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                           Strategic Planning Document
          Department: Office of Admission & Enrollment Services 2004-05

Mission:       The Office of Admission & Enrollment Services provides the leadership
and responsibility for coordinating the marketing, recruitment, admission processes and
research activities that bring new undergraduate students to Pittsburg State University.
In addition, this office provides the leadership and responsibility for coordination of new
student orientation/enrollment (Pitt C.A.R.E.S) portion of the university student
transitions program. The office merger provides leadership and responsibility for the
coordination of the undeclared major advisement program, which was established to act
as the academic department. This office operates under an enrollment management
matrix that facilitates the matriculation of students most likely to successfully achieve
their educational goals at Pittsburg State University.

Functional Areas:
  1. Establishment of the student database for PSU
  2. Maintenance of all academic records for new matriculates
  3. Processing of all new undergraduate records for admission
  4. Communication tracking of all prospects and applicants
  5. Processing of all undergraduate students seeking admission
  6. Communication flow processes with all prospects, admitted and denied
  7. Admission for international undergraduate students
  8. Enrollment of new undergraduate students
  9. Part of the withdrawal system for students leaving PSU
  10. Administration of the telecounseling unit
  11. Administration of the travel schedule for representatives to high schools, college
      fairs, community colleges, early outreach and events involving prospective
      students and their families
  12. Administration of the campus visit program
  13. Administration and assistance for the various events on campus that host
      prospective students
  14. Preparation of all weekly, monthly and yearly reports (now QA on 20th day)
  15. Responsible for information distributed to high schools and community colleges
  16. Administration of mailroom for 15 academic departments and mail lists for all
      academic departments
  17. Advise and sponsor the University Student Ambassadors
  18. Coordinate the marketing and communication materials for recruitment of new
      undergraduate students
  19. Maintain the yearly reports on performance indicators for the enrollment services
  20. Determine methods used for development of the market segments
  21. Liaison between all PSU constituencies for recruitment and retention of new
22. Administration of Pitt C.A.R.E.S. (Campus Advisement, Registration &
    Enrollment Services) for all new freshmen and transfer students
23. Sponsor Pitt C.A.R.E.S. leaders
24. Act as the academic department of students who have not declared an academic
25. Assignment of an advisor to each undeclared major
26. Communication with undeclared students regarding unsatisfactory academic
    progress as well as academic excellence
27. Recruitment and training of faculty undeclared advisors
28. Maintain the undeclared advisement computer lab
1. GOAL     To attain enough enrollment growth to keep PSU in the resources
            window by matching resources with growth
      1.1   To effectively use enrollment management
            1.1.1 Use of ACT junior list to establish early admission for sixth
                   semester high school students, CD to send out to prospects and
            1.1.2 Dual advisement and admission program for transfer students
                   including a website course articulation with all feeder institutions
            1.1.3 Development of an eRecruitment plan, including all web and email
                   communication, virtual tour, parent correspondence and early
                   outreach capabilities
            1.1.4 Development of academic department multimedia communication
                   plan with prospects and admits prior to transitions
            1.1.5 Use of ACT/PLAN list for sophomores
            1.1.6 Use of multiple campus visit days both by event and by feeder
            1.1.7 Development of faculty/staff receptions at the community college
            1.1.8 Develop enrollment services under the auspices of the academic
                   mission and the university enrollment management planning
            1.1.9 Develop an on-line advisement profile for each advisor and advisee
                   based on the undeclared advisement mode.
            1.1.10 To be virtual with the exception of international files by Fall 2005
            1.1.11 Increase international enrollment by 5% for 04-05 academic year
            1.1.12 Increase new student enrollment by 3%

      1.2   To effectively recruit the new Gorilla Advantage
            1.2.1 Add counselor luncheon to NE OK and SW MO areas
            1.2.2 Develop a cooperative agreement and transfer articulation within
                   certain academic areas with the Metro Community College system
                   in Kansas City, MO
            1.2.3 Add all the new high schools and community colleges into our
                   institutional database

      1.3   Weekly, monthly and yearly reports
      1.4   Monthly report on hits to web site and tracking of communication via the
            web site and email
      1.5   Market and yield rate provided by ACT/EOS and our institutional report
      1.6   Cost analysis of each recruitment effort and direct mail initiatives
      1.7   Use of key performance indicators for the admission office
      1.8   Evaluation and summary instruments to determine the effectiveness of the
            various activities used in recruitment of new students
      1.9   Increase in enrollment from the new outreach area known as the Gorilla
      1.10   Based on evaluations, redefine recruitment territory and resources
             allocated for travel for increased enrollment from those territories

