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									         Confidential Form                                           Development and Alumni Relations
         Date Saved: 7/14/11

                            GIFT AND PLEDGE TRANSMITTAL FORM (GTF)
This form and accompanying gifts, if appropriate, should be delivered to the Office of
Gift Records (Suite 1400, 1762 Clifton Road) or to the drop box in the Candler
Development Office on the fourth floor of the School of Theology building. Only one gift
transaction may be recorded on one form. Red bold fields must be completed using
Microsoft Word. Indicate new or updated contact information in the section
marked Comments/Contact Updates; this is particularly important for
foundations and corporations. Paper clip all checks, envelopes, and documentation
in the order you list them on the form. Please use a separate GTF for each gift
transaction. Press F1 on any field for help.

Staff Completing                   Phone:              Date:        OGR Staff Receiving               Date Received:
GTF:                                                                GTF:

   Entity ID                                                     Entity Name

   Amount 1 $                       Alloc 1 #                                    Alloc 1 Name
Use the next two lines for multi-allocation gifts. Do not use them for separate gifts.

    Amount 2 $                       Alloc 2 #                                    Alloc 2 Name

    Amount 3 $                       Alloc 3 #                                    Alloc 3 Name

      Pledge          New                             Proposal   Matching                 Matching Information
       Pymt          Pledge        S/H      Appeal       ID       Gift?

  Assoc Type         Assoc ID                                          Name/Address
  - Select One -

  - Select One -

  - Select One -

Check here if you never want pledge reminders sent

Stewardship Requirements:       No Report        Defined by DO       Defined by Donor

                            Required signature on report:

Other Special Stewardship Needs:

Comments/Contact Updates

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