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									Centennial High School
Profile 2011-2012                          Accredited by the Maryland State Department of Education

4300 Centennial Lane • Ellicott City, Maryland 21042 • 410-313-2856 • centennialeagles.org • ETS Code: 210509

Principal                               All Howard County public high schools are consistently ranked among the region’s
Dr. Carl S. Perkins
                                        and the country’s best high schools by the Washington Post and Newsweek.
Assistant Principals
Kevin Dorsey
Joelle Miller                           Community
Pamela West                             Centennial High School is located in a rapidly developing county with great diversity in socio-
Counseling Office                       economic and ethnic groups. Its proximity to Baltimore and Washington provides a multitude of
410-313-2857                            educational, social and cultural opportunities. Centennial High School, which opened in
FAX: 410-313-2534                       September, 1977, has enjoyed a history of outstanding student performance in academic, athletic
                                        and the visual and performing arts. Academic achievement measures rank Centennial High School
Instructional Team Leader
Jennifer McKechnie Howe                 as one of the top public high schools in the state of Maryland. The present enrollment of 1,440
jennifer_mckechnie@hcpss.org            students in grades nine through twelve is drawn from Ellicott City. Centennial High School’s
                                        mission is to:
                                                 • provide opportunities for all students to grow academically, artistically, and athletically;
Jae Hi Hebler
jaehi_hebler@hcpss.org                           • exhibit creative thinking, an excitement for learning, and a spirit of inquiry;
                                                 • maintain a safe and emotionally supportive environment;
Todd Kriner                                      • cultivate skills for success in a diverse and changing world;
todd_kriner@hcpss.org                            • foster mutual respect and individual integrity.
Christian Sanders
christian_sanders@hcpss.org             Centennial High School is accredited by the Maryland State Department of Education.
Ellen Mauser
Psychologist                            Centennial High School has maintained an enviable reputation as one of the premier high schools
Susan Garner                            in the state of Maryland. In 2008, Centennial was recognized nationally by U.S. News and World
                                        Report as a Silver Award Winner, America’s Best High Schools.
Cathy Aballo                            Centennial was named one of the top 1600 schools nationally by Newsweek Magazine in 2010 and
cathy_aballo@hcpss.org                  ranked 238 of that 1600. This ranking was based on the advanced placement challenge index for
                                        the year. In recent years, the many stakeholders at CHS have worked very hard to diversify our
Amy Francis
amy_francis@hcpss.org                   learning opportunities in order to meet student needs and interests. Humanities, Photography,
                                        Chinese Language, African-American Literature and History, Advanced Composition, and Career
Data Clerk                              Academies are a few of the many unique course offerings that help Centennial maintain the
Linda Thompson                          “Commitment to Excellence.”

