Fundraising Committee: by CZymkq65


									Fundraising Committee:
Title:                 Fundraising Committee Member
Purpose/Objective:     Coordinate team-related fundraising activities.

Location:                Committee meetings are usually held at Carroll College.
Key Responsibilities:       1. Be informed of the team fundraising goals and budget.
                            2. Coordinate fundraising activities for short and long
                                course session in order to meet the fundraising goals
                                and objectives.
                         Coordinate existing or potential fundraising activities such as:
                         --Sponsor Letter Writing Campaign
                         --Business Sponsorship
                         --Script Program Coordinator
                         --State Employee Fund
                             3. Explore/implement new fund-raising ideas.
                             4. Write a monthly committee meeting summary Report
Qualifications:          No specific qualifications
Length of Appointment:   At the least the length of the short or long course session.
Time Commitment:         Monthly Committee Meeting during the swim sessions
                         4 to 8hrs for each fundraising activity.
Support Provided:        Committee Lead and HLST Board Members
Volunteer Contact:       Committee Lead

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