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									The Summer Management Program - Owner/Operator

The Summer Management Program is in the business of transforming bright, energetic university and
college students into disciplined, motivated and proven graduates. After a summer with us, you will earn
good money. Your resume will stand apart from others, earning you the position you deserve, and
commanding the salary you want.

The Summer Management Program can show you how to prove your worthiness. We will put you in the
house-painting business in your home town for the summer. During the winter months, you will be fully
trained in all aspects of running a successful business. You will received ongoing support and supervision
throughout the spring and summer, which will enable you to perform your duties of recruiting
marketers and painters, human resource management, conflict resolution, advanced sales, financial
management, customer relation management, cost control, and strategic management. To summarize,
under our supervision and training you will manage your own business!

The Summer Management Program will see to it that you have all the tools you need to be successful.
After training, you will receive advertising and promotional materials, as well as all the essential forms
and organizational materials you need. For over twenty years now, our Operators have realized
excellent summer earnings. By the time you have painted your last house, you can expect to earn an
above average student income.

As with many other things in life, what you get out of this opportunity depends upon how much you put
into it. Hundreds have gone before you and have been successful. Like you, they were all University and
College students. What made them successful was their desire to stand above the crowd and lay the
foundation for their future. If you are interested in earning excellent money next summer while laying
the foundation for your career, please explore our Internet pages. If you have any questions please give
us a call. We can answer your questions, or we can direct you to fellow students who have already
benefited from a summer with The Summer Management Program, and they can answer your

If you want to put yourself ahead of your graduating class; The Summer Management Program is for

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