2.2      Graduation ceremonies and other award ceremonies relevant to staff’s

           Duration: of ceremony and travelling time.

  2.3      Approved study/Examination leave

           Duration: one half day per examination and an additional half day per
           examination for study leave.

  2.4      Bereavement of immediate next of kin

           Duration: up to 5 days (to include the day of the funeral)

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    2.5   Maternity Support Leave for nominated carer

          Duration: up to 5 days on full pay.

    2.6   Examiners’ or Moderators’ meetings

          Duration: of meeting and travelling time.

    2.7   Job Interviews

          Upon production of an invite to interview letter.

          Duration: Interview and travelling time.

    2.8   Special Leave

    Requests for special leave for reasons other than those listed above will be
    considered by your line manager and agreed with or without pay by the Director of

3   Leave of Absence for Other Public Duties

    Leave of Absence will be granted with staff carrying out public duties in the
    following categories, as is deemed reasonable in the circumstances, (up to 26,
    half days in one academic year).

    Local Councillor
    Justices of the Peace
    Members of:

    A Statutory Tribunal
    A Police Authority
    A Board of Prison Visitors
    A relevant Health Body
    A relevant Education Body or
    The Environment Agency

4   Jury Service

    Leave for Jury Service will be granted as necessary. This will be with pay
    although the College will deduct the amount of the allowance for loss of earnings
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    to which the member of staff is entitled under the Juror’s Allowances Regulations
    currently in force.

5   Service in Non-Regular Forces

    Volunteer members of the Non-Regular Forces will be granted special leave with
    pay for attendance at Summer Camp only. For staff with an allowance of 24 days
    annual leave, special Non-Regular Forces leave will be up to 2 weeks in any
    leave year and in the case of staff with 29 days annual leave the maximum
    special leave will be one week. The amount of any pay received by a member of
    staff for attendance at Summer Camp will be deduced from his/her salary for the
    period of special leave.

6   Paternity/Adoption Leave

    Please refer to the college Policy on Maternity and Adoption Leave

7   Policy Review

    7.1     The effectiveness of this policy will be monitored annually and reviewed
    every three years in light of experience and best practice. This mechanism
    recognises that changes as a result of experience and/or to employment
    legislation may prompt a review of the policy before the end of the three year

    7.2   On considering the effectiveness of this policy, consultation will be
    undertaken with the Trade Unions, Staff and Managers to assist in the policy
    review and monitoring of this policy.

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Application for Leave of Absence from Duty
(Other than personal illness or holiday)
(Please see Notes overleaf before using this form)

1.    Full Name

2.    School

3.    Payroll Number

4.    Job Title

5.    Date of Intended Absence

6.    Time of Intended Absence

7.    Time of Intended Return

8.    Reason (s)

9.    Date of Application

10.   Signature

Please attach a copy of your appointment cared or letter before forwarding to your line


Recommended/Not Recommended


Signed ________________________Date __________________________

HR Department

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Recommended with/without pay

Signed                         Date


Approved with/without pay

Signed                         Date

CC Payroll
CC Employee


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1.   This form should be completed by the applicant and returned to the Head of
     School/Service or if leave is required in an emergency, application should be
     made as soon as possible after the leave of absence commences, as payment of
     salary may otherwise be affected.

2.   This form is to be used for all reasons other than personal illness and holiday.

3.   The time and dates of the period of intended absence should be stated and if
     more than one day, the dates of the first and last days of absence should be

4.   Full details must be given to allow for consideration for the payment of salary.
     The words “Domestic”, “Private”, “Family Illness”, will not suffice.

     In the case of absence due to “Family Bereavement” the relationship to the
     deceased should be stated. Where leave is required to attend a funeral, as well
     as giving the relationship to the deceased, the application should state the place
     and time of the funeral service.

5.   Wherever possible leave of absence requests for appointments should be
     accompanied by the appropriate appointment card (or a photocopy).

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