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									                       North Seattle Community College
                           SMART GOAL FORM—2005-2010
                                              Revised July 2006

General Directions

Refer to NSCC’s 2005-2010 strategic plan. Your SMART goal must align with some component of the
plan. (i.e., mission, values, vision, strategic directions or priority goals.) If your goal represents a new
direction or initiative, then it must align with either a strategic direction or priority goal. Other goals may
align with any component of the plan.

Complete one form for each SMART goal.

The form has two parts.
 Part I: Goal Submittal. Complete this portion at the beginning of the goal period. Submit it no later
   than October 31, 20XX.
 Part II: Goal Results and Reflection. Complete this portion at the end of the goal period. Submit it no
   later than July 31, 20XX.

                                       Part I: Goal Submittal
Date                    Person submitting this form
9/11/06                  Betsy Abts

Academic year           Unit (person, office, department, service, committee, etc.)
2006-2007                ARRC

Specific Goal: Identify a measurable goal to be achieved in the reporting period. State it succinctly,
using “action” verbs.
     To implement an admissions transition process for ESL students when they are ready
        to transition from ESL classes into mainstream college classes.
     To implement a process to track those students who transition from ESL to regular
     To work with Advising and Basic Skills for assistance with this process.

Measure(s): Identify the measure(s) you will use to evaluate achievement of the goal. Measures can
be either quantitative or qualitative. Multiple measures—although not required—provide stronger
evidence of progress than do single measures.
     What the process entails
     How many ESL students transitioned through this process at the front counter

Alignment: Identify the component of the 2005-2010 strategic plan to which this goal is aligned. If
applicable, describe how this goal aligns with previous SMART goals for this unit.
Collaboration, Partnership, Innovation, Sustainability

Results: .State your desired outcome(s) in concrete, measurable terms (e.g. numbers of students
served; percent of first-quarter students retained, etc.).
    Have the ability to admit ESL students as a regular mainstream student and assist them
       at the front counter with maneuvering NSCC’s systems
    Create a tracking process
    Create an ESL admissions form
      Create an ESL admissions checklist to be distributed in the upper level ESL classes

Tasks & Time Frame: Identify significant events and their dates—perhaps one or two per quarter—
associated with achieving this goal.

      Begin this process as soon as possible.
      Begin the tracking process during Winter Quarter 2007.
                           Part II: Goal Results and Reflection
Date                  Person submitting this form

Results: What did you accomplish with respect to your goal? Include specific measurement data.

Impact: What difference(s) have your efforts/results made?

Reflection: What have you learned from your experience; how will it inform/guide you future efforts?

Next steps: What are the next steps with respect to this goal?

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