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        In a burst of sunshine penetrating a gloomy job market, seven people were hired on the
spot and another 11 percent were requested to come for a second interview at the Brooklyn
Job Fair presented by the OU Job Board last month. The event produced the largest turn-out
for a Job Fair hosted by the OU Job Board in the United States, with more than 700 unemployed
or underemployed people being interviewed by 40 employers seeking to fill 300 job

       In addition, an overall, 52 percent of the job seekers were asked to leave their resumé to
be contacted by a recruiter from individual companies.

        Michael Rosner, International Director of the OU Job Board, declared, “The OU Job
Board is so happy to have provided an opportunity in this difficult economy linking the talents of
those looking for work with quality sources of employment. At the Job Board, we continuously
strive to enhance the job search experience to make it as beneficial as possible for all parties
involved. The dramatic results from the Fair speak for themselves.”

        The OU Job Board, in its continued pursuit to help improve employment opportunities,
recently surveyed those who attended the Brooklyn Job Fair as employers and job seekers.

        Declared a job candidate, “I want to thank you for not only for all of the time and effort
that went into the Job Fair, but just for the fact that you did something to help those of us looking
for jobs. You are the only Orthodox organization that has made this much effort to help job
seekers and I wanted to let you know it is appreciated.”
        According to another job seeker, “Thank you for putting together an important event that
will hopefully lead to jobs for many of us in the community. It was especially noteworthy that
the magnitude of the unemployment problem was reflected in the fact that the venue was
changed twice in order to accommodate the many who find themselves in this unfortunate

      The Hillel building at Brooklyn College was the third location site chosen, to
accommodate the demand of registrants which outgrew the limits of the previous locations.

       Of the candidates who registered, 69 percent were unemployed and 29 percent considered
themselves underemployed. Job seekers were greeted and wished well at registration tables and
given a personal list of the employers at the Fair, along with the available employment positions.
The jobs had been posted on the OU Job Board website leading up to the Fair.

       Experienced professionals from various fields provided resumé editing for 130 eager job
seekers who arrived before the Fair to receive constructive advice.

       A grateful participant wrote, “I want to thank you very much for your hard work and
welcoming touch. When I first walked into the Fair, a lot of time was spent to help improve my
resumé. As I walked into the room and someone greeted me with a smile and wished me luck, it
helped so much more than words can convey.” Another wrote, “Thank you for the wonderful
Job Fair and resumé review. It was evident that you put so much effort into it. It is greatly

       Declared one of the resumé writers, “It was a fantastic experience for a career counselor,
like myself, to have turned out resumé after resumé. It was truly rewarding to be of service to
the OU Job Fair.”

         Tables of employers lined the spacious auditorium, allowing employers and job seekers
to sit down together and get down to business with a sense of privacy. Large signs displayed
company names over each table station, along with the jobs available at those companies.
Eighty-four percent of the job seekers responded that they were very pleased with the selection
of employers. Of the employers at the Fair, 71 percent were already members of the OU Job
Board, using it as a regular tool to hire.

       Another job seeker declared, “I took the opportunity to network with a number of
organizations at the Job Fair, and have made some valuable connections.”

        Immediately following the Fair, a note was received from a candidate stating, “I sent my
resumé and cover letter to a vendor at the Fair, and within a few hours, I received an invitation to
interview with them for the receptionist position they advertised in a flyer at their table. May all
of our efforts bear fruit!”
More than 700 job seekers attended the Brooklyn Job Fair held at Brooklyn College Hillel
by the OU Job Board


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