Checklist for Sabbatical Application

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					Checklist for Sabbatical Application

The onus shall be on applicants to ensure that their file is complete. This
completed checklist shall accompany a complete sabbatical application.

Length of leave request:                    6-months                 12-months

Period of leave request:            July – Dec      Jan – June       July – June

Terminal Sabbatical:                Yes             No

        Confirmation of Declaration of Intent to Apply, by July 15th

        Confirmation of fully documented sabbatical proposal, by August 31st

        Confirmation of completion of six years of full-time service at University.

        Confirmation of intent to return for at least one-year following sabbatical1

        Departmental confirmation of satisfactory arrangements to cover
        member’s absence (please attach evidence)

        Confirmation of submission of Sabbatical Leave Report on former
        sabbatical, including fulfilling previous sabbatical commitments

        Evidence of research/scholarly/creative activity since previous sabbatical

        Outline of proposed sabbatical plans and explanation of locale chosen

        Summary of member’s preparation for the proposed project

        Updated Curriculum Vitae

1Any member taking a final sabbatical within seven years of normal retirement will not be
obligated to return to the University following the completion of their sabbatical leave, at which
time their employment ceases.

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