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                                Frequently Asked Questions

                    You may still have some questions and that’s understandable.
           So I have included many of the most frequently asked questions here for you.
         I trust these answers reassure you and will help you decide what is right for you.

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is comprised of deposits of fat and other material trapped in pockets of connective tissue
beneath the skin. It causes progressive dimpling, often referred to as having an orange peel or
cottage cheese appearance. It can affect women of all ages, shapes and sizes. Cellulite is not
selective in what body it resides. About 90 % of women are affected by it, after they reach puberty.

Why are women prone to develop cellulite?

Women’s skin is built differently than men’s, to help them to store fat during pregnancy and breast
feeding and also to allow the skin to expand during these times. When estrogen levels fluctuate in
the body, the skin will retain fluid, connective tissue in the skin hardens, blood, and lymphatic
circulation is decreased, and fat cell storage is favored, causing the development of cellulite.
Lifestyle can also influence cellulite.

What is Vela Slim?

Vela Slim is a body contouring system that utilises four separate technologies which are Bipolar
      RF, Near-infrared Laser 940nm, Vacuum and a Roller Massage Mechanism. The
      combination of these technologies effectively promotes metabolism of lipocyte and fibre
      cells which produce effective results for body contouring and cellulite removal.

Near-infrared Laser 940nm enhances flexibility of skin collagen reconstruction. Bipolar RF heats
      subcutaneous fat to shrink lipocytes. Vacuum and Roller Massage add blood flux, promotes
      metabolism of fat and increases the oxygen content of blood.

Vela Slim treatment uses state of the art laser technology to meltdown fat and cellulite deposits, to
effectively reduce the appearance of cellulite and circumferential body measurements of treated
How does the Vela Slim work?

The Vela Slim application induces a thermal like effect in the tissue. The infrared raises the
temperature of the cells.; this ensures a safe, pain-free treatment. Fibroblasts are stimulated to
increase collagen and elastin production generating a healthier rejuvenated skin tone. The energy
increases circulation that in turn helps carry more oxygen and nutrients needed for tissue health
and to carry toxic waste away. Resulting in the reduction of the orange peel texture of the skin and
stimulate fibroblastic activity to give a smoother healthier looking skin.

Who is performing the treatment?

All treatments are performed by a qualified Vela Slim Therapist. All Vela Slim Therapists are
trained and certified through Wear Nothing Institute, official Australian distributor for Vela Slim
Australia Pty Ltd, and each year, every certified therapist is evaluated in order to maintain the strict
protocol and high standard set by the company.

What do I wear during a treatment? Will I feel embarrassed?

Your normal clothing and we would ask to undress to your underwear and have you covered with a
towel at all times for your modesty expect the area being treating. Every care is taken in our clinic
to make you feel welcome and at ease; your treatment is conducted in the privacy of a softly lit,
quiet room with only beautiful music and the aroma of specially chosen aromatherapy oils, to help
you to sink into a deep state of tranquility.

How long does a session last? Do you just work on my problem areas?

A session lasts for between 45-60 minutes. The main focus of the treatment is directed to the
problem area.

How many sessions do I need to start seeing results?

Results vary for every person, according to the severity of the condition being treated, the period of
time the condition has existed and how committed the person being treated is to their over-all well-
being; however an average person starts to notice the changes as early as the first, second and
third treatment.

How many treatments should I consider to begin with?

A series of 6 sessions would be a good start to achieve results. The first 6 treatments are
suggested within a 3 week time period, that is twice a week to optimize results. Then the rest of
the treatments should be received once a week until the desired look is achieved.

How long should I continue my treatments?

We suggest that you approach cellulite treatment as a lifestyle change. Just as we go to have our
hair cut on an ongoing basis, we need our cellulite treated regularly as well. If we don’t address the
problem in such a manner, cellulite will come back.
Does the procedure hurt?

No, in fact, just the opposite! You can rest assured that you are in the best possible hands. It is a
non-invasive, relaxing treatment that involves no medical procedures or use of any chemical
substances, creams or gels. Most women find it very pleasurable and describe it as a warm

Can everyone receive the treatment?

No. It is not for pregnant women, or people taking blood thinners, people with circulatory or
vascular disease, active cancer, and also with infectious progressive diseases, and AIDS. Should
you have any other concerns; we recommend that you consult your physician.

Does the treatment have any side effects?
No negative side effects. There is redness for a short time and some clients may have slight
bruising, which generally disappears after a few days for most clients. However there are
numerous positive side effects, feeling rejuvenated, skin tightening and centimeter loss, and a
heightened self esteem!

Is it a weight loss program?

No, in order to lose weight you need to follow an exercise and sensible eating program. However
you can achieve incredible results by combining this treatment with weight loss programs. As a
result of the treatment, you’ll notice your clothes fitting better, and also you’ll lose some
centimeters in circumferential body measurements.

Do I need to do anything to get good results?

Yes. Drink water! You will receive information during your initial consultation on the amount of
water your body needs. Apart from that you get the best results when you eat sensibly, exercise
and treat yourself well!

Does this treatment work on men also?

Definitely. Even though men are not prone to develop cellulite, they might have loose skin, or
some fat trapped under the skin, that can be improved by the treatments. Clinical experience has
shown excellent results for problem areas such as "love handles" and loose pectoral tissue. It is an
excellent skin toner; therefore it is the best choice to treat the skin after weight loss resulting in
loose skin.

Are the results permanent?

If the factors causing the initial condition are not changed, the tissue will return to the state it was in
before VELA SLIM. Regular exercise, a balanced diet and VELA SLIM maintenance treatments
are recommended to help keep the results achieved.
Is Vela Slim new?

Vela Slim, is the next generation Vela Shape, has been a specific procedure for the treatment of
cellulite and body contouring since 2002. Proudly an Australian design and product. Over that
time, it has been constantly refined, and is now considered to be the benchmark in cellulite and
body contouring treatments. Over 1,000 treatments are now performed every day in Australia and
currently starting in countries worldwide.

What is the difference between VELA SLIM and Liposuction?

VELA SLIM treatments are non-invasive and improve the health of connective tissue. Liposuction
is an invasive surgical procedure aimed at removing deep fat tissue from an area and does not
discriminate between good fat and bad fat. With a liposuction procedure after losing fat and
centimetre, most patient still end up with the cellulite skin. Doctors often recommend Vela Slim
treatments in conjunction with liposuction to minimize the trauma cause by the scarring and
inflammation of the procedure and to improve the health of the tissue.

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