Anne Drnec                              Instructional Program
                                        Centennial has a comprehensive program which recognizes the differences in students’ abilities,
It is the policy of the Howard County   needs and goals. The curriculum is designed to provide all students the opportunity to achieve their
Public School System not to             greatest potential. Offerings are available in the area of college preparation, career connections,
disclose a student’s discipline         and special needs programs. [Courses are listed by Review, Regular, Honors (Hon), Gifted and
record. This statement should not
                                        Talented (GT), and Advanced Placement (AP).]
be construed to imply that this
applicant has any disciplinary
record.                                 The Humanities Gifted and Talented Program (two credits, two periods) is a multi-disciplinary
                                        approach to teaching English Language Arts and sequential Social Studies. It incorporates the
                                        cultural arts through the use of auxiliary staff. Specifically, the Humanities program includes the
                                                  Humanities I (Grade 9)                English 9 (GT), World History (GT)
                                                  Humanities II (Grade 10)              English 10 (GT), Government & Politics (AP)
                                                  Humanities III (Grade 11)             English 11 (GT), U.S. History (AP)
                                                  Humanities IV (Grade 12)              English 12 (AP/GT), 20th Century History
 Enrollment                                        Ethnicity
 Total enrollment: 1440                            White                         53.9%
 Senior Class: 334                                 African American                7.2%
                                                                                                       High School Credit Requirements
                                                   Asian                         30.1%                 4 credits - English
 Class of 2011 Decisions                           Hispanic                        4.2%
                                                                                                       3 credits - Mathematics
 Four Year College: 78.0%                          Native American                 0.2%
 Two Year College: 18.0%                           Two or More Races               4.4%                 one in Algebra/Data Analysis
                                                   Students Receiving Special Services 2011
                                                                                                        one in Geometry
 Class of 2011 Statistics:                         Limited English Proficient      2.2%
 SAT: Critical Reading:580/Math:611/Writing:583    Free/Reduced Lunch              8.2%                3 credits - Science
 ACT: 28                                           Special Education               5.7%                 one in Biology
 National Merit Finalists: 9
                                                                                                          two that must include laboratory
Grading System                                                                                             experience in any or all of the
A = 90-100     B = 80-89       C = 70-79     D = 60-69        E = 50-59 & below                            following areas: earth science, life
N = Greater than 20% absence – no credit awarded                                                           science, physical science
Z = Exam not taken – no credit awarded                                                                 3 credits - Social Studies
W = Withdrawn from course                                                                               one in U.S. History
X = Late enrollment in class; no credit awarded
                                                                                                          one in Modern World History
The Howard County Public School System has adapted a tri-level Certificate of Merit program             one in American Government
that recognizes students who have an un-weighted cumulative grade point average (GPA) of               1 credit - Fine Arts
at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale and have earned a minimum of 12 credits in merit courses. The
                                                                                                       l/2 credit - Physical Education
levels of recognition vary with the student's GPA and the number of advanced courses taken.
                                                                                                       l/2 credit - Health Education
Class Rank and GPA                                                                                     1 credit - Technology Education
The Howard County Public School System computes both a weighted and un-weighted Class
                                                                                                        a number of designated courses
Rank/GPA for each senior. Both are determined at the beginning of the senior year and                       will fulfill this requirement
include all courses completed through junior year. The un-weighted rank/GPA is computed by
counting all courses equally on a 4.0 scale The weighted rank/GPA is computed by weighting             2-4 credits - Program Choice:
Advanced Placement (AP), Gifted and Talented (GT), and Honors courses in which a                       Two credits in World Language or
student earns an A, B or C. In AP and GT courses, students will earn the weighted                      American Sign Language
designation of 1.0 additional quality points. In Honors courses, students will earn the                or
weighted designation of .5 quality points. Weighted and non-weighted Class Rank and GPA                two credits in an approved Advanced
both appear on the high school transcript.                                                             Technology Program
Advanced Placement Courses                                                                             or
                                                                                                       four credits in a Career Academy
 Art III, IV                     Calculus C                      United States History                 (state-approved Career and
 Computer Science III, IV        Biology                         European History                      Technology Education Completer
 English 12                      Environmental Science           Microeconomics/Macroeconomics         program).
 French V                        Chemistry                       Psychology                            1-3 credits - Electives
 Spanish V                       Physics                                                               Total: 21
 Statistics                      Government & Politics
 Calculus AB
                                                                                                       Students must also:
                                                                                                          Complete the Career Preparation
Where our graduates are:                                                                                   requirement
American Univ., Bowie State Univ., Boston Univ., BrighamYoung Univ., Carnegie Mellon Univ.,               Complete 75 hours of Student
Christopher Newport Univ., Coastal Carolina Univ., College of New Jersey, College of William and           Service Learning.
Mary, Cornell Univ., Dickinson College, Drexel Univ., Duke Univ., Duquesne Univ., East Carolina
Univ., Elizabethtown College, Elon Univ., Emory Univ., Florida State Univ., Fordham Univ., Franklin       Pass the High School Assessments
and Marshall Univ., Frostburg State Univ., George Mason Univ., George Washington Univ.,                    (HSA's) for algebra/data analysis,
Georgetown Univ., Georgia Tech., Gettysburg College, Goucher College, Harvard Univ., High Point            biology, and English 10, or meet
Univ., Hofstra Univ., Howard Comm. College, Immaculata Univ., Indiana Univ., Hood College,                 other criteria established by the
Ithaca College, James Madison Univ., Johns Hopkins Univ., Lehigh Univ., Lynchburg College,                 Maryland Department of Education
Marshall Univ., McDaniel College, Md. Inst. Col. Of Art, Michigan State Univ., Mt. St. Mary’s Univ.,       to receive a Maryland diploma.
Northeastern Univ., Ohio State Univ., Penn State Univ., Princeton Univ., Randolph Macon College,
Roanoke College, Rutgers Univ., Salisbury Univ., St. Joseph’s Univ., Shenandoah Univ., Shepherd
Univ., Shippensburg Univ., Stevenson Univ., Swarthmore College, St. Mary’s College of Md.,
Stevenson Univ., Syracuse Univ., Temple Univ., Towson Univ., Tufts Univ., Univ. of Arizona, Univ.
of Colorado, Univ. of Md. Baltimore County(UMBC), Univ. of Md. College Park(UMCP), Univ. of
Chicago., Univ. of Conn., Univ. of Delaware, Univ. of Ill. Champaign-Urbana, Univ. of Mass., Univ.
of Michigan, Univ., of Notre Dame, Univ. of Pennsylvania, Univ. of Pittsburgh, Univ. of Richmond,
Univ. of South Carolina, Univ. of Southern Calif., Univ., of Virginia, Vanderbilt Univ., Vassar
College, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest Univ., Washington College, Wash. Univ. in St. Louis, West
Virginia Wesleyan Univ., West Virginia Univ., Widener Univ., Xavier College, York College.

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