2. GOAL      Effect quality and institutional fit of students recruited to PSU by
             using qualified admission as a basis for early admit and more highly
             qualified students
      2.1    Improve quality of students who attend PSU
             2.1.1 Enhance financial award package for those in the top 1/3 of their
             2.1.2 Award scholarships earlier with a commitment to centralize
                   scholarships in a database designed to contain the information for
                   ease of awarding
             2.1.3 Use of geodemographic research to predict our share of a specific
                   market cluster most likely to enroll at PSU
             2.1.4 Use of university scholarships actually awarded as part of the
                   recruitment package
             2.1.5 See 1.1.10
             2.1.6 Add a minority recruiter and program support staff member
             2.1.7 Use Education USA as a resource for international recruitment

      2.2    Yearly scholarship report and continual recipient awards, awarded
             scholarships of matriculates report on-line
      2.3    Tracking of market clusters of matriculates
      2.4    Increase the average grade point average and ACT composite scores of
             entering students
      2.5    Use of key performance indicators for the admission office
      2.6    Assisting academic departments in course placement via the virtual
             advisor page in GUS
      2.7    See a marked increase in international students

3. GOAL      Development and improvement of student transition to PSU as
             recommended by the University Planning Council via Action Group
             and EM Committee
      3.1    To develop the second phase of the enrollment management student
             transitions plan
             3.1.1 Evaluate current processes and practices used in the recruitment
             3.1.2 Determine where resources can match need and priorities and
                     allocate to those areas
             3.1.3 Review institutional guides or policies that may be determined to
                     detract from institutional retention and student persistence
             3.1.4 Presidential assigning of another action group to address the next
                     phase of the Student Transitions initiative
      3.2   Approval by the EM Committee and the University Planning Council
      3.3   Changes recommended are implemented
      3.4   Resources are available for changes

4. GOAL     Content management will be institutionalized after the title III grant
            ending for the Admission and Enrollment Service Offices
      4.1   Document imaging and workflow implementation
            4.1.1 Training of personnel to make the transition to document imaging
                  and auto read from the student database
            4.1.2 Continual training of staff
            4.1.3 Develop new and better uses for imaging
            4.1.4 Merger of student files for seamless access to student information
                  (pilot with Biology and Psychology – imaged advisement folders)
            4.1.5 University site license for Image Now and a link from the virtual
                  advisor to Image Now for high school transcripts
      4.2   Student database, web and paper applications and transcripts are all in
            the student file – every file can be reviewed via PC at any location by
            certified personnel
      4.3   Specific area of work space is dedicated to scan station
      4.4   Training process is continual
      4.5   Work flow implementation is working and more space becomes available
            as admission and enrollment services becomes virtual
      4.6   Continual evaluation of the process

5. GOAL     Enhance the effectiveness of entering student orientation/
            enrollment programs
      5.1   To establish positive relationships with students, faculty, and staff that
            help connect students with the university community and form the
            foundation for productive future interactions.
            5.1.1 Introduce core values listed in the EM planning document where
            5.1.2 To identify opportunities within the orientation/enrollment agenda to
                   provide interaction among new students, current students, faculty,
                   and staff
            5.1.3 To conduct needs analysis through focus group discussions with
                   freshman students during their first PSU semester (FE classes
      5.2   To enhance the content of transfer sessions to more adequately address
            transfer student concerns
            5.2.1 To conduct needs analysis through focus group discussions with
                   transfer students during their first PSU semester
            5.2.2 To identify options for addressing transfer student concerns before,
                   during or after their attendance at transfer sessions
             5.2.3 Development of a program to address the specific needs of
                    undeclared transfer students
             5.2.4 Add a FE class for transfers
      5.3    To ensure the content of the summer parent/guest program addresses
             parent and family concerns
             5.3.1 To conduct needs analysis through items added to program
                    evaluation form and follow-up contacts with parent/guest
             5.3.2 To develop appropriate programmatic responses through
                    cooperative effort with academic and service departments
             5.3.3 To develop a Parent Association
             5.3.4 To develop programs that introduce and involve siblings in the PSU
             5.3.5 Expand the Parent Newletter to include an on-line version
      5.4    To establish a CARES Leader training program that prepares the student
             leaders to act as resources for new entering students
             5.4.1 Schedule a one-day workshop and weekly training sessions
             5.4.1 Provide the CARES Leaders with information on campus services,
                    activities, facilities, and clubs and organizations
             5.4.2 Educate CARES Leaders on academic requirements and course
                    selection information
             5.4.3 Develop one contact opportunity for CARES leaders and their
      5.5    Actual data about transfer student satisfaction with program components
             through evaluation instrument and follow-up focus groups
      5.6    To monitor parent/guest satisfaction with overall program and individual
             program components
      5.7    To monitor new freshman students satisfaction with overall program and
             individual program components
      5.8    Parent programming in place (new booklet 2003 summer)
      5.9    Sibling program in place
      5.10   Increased satisfaction with the CARES program from all constituencies
             (students, parents, faculty and staff)
      5.11   Undeclared transfer student program in place
      5.12   CARES Leader training program in place

