Microscopy Lab by 1t94zsh0


									                                 Onion Microscopy Lab
The aim of this lab is to discover the following:
    What organelles, if any, are visible under the light microscopes in onion cells?
    What range of cell sizes are there in an onion preparation?

Light microscopes                           Forceps
Onion                                       paper towels
Slides                                      cover slips
Lugols stain

   1) Prepare 1 slide of onion skin. The skin needs to be really really thin, like when
      your skin peels after a sun burn.
   2) Stain the onion skin with Lugols. The instructions for this are in a previous
      assignment under Making a Wet Mount
   3) You need to diagram the preparation at 400X magnification (high power).
   4) You need to follow all rules regarding biological diagrams. Including labeling all
      structures seen.
   5) Choose two cells of different sizes and calculate the size and magnification (as
      drawn) of each.

   1) Records and analyzes data = ECA weight of 2.
   2) Manipulates equipment with precision and safety = ECA weight of 2.
   3) You will also be evaluated on the clean-up of your work station, which includes
       cleaning off the work station, and thoroughly cleaning and drying the slides and
       cover slips.

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