6. GOAL:     To improve the quality and accessibility of academic advising for
             undeclared majors
      6.1    To improve the accuracy of on-line student information used for
             6.1.1 Electronic mid-semester ‘D’ and ‘F’ notification to advisors
             6.1.2 Electronic notification of academic dismissal, academic warning
                   and honor roll to advisors
             6.1.3 Addition of ACT composite and sub-score information as well as
                    educational plans, needs and interests and interest inventory and
                    career options to “advisement” section of GUS
             6.1.4 Formalize the method of setting up academic advising between the
                    advisor and the advisee
             6.1.5 See 1.1.10
      6.2    Participate in new faculty orientation
      6.3    Evaluate the needs of undeclared advisors and facilitate implementation of
             programs to meet those needs
      6.4    Get all undeclared advisors on the Imaging system so there is no
             exchange of paper files
             6.4.1 On-going training for FE instructors and undeclared advisors using
                    the imaging system – introduce use of sticky notes to the student
                    file folder(all adds/drops etc can be seen if advisors are using the
                    image system)
      6.5    Development of an undeclared advisor-training program.
             6.5.1 Purchase an established training manual from the University of
             6.5.2 Make a manual specific to Pittsburg State University based on the
                    University of Missouri training program
             6.5.3 Creation of an awards program recognizing quality undeclared
                    advising (Ideally, this award program would be to recognize
                    outstanding advisement campus wide)
      6.6    Electronic notification and ACT information in place
      6.7    Participation in new faculty orientation
      6.8    Communication with undeclared advisors requesting input regarding their
             needs as undeclared advisors and facilitation of programs to meet those
      6.9    Undeclared advising evaluation by students in the program
      6.10   No paper files
      6.11   Training program in place

7. GOAL      To develop a new eRecruitment plan to meet the needs of our
      7.1    Use Chat University as PSU’s on-line chat program
             7.1.1 Develop a daily ‘chat’ for prospective students
             7.1.2 Organized and supervised by the telecounseling unit
             7.1.3 Use student ambassadors/C.A.R.E.S leaders for personal contact
             7.1.4 Academic departmental use for communication with various interest
                   groups of prospects
             7.1.5 Activities groups use for contacts to interested prospects and
                   current students
             7.1.6 Alumni and foundation chat use per need
      7.2    Develop automated email response and letters
     7.3   Develop email blasts for various campus activities involving prospective
     7.4   Develop email blasts to institutional contacts (dependent on OIS
     7.5   Develop an on-line registration process for campus visit events and
           campus visits
     7.6   Send electronic email for high school counselors
     7.7   Enhanced electronic communication with new and current students and
           parents/families of same
     7.8   Evaluate yield rates on new e-communication system

8. GOAL    Re-write a new Title III grant with Fort Scott Community College that
           allow FSCC to be upgraded to a higher level of technology and will
           add to the convenience of all students transferring to PSU from
           FSCC. Include other community colleges in the content of action
           items to be accomplished by the grant.
     8.1   Coordinate with FSCC Office of Admission in authoring a grant that will
           address the technology needs for the FSCC students from prospect to
           transfer student
     8.2   Determine the needs of FSCC students while attending FSCC and then as
           transfers to PSU
     8.3   Provide within the grant the ability to upgrade FSCC use of the GUS on-
           line enrollment system and the electronic exchange of student data if the
           student so determines that exchange

     8.4   FSCC and PSU receive the grant as requested

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